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  • The Wright Show - Matthew in particular

    I loved this show. Even got many friends to watch when possible. Turned a blind eye to Matthew's inability to cope with the (then) occasional opposing opinions from the public. Now I feel its too embarrassing. Patronising people who are at home during the day (without knowing why)and bothering to phone his show.

    He just seems to have got too big for his boots, despite his often self-deprecating manner which is what warms people to him at the start.

    His show today covered the BBC's advertising of the BNP party on Questiontime tonight and he had no time for a chap who thought that Matthew wasn't really helping ie his show was promoting the BBC programme more than any promotions that I have seen the BBC carry out. Generally, the show can now be worth watching because of some of the guests, but I would mainly avoid. Matthew's new-found level of smugness is now simply irritating. Thank you for listening.
  • Love it !!!

    I well anchored and presented show. I never actually knew who matthew wright was until then. I tend to know most tabloid journalists, but him not.
    Im really enjoy his regular guests:

    Anne Diamond- Broadcaster, this programme really keeps her career going, as she does very little TV otherwise. In her 50's, she has being doing reality shows like Big Brother and Celebrity Fit Club, since her her TV show ended.

    Lowri Turner- Journalist, she presented DIY SOS before Nick Knowles and was very annoying as I can remeber. She is very opinated and maybe for the loose women team.

    David Grant- Vocal Coach, recently seen on through the keyhole, and very little else. I have yet to see him on the programme.

    Janet Ellis- TV presenter, like an she is in her 50's and her career is on the down, wright stuff is her only reguarly TV. She very welcoming and understanding. A great loose women !!!

    Amanda Lamb- TV presenter, she has great career, this justs keeps her ticking between , her programme a place in the sun. Glamorous, sharing and loved by matthew.

    Yasmmin Alibhai Brown, -journalist, for the independent, very absorbed by her religion, but very gd on the show.

    David Bull- TV Presenter, Doctor and MP, Great all-rounder. Great presenter of Newsround and watchdog. A great edition to the team.

    Ed Vaizey- MP, very little known he's in his 40's and is a smoker, very up to date with laws and government. Just after money and no fame.

    Carole Malone- Columnist, Seems to have risen from nowhere, with shows such as loose women, alan titchmarsh show, big brother, fit club and wright stuff under her belt. Like the majority of Carole's very opinated. In her mid 50's, not a great fan of Anne Diamond. But a gr8 women !!

    Kaye Adams- Journalist, Career is seeping away, ever since her leaving loose women, which is going up and up. Wright Stuff really no better with her. She's OK but not very involving