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  • Great Program

    This my most favorite singing competition and I actually been enjoying watching Season 11 (the first season to debut in Canada). Most of my favorite singers (Olly Murs, Cher Lloyd, One Direction and Little Mix) have come from the X Factor. Which makes it even more special for me.
  • daniel finally gone! its getting closer now to the final!

    well daniel is finally gone now all the good singers are left except poor laura! louis walsh was playin a game that week defo cause he knows how much of a threat laura was to jls winning! so its finally getting near the end now and its still as exciting! it was great for them all to see there families that was dead emtional.
    i cant wait to hear what the new song for the winners goin to be and who will be in the winner i reckon that in the final it will be wee euan jls and alexandra!
  • x factor

    i like the x factor i want diane to win or ruth lol who agress with me !!!!! !! i like the x factor i want diane to win or ruth lol who agress with me !!!!! !! i like the x factor i want diane to win or ruth lol who agress with me !!!!! !! i like the x factor i want diane to win or ruth lol who agress with me !!!!! !! i like the x factor i want diane to win or ruth lol who agress with me !!!!! !! i like the x factor i want diane to win or ruth lol who agress with me !!!!! !!
  • X Factor is brilliant!!!

    X Factor is absolutly brilliant- particulaly during the auditions.
    Some of the judges are totally amazing.
    Sharon Osbourne is a truly inspirational woman who has been through so much but is still absolutly fabulous- she is my favourite judge.
    Simon Cowell speaks the truth and nothing else which i think is ace because it doesn't give people false hope.
    Dannii Minogue is ok but she is no where near my favourite judge.
    Louis Walsh is just a miserable old fool. I think the series would have done much better with just sharon, simon and dannii. Louis gets more and more boring every year.

    X factor always pushes itself every year to get better and better.
  • Wowwee, i love this show!

    wow, *salutes simon cowell for thinking of this* I absouletly adore this show, the singing talents of the final few are amazing but i much prefer the auditions (which me and my friend will hopefully be attending next year):D the people there that think they can sing are just plain cringe worthy! Sometimes they sound like a cat getting thrown into a washing machine with a dog! I love sharon, she has to be ma fave judge and i also like simon but Lois, whats his problem? He has a bad taste in music most of the time (i mean come on, Buttercup??) but sometimes he comes out with a big hit, occasionaly, VERY occasionaly
    Leon to win this year!!
  • I've got The X Factor!

    The X Factor is a really enjoyable show to watch and it is my favourite show to watch on a Saturday night. My favourite judge used to be Sharon Osbourne but now it is Danii Minogue. Ever since Leona Lewis won The X Factor 2006 I could not wait to watch The X Factor 2007. I cannot wait 4 the live show starting this Saturday woohoo!! I really like Emily and I hope she does very well on the live show Good Luck Emily. So the stage is set, Lights camera action & it's time 2 c who has The X Factor!!!!
  • This week's X Factor auditions took place at Sheffield, Birmingham and Manchester, where another bunch of hopefuls arrived to try and become the next big music sensation.

    16-year-old Nathaniel's "And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going" was 'bizarre' according to Louis, with Simon stating "You need to change your record collection". Along with Bongoman's equally-bizarre "Hot, Hot, Hot" rendition and S Club 7 fan Andrew's choice of "Zip a Dee Doo Dah" among others, it received a "no" vote.

    Katie from Skegness luckily pleased the panel by singing "There You'll Be"; initially she got through to bootcamp, but once she left the audition room the vote was changed against her amidst fears of her having a baby in the middle of the live shows…!

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  • Louis Walsh, Simon Cowell and Sharon Osborne are all given the task to bring out the next big music wonder!

    The show is one of the best reality music series I've ever watched! I'm constantly hooked and voting till the end!

    It all starts at the auditions which has to be my favourite part of the can watch talentless singers who think they have the whole package (dance, the voice and the looks). Although you are laughing at people who's dreams are being crushed it's hard not to laugh especially when you hear the judges comments.

    Eleven people (I think) are then sent off to bootcamp where they meet there mentor (one of the judges). The contestants are put in categories: under 25s, over 25s and groups. After boot camps each mentor has to choose 4 acts to go through to the live shows and then we watch them perform live and each week one contestants dreams are shattered and they are sent home!

    Although the winner always disappears at the end of the show it is still fun to bet how long they will last in the music business...whether they will be like One True (Who) Voice or Will Young and Girls Aloud....

    Absolutely amazing show....weekly fix!
  • Pretty good!

