The X Factor (Australia)

Sunday 7:30 PM on Seven Network Premiered Feb 06, 2005 In Season





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  • Australian Idol was awful - this show is even worse!

    I thought it would be very hard to find a show worse than Big Brother or Australian Idol (which for some unimaginable reason are still on and taking the place of our favourite shows), with horrible singers such as Shannon Noll and Gay Spaztion, but somehow, Australia's Channel 10 which is now 50% reality channel and 0% New Simpsons (yes, I'm still complaining), came up with an even worse reality show which is identical to Idol (which is a ripoff of the American version) but somehow has even less entertainment values.

    Bottom line: X factor is must turn-off-TV and that's my review in two sentences.
  • Goodbye and never come back!

    "The X Factor"

    If I ever hear about this time again in my lifetime I will be extremely pissed off!

    This was more for all ages than Idol is. Even people who were past the prime of their lives auditioned for this.

    The show flopped and it wasn\'t a surprise really. It tried to leech of Idol\'s success and failed.

    I hate almost everything about idol (except people who think they have decent voices and end up making fools of themselves)

    This show is just another leg up into the music Industry. Its basically a fast track to fame. The only problem is that the fame lasts for a couple of minutes and then your forgotten!!!

    Waste of Time!
  • Aussie adaption of the British show.

    Australia's Channel Ten paid $30 million for the Aussie rights to this show, so they were praying like hell that it would work. They booked a 10,000 seat basketball stadium in Melbourne as the venue for the performance, they signed up McDonalds and Vanilla Coke as sponsors, but it failed to work. The judges were extremely poor and the Aussie public quickly pigeonholed it as an Idol ripoff. A bit of a shame, really.