The Worst Witch - Season 1

ITV (ended 2001)




Episode Guide

  • The Worst Headmistress
  • A Bolt from the Blue
    It's the end of the year for the student witches, and Mildred's incantations still don't seem to work as well as intended. To cure a case of hay fever brought on by one of Mildred's errors ("Exfoliatus!" "A CHOO!") the other teachers give Miss Cackle what they assume to be a remedy potion, but which is in fact a mislabeled experiment of Miss Hardbroom's. The other teachers make no mention of the mishap, even when Miss Cackle's behaviour takes a turn for the malicious. It is Mildred and company, however, who realize that it is not Miss Cackle, but her evil twin back to cause more trouble. Mildred saves the day, for which she earns a raise in her final grade from C-- to A+.moreless
  • Out of Bounds
    Out of Bounds
    Episode 12
  • Sweet Talking Guys
    Sweet Talking Guys
    Episode 12
    The Grand Wizard comes to the academy and his visit soon turns into a case of boys vs. girls.
  • The Mists of Time
    The Mists of Time
    Episode 11
  • Let Them Eat Cake
    Let Them Eat Cake
    Episode 11
    After being foiled in a plot to steal sweets from Mildred and her friends, Ethel decides to lure them to an out-of-bounds tea room in the woods to get even. The girls meet a nature-loving businessman named Sam, who has trouble standing up to his overbearing boss. Meanwhile, Miss Cackle is already at the tearoom, but she can't let Miss Hardbroom find her.... When they find out about Sam's role in a web of deceit to swindle the tearoom's owner out of her land, they also find out that his boss is planning to build a polluting factory on the land! They then help Sam stand up to his boss by driving Sam barking mad. And after avoiding the wrath of Miss Hardbroom they gorge themselves on sweets!moreless
  • Spelling Bee
    Spelling Bee
    Episode 10
  • Sorcery and Chips
    Sorcery and Chips
    Episode 10
    Mildred is looking after 'Bonzo', who is Ruby's cyberpet (well, at least it isn't one of those ruddy Tamagotchis!). After the potion lab is destroyed, Bonzo goes missing.... Ethel's dad, who's on the board of directors, visits the academy, and convinces the teachers to set up a computer system. Bonzo makes his return, but he has been affected by magic as a result of the potion lab's destruction.... Bonzo connects up to the computer system and uses it to hypnotize everyone to try and help him take over the world when the system is connected to the net.... Mildred, with some help from a third year, are able to break Miss Hardbroom from the spell who then proceeds to defeat Bonzo just in time!moreless
  • The First Witch
  • The Heat is On
    The Heat is On
    Episode 9
    The temperatures at the academy are very hot and the girls are given a task for which they aren't allowed to use magic to recreate a cool and refreshing drink.
  • The Great Oudoors
    The Great Oudoors
    Episode 8
    Mildred and the girls are forced into the woods by Miss Drill and Miss Hardbroom for their half term trip. Arriving at their campsite, they find it occupied by Rocky Mountain Rangers, with whom they share it. The two groups also share in each other's activities. Although the trip is intended to be magic free, Ethel's evil heart once again forces Mildred's friends to fight back, and chaos ensues....moreless
  • Miss Cackle's Birthday Surprise
    It is almost half term week at the academy and Mildred has been warned about her bad behaviour. However, another misunderstanding has Mildred punished for Enid's mistake.
  • Monkey Business
    Monkey Business
    Episode 6
    It's the start of the summer term, and it begins with Mildred having a dream that she is being put on trial for being the worst witch.... A new girl, Enid Nightshade, joins the academy, and Mildred is asked to show her around. However, this leaves little time for Mildred to spend with Maud.... Enid ends up getting Mildred into all sorts of trouble. Then Mildred discovers a monkey coming from Enid's room. It turns out that the monkey is really a bit of a pussycat....moreless
  • Double, Double, Toil and Trouble
    Mildred finds that not all of the witches in town are from the academy, some evil ones have shown up and are planning to take over the academy by turning everyone into frogs whilst they're asleep! They discover her and they cast a spell on her making her unable to move. When they're gone, Miss Drill comes to help her. Back at the academy, with some help from Maud, Mildred foils the evil witches' plans, and gives them that shrinking feeling.... It turns out that their leader is none other than Miss Cackle's twin sister, Agatha....moreless
  • A Mean Hallowe'en
    A Mean Hallowe'en
    Episode 4
    A two-parter where Mildred has trouble in Potions and then has a accident at a flying display for the Grand Wizard.
  • A Pig in a Poke
    A Pig in a Poke
    Episode 3
    In this episode, the witches' cats arrive, but they're one short.... Meanwhile, the caretaker's nephew, Charlie, visits the academy, but he doesn't believe that the witches are real.... Mildred ends up turning Ethel into a pig, which was bad enough, but it was suppose to have been a frog! Ethel then gets mistaken for an escaped pig from the local farm so she is taken there. The only person who knows the reversal spell is Charlie so he and Mildred rush to the farm to save Ethel. When they find her, Charlie casts the spell, but it ends up making Ethel go a little quackers....moreless
  • When We Feast at the Midnight Hour
    Mildred and friends have trouble eating the academy's food; which doesn't go down well with some of the teachers.
  • The Battle of the Broomsticks
    A young witch Mildred has trouble learing how to fly her broomstick and worries about not passing her flying exam.
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