    I used to think this show was complete rubbish cause it was a music show but when i started watching the first episode of the 3rd season i gained intrest in this show yet Simon Cowell is hilarous in this show and it's great so far i have been sad that Sean did'nt go through cause i wanted him to win(the guy who was 16 the nervous one in the third season) i all though want to know where i can watch the first two seasons cause i did'nt really watch it the only thing i knew about the second season was that Shayne Ward won i extremely liked his music *sigh* the only good thing to only ever come over here in Britain unlike Doctor Who which is stupid and the Crazy Frog which is extremely annoying this and Mr.Bean are the only good things over here in Britain i hope this show gets a 4th season as well.
  • A UK based music reality show with a difference: "anyone and everyone can audition". The contest is open to 3 different categories: under 25, over 25, and groups.ROUND 1 The Auditions In the first round, each of the contestants must audition for

    this is the best show in the world i love it. my fave person is sharon osbourne she is like a mum to all the people if the xfactor finished i dont no what i would do is is so like grrr wen your fae person goes out or even a juges goes out i really hate is wen sharon goes out. The Auditions In the first round, each of the contestants must audition for the 3 judges. They can either go through to the next round or go home . . The Judges: Simon Cowell sharon osbourne and lulo
  • I think that it is so good.

    X factor is just great. I love the auditions the best. The people who can't sing on the auditions are so funny. It's just such a good show. It's entertaining every week. Saturday nights aren't the same without it. It's good that there isn't a maximum age to because it gives the older people a second chance.
  • X-factor rocks people salute Simon and sharon!

    i'm glad that X-factor returned i was wored that it might not go back since what happened last year between Sharon and Simon i love the horrible acts they make me laugh like mad and wonder why the trio even bother with them and i enjoyed the few good sigers that sound like born singer can't wait for next week!. YOU ROCK X-FACTOR!
  • A UK based talent contest to search for a singer to win a £1 Million record contract.The judges,Simon Cowell,Louis Walsh,Sharon Osbourne and Dannii Minogue manage a group each from the Girls Under 25s,Boys Under 25s,Over 25s and Groups.

    This is my absolute favourite talent contest and it is truly original in the way it allows people of any age over 15 to audition and try to win a £1 Million recording contract.The first few weeks of auditions are extremely entertaining and range from the completely disastrous to the breathtakingly amazing performances.I think the boot camp is very harsh on the contestants who are lucky enough to pass through the audition stages.I always find myself feeling bad for those who are genuinely able to perform but are criticised by the judges for forgetting lyrics of a song they had literally a week to learn.My absolute favourite part of the series,even above the auditions!,is the live shows where the remaining 3 contestants in each group (12 in total)must perform live in front of a studio full of people and millions of viewers at home and then one leaves the show each show after the public vote to save their favourite act.I always find the anticipation and tense atmosphere leading up to the final show where 1 of the remaining 3 acts will win the recording contract and 2 will have lost their dream.
  • This show was great ever since I started watching it in Series 2..

    However, once it turned into more of The Catfight Factor, the show became a little less enjoyable. But I think replacing Cheryl with Sharron was a good choice, and I'm really enjoying this year so far! This is a talent show for singing, but half the time the judges Louis Walsh, Danni Minogue, Simon Cowell and new judge Cheryl Cole (so damn hot) are just bickering over whatever.

    The emotion actually makes me laugh rather than cry as it's pathetic watching stupid prats that are tone deaf make a fool of themselves. So, this is a hillarious show, and is my weekly dose of Saturday Night entertainment. I'm hooked, and there's no unhooking me!

    Grade: A
  • oh nooooooo

    Ok i like X factor because its just great but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Chico has been voted off comeo on he kept the show funny now its just about finding out who wins. grrrrr to all of you who didnt vote for Chico. but still Sharons still there and so is simon.
  • Judges Simon, Louis and Sharon are back to look for the next big thing in music.

    For me, this is the best show of its type. Why? Because its entertaining and enjoyable to watch especially during the auditions. The best moments are when they get a particulary bad singer who genuinly think they can sing. Overall, its a great Saturday night show that I can guarantee you'll get a laugh out of.
  • The X Factor is great!

    The X Factor is one of the best reality shows I have ever watched. I don't really like many reality shows but everytime X Factor is on it speaks well for reality television.

    The judges are great and some of the singers are great too, some aren't really but some are the best you have ever heard of. For instance: Chico and Alexandra!

    If you want to watch some decent television and you live in Great Britain then I recommend you watch this, take some time out to watch it. Don't knock it till you've tried it!

    Good luck to all contestants!

  • A brilliant reality show that gets better with every series.

    This reality show has been critisised for the over the top drama and all the sympathy stories that the contestants tell that people think make them go further in the competition, but with all the hilarious auditions at the beggining of the series and all the brilliant performances at the end of the series for the live shows this really is a great Saturday night show.

