The Worst Witch

Season 1 Episode 2

When We Feast at the Midnight Hour

Aired Unknown Oct 29, 1998 on ITV

Episode Recap

Mildred and her friends can hardly stand the food they're given to eat at lunch, and she gets caught trying to dump it in the garbage bin by Miss Hardbroom (by spilling it all over her!) Miss Hardbroom of course takes the issue to Miss Cackle, who decides that she should eat whatever the girls are given to eat. Somehow, Mildred finds herself in the kitchen, and finds out that the cook is able to make incredibly good food (including pizza!) but isn't allowed to because of school policy. Meanwhile, Miss Cackle decides that the food the girls are getting is barely edible, and so sneaks down to the kitchen at night to have some pizza herself. In the end, Miss Cackle declares Saturday to be 'pizza day' and Mildred is applauded as a hero by the other girls.