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Official Discussion Thread: The Auditions (Part 6)

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    The Auditions (Part 6)

    Airing 20th September 2008 7:30 P.M. ITV 1

    Discuss this episode here:

    This is the sixth and final week of auditions where the last of the hopefuls sing in front of the judges Simon Cowell, Cheryl Cole, Dannii Minogue and Louis Walsh for a place in next week's boot camp. After six weeks the judges have seen 182 000 contestants. There will also be highlights of the best and worst auditions in the series.

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    Good ending to the Auditions, however one question, does anyone know the songs that appeared? Especially the one where the little kids sung it, just as I want to download it.
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    I love The X Factor, but so glad the auditions are over!! I love the boot camp and the live performanes so much better then the auditions!!

    It was an ok episode, some good some bad obviously

    the one that sticks out for me is the girl who losts all that weight, it really annoyed me that Simon changed his mind. Danni slated her and then said yes because she knew Simon would say know!! At least Cheryl is honest!! she didn't have that much of a strong voice, it really annoyed me that simon went back on his word because she is never going to get further in the comp, she will not get to the final 24!!! So it was a bit pointless to be honest!!

    Totally looking forward to next week and watching the boot camp episodes!! I always cry LOL!! It is the soundtrack that gets me LOL!! they always play sad songs when peoepl get through or are going home LOL!!
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    I think the auditions are the best part. After that it gets slightly boring because there are only good people left. This last part of the auditions was okay: the 15-year-old boy was good and the blonde girl who was there with her dad gave a very touching performance. I think she will do well in the contest.

    I agree about Simon changing his mind. The girl wasn't a good enough singer. I hope (and think) that she won't get through next time.
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    I prefer the auditions, cos then you can have a good lauggh as well as applauding the good ones.

    have you noticed how much the camera goes for Cheryl's reaction? She's extremely pretty of course and the new judge on the block. When performers are doing their bit, 9/10 times the camera looks to Cheryl (and rarely Louis or Danni). I might actually start a chart of who the camera focuses on the most; hang on, that would be dull, so I won't.

    I luuurved that black gitrl who was really nervous beforehand (not the ex-prisoner). I can't remember her name...
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