The X Effect

Wednesday 10:30 PM on MTV - Music Television Premiered Jun 06, 2007 In Season


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  • X does not get the square

    Once upon a time, there are 2 couples on a weekend getaway. The good news: The exes are staying. The bad news: The other 2 are sent home, but not for long. The other 2 will be spying in a bungalow for the rest of the weekend. Talk about torture. Every move they make is viewed on the X side while the O side stays in it. The X side continue to live in a room, but they upgraded it to a honeymoon suite. Nice. And after all this comradery, it's time to see if they stick together or fly away. I like the name, but I don't like how the concept is, because the bellhop may be annoying in every episode.
  • It's better than "Parental Control", but it's still such a horrible concept...

    God I hate Mtv so freaking much. They seriously need to think about changing the name of the televison station from Mtv to RCRTV ( Really Crappy Reality Television). The people on this show seem more realistic than those who appear on "Parental Control", but a show dedicated to breaking up couples is completely immoral. It hurts both the ex's and those who are dating the ex's. The X effect is one of mTV's many shows that should be taken off air. Those who gave this show a good rating: are you out of your **** mind? I really miss the old school MTV.
  • Ugh.... what utter crap.

    Another bizarre show involving voyeurism and attempts to break up couples. Why does MTV keep putting junk like this on the air? Simple. Costs - junk like this featuring people seeking their 15 minutes of fame cost very little to produce. Someone once said that in the future everyone will have their own TV show. Hopefully this show is cancelled. I remember the days when MTV actually showed music videos 90% of the time. Very little of their programming has anything to do with music. These days all you get are bizarre unscripted shows involving social experiments on people in their late teens and 20's. VH-1 isnt any better.

    Bring back the old MTV and VH-1.
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