The Worst Witch

Season 1 Episode 2

When We Feast at the Midnight Hour

Aired Unknown Oct 29, 1998 on ITV



  • Quotes

    • Miss Cackle: Once upon a time, when Cackle's Academy was a proper castle, it was the home of a cruel lord called Baron Overblow. One wild and stormy night, his neighbor, Sir Walter, who had been robbed and wounded by bandits, staggered to the door pleading for food and shelter. The Baron refused and left him in the cold rain to die. But they say that every year at this time, it rains for a week and the water, like tears of pity, flows down the walls, and on the last night, there's a big storm and Sir Walter walks the corridors looking for revenge.
      Mildred: Miss, do you believe in ghosts?
      Miss Cackle: Not many witches believe in ghosts, Mildred. Mind you, I don't think many ghosts believe in witches.