The WWE Experience

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The WWE Experience

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If you want information about WWE Raw and Smackdown (and formerly ECW), this is the show to watch. It tells you what happened in the wrestling week, and what is going to happen next. If you missed Raw or Smackdown then watch The WWE Experience to see the good, the bad, and the ugly from the two greatest wrestling shows of our time. There are also recaps of PPV events once a month. Hosted now by Jack Korpela the WWE's week is put into an hour of jam packed mayhem!

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AIRED ON 9/26/2010

Season 7 : Episode 22

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  • The WWE Experience is a one hour show that attempts to compact all of the week's wrestling into a smaller amount of time. It brings highlights from Raw and Smackdown and occasionally from the PPV events.moreless

    The WWE Experience is a lifesaver for me because I do not get Sky Sports so cannot watch Raw and Smackdown but this is shown on regular Sky (Sky One) so can still watch wrestling. I also think I prefer to watch this because I don't have time to sit and watch the full length flagship shows so this bitesize version has really helped me out.

    I am disappointed though that Todd Grisham no longer hosts the show because he brought so much more enthusiam to the show which Josh Matthews cannot. I am also slightly annoyed that as it is shown in the morning they have to block out/show the crowd when weaponry is used.moreless
  • Recaps on the last week of WWE television

    Even if you watch both RAW and Smackdown, the WWE Experience is still fun to watch. Todd Grisham did a good job as the host on the show, also Ivory did a good job on the show before she was released. The show was cancelled in 2005 and I miss the show now, I made sure I watched WWE Experience every Sunday morning. After Ivory left the show started to go downhill, it was still good because I like Todd Grisham, but I wish she stayed with the company, but she left for good. I hope the WWE brings the WWE Experience back.moreless
  • A wrestling recab and interview type show.

    The hosts for this show that Todd guy and Ivory act so wierd all the time like they're high on drugs. Like we didn't already have enough replays on Velocity and Heat this show is all replays but once in a while they like show wrestlers shopping or something which is something that is extremly boring and I don't care about. This show doesn't even have any matches it sucks.
  • For a wrestling fan, if you watch Raw & Smackdown then you can skip this show - but if you need to catch up it is worth a look.

    Hosted by Ivory & Todd Todd Grisham in various locations around New York City, this one hour show features the highlights from the previous week of WWE action, along with a few extra segments.

    It won't replace Raw & Smackdown, but if you happen to miss them, then Experience will help you catch up. Along with Raw & Smackdown recaps, you often get a few behind the scenes segments: including footage from autograph signings & the making of WWE commercials.

    Getting the hosts out of the studio, and in various spots around New York City makes the show less stale than the other WWE recap shows (Afterburn & Bottom Line). So if you want that extra hour of wrestling or you missed the main shows, then Experience is worth your time – otherwise skip it.moreless