The Wuzzles

CBS (ended 1987)


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  • it was so cute!

    and that was the reason why toon disney had to get rid of it! curse you toon disney! It was funny,cute, sweet, and the same thing happened to hello kitty, care bears, and gummie bears. disney is such a stupid place right now! I hate it! Why did toon disney had to put crap like, dave the barbairan or sabrina? bring back the good cartoons! BRING THEM BACK!
  • What was not to like for a kids show.

    This was a great kids show. I remember begging to watch this show everyday. Of coarse at the time i did not understand cancellation. BUt it was great while thsi show was on. I just loved the animation in it. THe animals were so cute and lovable. I do not really remember the plots, but i remeber the love i had for this show. It was so great, that after twenty years, i remebmer it. Plus, i was really little when it was on. Evem my mom do not remember this, but i do. I am so glad other people remember it like i do.
  • This was a personal favorite of mine. i can remember waking up excited to watch this show.

    Man oh man the wuzzles. i tottaly forgot about this cartoon until a while back when i was checking out some unlabled tapes. popped one in and bam the wuzzles came on. brought back great memories. love this show want to buy the DVD's if they do come out with them.
  • WOW!! 2 times the fun, wrapped p and rolled into 1!! I love the wuzzles.

    I loved the wuzzles soooo much. Everyone I ask has never heard of them (except my brother who loved them as much as me). This was a great toon , i loved the bright colours and the charaters, everything about them. I wish my kids could have watched them as i'm sure they would love them.