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    I just heard about this site called and man have i had some bad dates. Would love to see more X Effect, great show. Can only imagine the stories others have to tell, I think I'm going to sign up. Anybody have any bad dates before?
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    [2]Apr 3, 2008
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    From what I hear the producers are making more episodes coming up soon. I think they are running these all night marathons to get the interest up, and then they will generate some more for the hungry viewers. If not, I did hear about badonline dates, and that sounded like they were going to show horrendous dates like when "Blind Date" does there "Dates from Heck" (you know what I mean) episodes.

    Finally, in an answer to your question, I have had a horrendous bunch of dates over my 32 years, but one that take the cake was when I was in college. I went out on a date just after my freshman year in college with a girl who was still in high school. Her friend (whom I liked and wanted to date) called me and asked me to take her out. That, first and foremost, killed me because my chances with the girl I wanted were slashed, but I asked her friend out anyway. She was very pretty, but could never get a date and had low self-esteem. However, she had a friend, who liked my friend and before I could think of a way out, I was on the date. To make a long story short, the date went as any normal date would, but when my friend and his partner dissapeared onto the beach to make-out or whatever, I was stuck there with my girl. Here comes the creepy part. As we proceeded to drink (underage I know) she became weirder and weirder and not in a drunk way. ANd finally, her personality seemed to split.

    She would seem into me, and I would kiss her for a few minutes and then she would pull away and slap me, tell me I was weird and stop me. This happened two or three times, and I had no clue what was going on. Then she apologized and we began to make-out and I began to fondle her to which she szeemed to like. Then she greatly objected, and started screaming and hit me again. A fourth time. I got fed up and called my friend and we all packed into the car to leave. She was clearly drunk or something. Then from the back ofthe car she started flirting with me again, and stuck her fingers on my ips. I didn't know what to do, so I startedto suck on her finger. She let me do it for a minute or two, and then she pulled her fingers out, and clear out belted me from the back of the car. She started screaming how I was so weird, and it took, me, my friend, and her friend a few minutes to pull her off from hitting me time and time again. I was in my seatbelt driving, and she was in the back seat just sklapping my head, my face, whatever she could reach. By the time I dropped her off she was saying I was so weird, she never wanted to see me again, and then left the car. Later the next day her friend apologized to me on her behalf. I never really saw her again except in passing years later, and she still was absolutely disgusted with me and tried to get a guy she was at the club with that night to beat me up, which he wanted no part in. Also, it turned out, I met a girl years later that was her roomate in college, and said one day she flipped out on her and they were best friends until one day she thought she was getting fat and started throwing their food out the window onto the front lawn. Apparently, she had also become bulimic after that, and then got faker boobs years later and became a very pretty snob. I have not heard of her in ten years since, but wherever she is, I have never met a weirder girl or had a woirse date. And by the way, when we were kissing on the date in the beginning, she was the one starting it, so it wasn't even like I was going to fast for her. No one undestands this story not even me. Take it for what it's worth.


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    I want to say that this movie fake is!
    It is wrong that some people are be unfaithful.
    People that have see this movie imitate this stupid things.
    I don't believe that the movie true is because the boys and girls are to lax/idolent when he see his partner be unfaitful doing.
    I will not see this movie anymore!
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