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X Factor 2009 changes.

What annoys you most about the X Factor?

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    [1]Mar 19, 2009
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    I Like the X Factor, but all the points in the poll are things about the show that after so many years are really begining to annoy me. I'm tired of hearing about the contestants life stories, dead relatives, disabilities, or whatever. I want the judges to be more critical and not same the same things And will someone tell Danni to stop with the slang! "Boxfresh"?! Can Cheryl stop acting like a princess being vurable one minute then affirmative the next but never havig a bad word to say unless its about the judges? Don't get me wrong I like the judges fighting, but Cheryl fighing Simon is a joke. Simon could destroy her, but she would put the water works on and then bad simon! And Cheryl wins. Louis can try to say something interesting too.

    The show has got a bit tacky a predictable. Someone sings over the rainbow every year thiers always a minority quota and theres always an annoying cute kid that can't and shouldn't win but stays in long enough to kick out much better people

    So the question is what should this years show do to freshen up it's format? What things are annoying you that the show has to stop doing? Or is it perfect like it is?

    I want to see different kinds of singers, no young kids, no sob stories, and for the contestants to sing completly different songs. I want more perfomances contestants groupong up in different ways and I want to see the judges vote on the contestants as well. Guest judges would be fun if only once or twice, and pick someone cynical!

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    I would say all of the above annoy me, the thing is though, they aren't going to change the format. They've tried to get rid of Louis and failed, there were rumours of getting rid of Dannii and those fell through. The show will not change in any meaningful way and everything you've mentioned will still be in the show, whatever they "change".
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    [3]Sep 27, 2009
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    Any idea what date the final is?
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    There's always a act that can't sing but still get the votes and the same song choices gets really old.
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