The Worst Witch

Season 1 Episode 1

The Battle of the Broomsticks

Aired Unknown Oct 22, 1998 on ITV
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The Battle of the Broomsticks
A young witch Mildred has trouble learing how to fly her broomstick and worries about not passing her flying exam.

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  • Mildred Hubble starts Cackles Academy.

    Mildred Hubble a frendly and nice girl starts her new school at Cackles Academy. Although she is nice she is always getting in to trubble that is not always done by her. As soon as she arrives she makes an enemy. Efel Hallow, a goody goody show-off starts to be mean even from the start. Mildred has never flown before and she has to fly over the wall to get into the school coz she's late. She doesn hav a good start.

    In this episode Mildred gets some new friends: Moord Moonshine is her best friend, Ruby Cheerytree a really cool girl who likes music and science and Jadu who is Ruby's best friend.

    In the first year you have to take a broom-stick flying test. Miss Hardbroom one of the teachers who is very stricked and is always picking on MIldred teaches broom-stick flying.

    When it comes to the test Mildreds friends try to comunicate with a walky-talky thing but in the middle of Mildreds test Efel finds out and tells on them. Miss Hardbroom confiscates the walkys and Mildred is left on her own. In the end Mildred compleates the test and is aloud to stay at the school.moreless

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    • The people who did the lighting for the show it's alful. Kate's hair was not done right & her face had lots of pimples as you can see in the right light.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Ethel: Lost, are we?
      Mildred: Which way is the quickest?
      Ethel: Makes no difference. You'll be late anyway. What's your name?
      Mildred: Mildred Hubble.
      Ethel: I'm Ethel Hallow. One of the Hallows.
      Mildred: You a second-year?
      Ethel: First day today. I've had private flying lessons.
      Mildred: Nice broomstick.
      Ethel: It's a Slazenger Hazeltwig.
      Mildred: Could you give me a lift?
      Ethel: I'd love to, but it'd fly really screwy with two aboard. And one doesn't want to make a bad impression on one's first day. Does one?
      Mildred: No. Thanks a lot.

    • Miss Cackle: Well, spells are not like potions, you know. They're an art. Someone once defined flying as falling but missing the ground.

    • Mildred: Who's ever heard of a witch afraid of heights?
      Maud: There's bound to have been one.
      Mildred: I'll bet she wasn't afraid of the dark, as well. It's no use. I'm dead wood. I'm bound to be on the next bus home.

    • Mildred: It's a witch school, isn't it? Why can't they magic us a decent breakfast?
      (girls voice agreement)
      Miss Hardbroom: Because, Mildred Hubble, modern witchcraft is a serious professional business, and not to be used for serious and trivial ends.
      Mildred: No, Miss Hardbroom.

    • Miss Cackle: Look at their little faces, Miss Hardbroom. Such hope, such wide-eyed innocence, such glorious expectation.
      Miss Hardbroom: Yes, Headmistress.
      Miss Cackle: We must open our doors and our hearts, Miss Hardbroom. We must welcome the best of the new whilst reserving all of our traditional customs.
      Miss Hardbroom: And standards.
      Miss Cackle: Yes, Miss Hardbroom.
      Miss Hardbroom: And discipline.
      Miss Cackle: Well, of course.

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