The Wrong Door

Thursday 10:30 PM on BBC Three Premiered Aug 28, 2008 Between Seasons


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  • 'where the hell are my KEYS?!'

    I think it was amazing. quite original and funny. It is, at it's essence, a show about kids who got together and wrote skits about things they thought were funny. You could say it's like a less-refined WKYK.Anyone who gives this review less than a five obviously has no balls. and has a hairy back. and listens secretly still listens to the backstreet boys. and still thinks it wasn't george bush's fault. and thinks global warming isn't real.and thinks and also is a little **** who lacks taste and joy in life. go grab a taylor swift album you moron. (:
  • Awful mess pretending to be comedy. Poorly judged and executed.

    Just a horrendous disappointment. The superhero tryouts were stolen from the Ben Stiller movie (Mystery Men) And the other sketches were simply poor. One sketch involves a cannon firing army servicemen at a brick wall where they were killed and piled up on the ground. Another was a man being run over by a car. It's just not funny. I question the reviewer who gave this a "10". Perhaps they are connected with the show. It was an utterly dire collection of poorly conceived drivel. Incoherent and weak, this should have been smothered at conception. Avoid like the plague. Ugh.
  • Hilarious in the Monty Python tradition

    When I read the promo it seemed like a fairly dumb concept but the reality is hilarious. Its a sketch comedy show in the Monty Python tradition with the benefit of advanced graphics and cgi capability. Example - we open on a fairly gentle scene of an airport runway studded with planes. Skip to attendant leaving the terminal to step onto the grass - pull back and you can see that the planes are actually quite small. In a flash the attendant starts shooing them away and they take off flapping their wings - Brilliant. Then there's the superhero tryouts - most of them being abject failures of course. The new boyfriend who turns out to be a T. Rex, you have to see it to believe it! Overall the best new comedy sketch show in years.
  • ok needs to be a bit older to be better.

    The Wrong Door is just this weird programme were loads of different people do stupid things. Like that girl with the boyfriend who is a dinosaur and she keeps saying 'philip you never listen to me!!' God ofcourse he won't listen to you he would probably like to eat you!! also those to people who go to Njarnia or something like that comon 'you have to go ALL the way round' god just let them go. It is ok but totally pointless!!I think they need to do more in an episode. It needs to be more interesting and they need more charecters or whatever will make it better in annyway.