The WotWots

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  • Season 2
    • Wotter Otter; Tufty Tops
      SpottyWot designs a remote control system for his chair, and they use it to rescue his wrench from inside an animal enclosure; The WotWots are very proud of their fluffy antennae, so they search for the best headwear that the zoo animals have to offer.
    • Trail Tail; Ready to Rumble
      The WotWots find a mysterious trail of slime, and they try to find the animal that made it by following the slippery slime trail; When SpottyWot learns that dingoes make cozy dens to sleep in, he decides to build a cozy den of his very own.
    • Lumpy Bumpies; Over the Rainbow
      "SpottyWot is making a crayon rubbing from the lumpy bark of a tree when DottyWot spots something else that\'s lumpy and bumpy; The WotWots learn how a rainbow is made when they see the sky is smiling with a beautiful upside down rainbow smile.
    • Picture Puzzle; Color Conundrums
      "Out in the zoo, SpottyWot pins up some picture clues that lead DottyWot on an animal adventure; SpottyWot discovers how to change colors, and turns blue and red into purple. Then he discovers an animal that can change the color of its whole body!
    • True Blue; Beat-Boppy Wots
      "Blue is the best color in the galaxy as far as SpottyWot is concerned. He looks for an animal that is clothed in this same glorious color as himself; The WotWots love to dance, so they head into the zoo to learn some new moves from a few of the animals.moreless
    • Wot a Ploppy; Prickly Prints
      "SpottyWot is learning to track animals by recognizing their droppings. He sets out to track down the animal that has made an impressively big pile of droppings; The WotWots spot some interesting footprints and track down who made them.
    • Laugh A Lotty; Double Bumpies
      The WotWots are making funny faces and laughing, when someone else starts laughing with them. They set out to find who is laughing so loudly from the treetops; SpottyWot is convinced he's discovered an animal with two heads.
    • Peek-a-Beak; The Digger They Are
      The WotWots are surprised to learn about animals that can see well in the dark; SpottyWot thinks a digger that's laying drains at the zoo is a large hungry animal. When he's told it's not an animal, he's disappointed until he finds another digger.
    • Sir Spotty Wot; Floppy Flufties
      SpottyWot decides he will be a knight and he sets off on a quest to find his very own dragon in the zoo; The WotWots are playing a guessing game with their fluffy antennae, and they decide to find an animal who might like to join in.
    • Wet Wots; Slurpy Lurpy Lips
      SpottyWot is excited to find a picture of a dinosaur, and he sets off for the zoo to see if he can discover a living, breathing one; With DottyWot napping, SpottyWot has to play ball on his own and is delighted when a zoo animal decides to join in.
    • Wot a Grommet; Wotty Hermit
      SpottyWot is enthralled when he spies a surfer riding the waves; DottyWot makes a picture out of shells on the beach but before she can show her brother the picture has moved!
    • Twinkle Winkle
      Twinkle Winkle
      Episode 11
      The WotWots meet a starfish that needs help getting home. But does it belongs in the sea or the sky? Then SpottyWot finds a message in a bottle!
    • Gnome Sweet Gnome
      Gnome Sweet Gnome
      Episode 10
      DottyWot and SpottyWot look for some mythical creatures that might be real! Then they spot a kite flying and find out what else can move with the wind.
    • Footprints in the Sand
      DottyWot and SpottyWot follow some mysterious footprints in the sand. Then they hear the ocean inside a big shell!
    • Moons and Moats
      Moons and Moats
      Episode 8
      The Wotwots are having a wonderful time on the beach. They enjoy building a sandcastle but unfortunately, the tide comes and destroys it. The Wotwots are a little disheartened but they decide to build another one and think of a strategy to protect their sandcastle from being washed away by the next tide.moreless
    • Sleepless in the Cattle
      The alien brother and sister duo you know as The WotWots are trying desperately to get some much needed sleep at night. However, the loud noises of some nearby barnyard animals are keeping them awake. Will The WotWots finally get some rest? How will they manage to silence the animals?
    • Whistle Wots
      Whistle Wots
      Episode 6
      Whistle Wots from the show The WotWots is a New Zealand children's program created by Martin Baynton and Richard Taylor. The program follows the adventures of brother and sister, DottyWot and SpottyWot, who are delightful pink and blue aliens. During Whistle Wots, the brother and sister visit a farm where SpottyWot is impressed by a working sheep dog and DottyWot tries to impersonate the farm animals.moreless
    • Milky Moo
      Milky Moo
      Episode 5
      The WotWots wake up hungry and have to fix themselves breakfast. They can't decide what to fix, and they don't have a lot of food in their kitchen. They look outside and see a cow being milked by a farmer. Suddenly they begin craving milk and decide that is what they will have for breakfast.moreless
    • Wheelie Wots
      Wheelie Wots
      Episode 4
      Wheelie Wots from the show The WotWots is a children's television series created by Martin Braynton and Richard Taylor. The program stars loveable aliens, brother and sister, DottyWot and SpottyWot who are visiting earth. During the episode Wheelie Wots, DottyWot and SpottyWot search a farm to find replacement wheels for their steam powered spaceship but will spaceship be happy with their choice?moreless
    • The Trotty Wot
      The Trotty Wot
      Episode 3
      DottyWot is out exploring the farm when she spots a beautiful girl riding a lovely pony. DottyWot is fascinated and thinks that it would be nice to have her own pony to groom and ride as well - if only she could get a hold of someone to be that pony.moreless
    • Wot Plants
      Wot Plants
      Episode 2
      Wot Plants from the show The WotWots is a children's television series produced by Pukeko Pictures. The series follows the adventures of two charming aliens, DottyWot and SpottyWot, who enjoy exploring planet earth in their spaceship. During the episode Wot Plants, SpottyWot and DottyWot are taught how plants grow from seeds. SpottyWot becomes so excited by all the he has learnt that he buries himself in the ground hoping to grow a SpottyWot tree.moreless