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AIRED ON 10/14/2015

Season 12 : Episode 11

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A UK based music reality show with a difference: "anyone and everyone can audition". The contest is open to 4 different categories: under 28 Girls, under 28 Boys, over 28, and groups.

The current judges are Gary Barlow, Louis Walsh, Kelly Rowland and Tulisa Contostavlos.

The Judges:

Gary Barlow: -The lead member of the band, Take That.The band have won multiple BRIT Awards and have received 11 numberonesingles.

Tulisa Contostavlos: -At just 23 years of age, Tulisa has been with N-Dubz , a hip hop group from London for 5 years. She rose to fame whenN-Dubz releaseda song entitled Ouch and got over 4 million viewers on Youtube.

Louis Walsh: - he's the man behind such pop acts as Boyzone, Westlife, Samantha Mumba and Girls Aloud - has had 21 number 1 singles - is best known as the judge on Popstars: Ireland and Popstars: The Rivals

Kelly Rowland: -Kellystarted off working with Destiny's Child but then went solo and has now been fornearly 10years. Her first solo single was Stole which got to #1 in the UK.

ROUND 1: The Auditions In the first round, each of the contestants must audition for the judges. They either go through to the next round or go home .

ROUND 2: Boot Camp In the second round of the contest the judges are each assigned a category to mentor. Each judge will then get to assemble a team of people to help turn their wannabes into stars! The contestants will then be put through a boot camp and afterwards only 8 will remain in each category.

ROUND 3: Judges' Home Visits Next, the remaining contestants will get to live the life of luxury with their mentors! But it won't be all fun and games as the mentors must whittle their teams down to just 3 each .

ROUND 4: Live Shows The 12 remaining contestants/groups will now get the chance to showdown live on ITV1 along with a wildcard pick by each judge. Week by week more contestants will be voted off the show and we will eventually find out who Britain thinks has got The X Factor!


    News Briefs: Desperate Housewife Marcia Cross Might Return to TV in a New Fox Comedy

    Plus: A possible tenth season for Bones, Demi Lovato's out at The X Factor, and Fred Armisen is headed back to Brooklyn.

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    • Is Cheryl Fernandez-Versini ill?

      More I watch X factor Uk I feed physically bad for seeing how Skinny Cheryl Fernandez-Versini is. I dont follow any celebrity gossips or anything that goes on with her life so that is the reason I wonder. If her weight and bony appearance is because of her own choice, I dont think she should be judging anything as so many young girls are watching her as a role model and she really looks so weak and ill as if she hasnt got any proper food for months! EAT Cheryl, EAT!moreless
    • The voting is really a smoke!!!

      I began to watch x factor uk last year and was very attracted to the program. However, this year, I noticed the program seems sponsored by some giant wealth force behind more than what Simon intended for this show as he started. It's like Simon is out of control of his own show.

      When Mason Noise was considered "far the best" by Nick's guest Judge, I lost trust in this show. It is way too ridiculous among all the excellent singers like Josh Daniel and others at that point, that Mason Noise who not a good singer at all and showed bad manner like Kenny west was honored. It looks to me that there is some deal made behind the scene... it's like if the contestant agreed to it, they get to move forward either they are good singers/performers or not, either they were liked by the public or not.

      It is impossible that Mason Noise got enough votes to keep moving forward especially when the audience was booed him, and he basically had few family or friends behind him when he returned home to visit. Where did he get the votes to move so far to the end? It just feels like he moves forward with some guarantee deal he made with who knows what.

      This last weekend elimination result proves to me more that I was right about the voting in the x factor. It is not honest. People can vote but the elimination result is not entirely based on the public vote. That's just a trick to get people to watch the show. I lost respect for the integrity of X factor at UK. 4 Impact got eliminated? The voting system is just a smoke. It is whoever behind the scene decides who to move forward to the final and who to win. Can't anybody see how many viewers view 4 Impact performance every week on youtube? It's in the millions. No other contestant gets even close to that number viewers during this whole contest. They might not be the best singers, but this is a show that people vote for the artist they like. The 4 Impact was likable until they were under the mentorship. They couldn't show their natural beautiful spirit in their performance. Instead, they were turned into someone else they were not .... lost their attractive points. Even so, they still have the largest viewers on youtube. I cannot believe that they were eliminated through votes. Those votes should be opened not through an envelop.

      This week, I even feel that there might be the sense that Britain doesn't want to give the award to anyone other than the British contestant. The elimination is almost like playing chess, if 4 Impact stays in, it cannot avoid that they will get most of the votes at the end and Bolle and Regie will be in 3rd or 4th place. Where Cheryl's heart is with the B & R, she literally didn't give the attention to 4 Impact as they deserve. The way how the back stage team dressed up and design the image of contestant says alot of the Judge's heart toward whom they want the contestant to win. Cheryl did not do well with the 4 impact.

      I really think this program should change the judging process. It gets so unhealthy and stress out for everyone participating and watching the show toward the end... Judges, contestants, and the viewers included. It is way too controlling the life of everyone involved in the show. The contestant cannot go home. Everyone spend several months in this building for So is only show, it is not life. Life has many other aspect to live. This type of show is shaping the young generation to zeroing on one focus -- TO WIN and TO BECOME FAMOUS POP STAR. Pop stars rise and fall. Young people need to know that there are other way to live life and to be happy. This kind of show shouldn't be blown out of proportion. What really turned me off is the dishonest voting system. I feel I waste my energy and time following this show.

    • Why ?

      First why the need for judges , none of you base your vote on talent in the singoff . Can't any of you find a set of nads, that's how Shawn was sent home . Your 4 super stars from day one Louissa, Che, lauren, and Shawn. If you need help Simon I can fly out for the week since you can't get your heads out of your arses.
    • Great Program

      This my most favorite singing competition and I actually been enjoying watching Season 11 (the first season to debut in Canada). Most of my favorite singers (Olly Murs, Cher Lloyd, One Direction and Little Mix) have come from the X Factor. Which makes it even more special for me.
    • End the evil empire of X Factor

      This is still not only one of the most annoying programmes still on British TV but also one of the worst ever made. Yeah there have been some decent acts to come off the show but now the producers are more obsessed in deliberately causing controversies because 1 it generates headlines, 2 increases the ratings and 3 humiliate people as cruelly as possible. Worst of all they have renewed it for ANOTHER 3 YEARS. 3 FUCKING YEARS get a grip ITV.

      Cowell should take a hint, strictly is going to continue to kick his ass even when Sir Brucie retires so do the decent thing and scrap this piece of shit and make something unconnected to reality TV.

      DEATH TO THE X FACTOR!!!!moreless

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