The X Effect

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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Ilca and Marcell
      Ilca and Marcell
      Episode 1
      Ilca and Marcell were in a heavy relationship for 6 months. Marcell met Monique at a party, and they hit it off. Ilca found out that he cheated on her with Monique and ended their relationship. After their breakup Ilca found Yaacov, her current boyfriend.

      The four agreed to meet up at a resort, but to their surprise only the X's are allowed to stay at the resort. Monique and Yaacov are told they have to go home, but they're really getting a different room at the resort.

    • Full Episode (Dane and Molly)
      Dane and Molly are X's who never officially broke up, when they are left alone on a romantic weekend, their current relationships are put to the test.
    • Jeremy and Kelly
      Jeremy and Kelly
      Episode 2
      Jeremy and Kelly were in a relationship for three years, which they considered to be time well spent. Their relationship ended though because Kelly was extremely jealous of Jeremy's flirting. After they split, Jeremy began dating Julianne and Kelly fled into the arms of Dominic.

      The X's and their partners agreed to meet up for the first time at a luxurious resort, but only the X's are allowed to stay. A cab comes to take Julianne and Dominic home but they realize they're going back to the resort.moreless
    • Natasha and Amir
      Natasha and Amir
      Episode 3

      Natasha and Amir were in a great relationship until he cheated on her with her best friend Neda. Amir is now with Neda and Natasha is with Kavi.
      The four have agreed to meet up at a resort, but the exes are told they are the only ones who can stay. While in the car Kavi and Neda tell each other they don't trust Natasha and Amir together. Soon after they mention it they arrive back at the resort.

    • BJ and Racquia
      BJ and Racquia
      Episode 4

      BJ and Racquia were highschool sweethearts until BJ graduated and went off to college. Even though their break up was a while back BJ says they still have unresolved issues and that he still has feelings for her. Now BJ is dating Tiffany and thinks their relationship will be long-term. Racquia has been with Geno the past six months and he says that he loves everything about her.
      For the first time since their split, BJ and Racquia have agreed to meet up for the first time at a resort with their significant others. When the couples arrive at the resort, Geno and Tiffany are told that they are going home and that BJ and Racquia will be spending the rest of the weekend together.

    • Heather and Morgan
      Heather and Morgan were high school sweethearts. They broke up one week before Morgan's senior prom, and Heather said that she was devastated. Now Heather is in a new relationship with Jason, while Morgan is with Sarah.

      Both couples have agreed to meet up for the first time at a luxurious resort, only to find out that Sarah and Jason have to go home. Both couples say their goodbyes and Sarah and Jason are taken away in a limo.moreless
    • Evi and J'Serie
      Evi and J'Serie
      Episode 6
      Evi and J'serie were in a relationship for awhile, then they broke up. Evi is now with Kevin, and J'Serie is with Shawna. Enough though they broke up, Shawna feels J'Serie still has feelings for Evi. The four have agreed to meet up for the first time at a fabulous resort, but Kevin and Shawna are told they have to go home.moreless
    • Full Episode (Ari and Mary)
      After Mary cheated on Ari, they decided to go their separate ways. When these X's get paired up on a romantic weekend, Ari decides to prove to Mary's boyfriend that she is not worth trusting.
  • Season 2