    I personally don't like watching many of the first auditions as i would rather watch the good performances but i love watching the show when the contestants to go boot camp and the judges houses. This part of the show is show comical yet so emotional. And with seeing the contestants failing in the competition and some seeing their dreams come true it really does make you choke up and what makes that worst is having the sad soundtrack to listen to when all this is happening.

    With all the shows drama what does make this better is the judges catty fights. Sharon Osbourne is absolutely brilliant. She really doesn't care what she says and who she saids it too and it is great to have someone on this show who doesn't think before she talks because you get to know what she really thinks. Louis i think is very narrow minded and once he has an opinion of someone he will never change his mind which i think is really bad, especially in this sort of show when you have acts that have progress so much week after week. I personally do not like Dannii and really don;t know why she is there. the show was better off with just three judges. And there is Simon, who i think is brilliant. He is alwasy honest to all the acts even the acts in his group and everyone only ever watches the judges comment to hear what he has to say. I think the show is brilliant and minus the winner Steve, i think the show has created some great music stars, like Shayne Ward and Leona Lewis. Keep all the drama up, all the catty fighting up and all the emotional performances and the show will just keep getting better and better.
  • Haven't I seen this before?

    Although I love the show, I can't help thinking that this type of show is becoming a cliche. The X Factor is the same as Pop Idol and Pop Stars, but with a different show name.
    Simon, Sharon and Louis are great judges because they give professional and honest opinions.
    The acts that got into the final 10 were all great. My favourite was Tabby and G4 (though everyone was good).
    It was gripping drama and there were on-the-edge-of-your-seat moments on the night of the live final.
    The decision for the viewers was G4 or Steve, Steve or G4. I think that both Steve and G4 should of won because they were both fantastic singers. The problem was- only one group or person could have THE X FACTOR.

    I can't wait for the next season!
  • An addictive show.

    There are lots of singing shows now but in my opinion this is the best one. There are 3 judges Sharon Osbourne, Louis Walsh and Simon Cowell. Each one is known for something different. Sharon can be sweet and kind but if she doesn't like someone, she definetly lets them know it. Louis's comments are usually cull of cheese but he's harmless enough. Simon is known for his put downs but most of the time he says what everyone else is saying. The audition rounds ae the funniest but its getting to a stage now where you can't believe that some of the people that come to audition actually think they can sing.
  • This is one of those shows where you either love the first half, or you love the second half, or you love the whole thing.

    I love the X Factor, mainly for the first half, by which I mean Louis, Simon and Sharon, now Dannii too, all go around the country and half to listen to people who really shouldn't be singing in the first place. At least not in a public place. Very rarely am I tempted to even watch the rest of the show; it just seems like a waste of time to me, all the funny stuff has been done and now the full on competition happens. Which is pretty distressing to see, since the contestants are all put into certain groups; like girls under 25, boy's over 25, groups ect, and they are not only facing off against each group, but also each other. The tension could kill some people (like me) but other people love it, to cheer on their fave singer.
    It's a hit and miss show, but it's done very well for Mr Cowell over here and in the States.
  • OK but not as good as Pop Idol

    The X Factor is not a bad show and I am not saying that I don't enloy it. However, i think that because of Simon Cowell being a judge, it will always be compared to Pop Idol which will wipe the floor with it every time. it confuses me slightly the point of the public voting when the judges have the final say who goes through. It's also very obvious that each judge will vote for their own contestant. In my opinion it should be up to the audience totally who goes through. It is, though, good saturday night entertainment.
  • Why do I watch this??? I have no idea but its good and amusing and mindless TV!

    Why do I watch this??? I have no idea but its good and amusing and mindless TV! X Factor has brought me something to watch and follow on and have a personal favorite as such. But I do wonder why I watch it. I dislike things like this greatly but for some reason I watch it and start to like it. Yeah mixed feelings over it, it either annoys you or it gives you amusment. I'm in the middle of those. X Factor is something I will be watching when its one once again. The auditions are of course the best and most amusing part of the whole series.
  • I watch this show via Youtube and...

    the quality is just as great! Everyone thinks Americans may have the best vocal talent searches, but this show proves otherwise. Like, the stage is so futuristic looking comparison to what we have here. Much larger too... as the taping crowd too. I find hot music to listen to here when I'm bored with American music... very, very different. Simon will always remain fierce. So is the competition and talent on here. Amazing!
  • Get rid of the deadwood!

    The show has been really good for the past 4 seasonsbut it needs a good old revamp. Some fresh new ideas and to see the back of Sharon 'Mrs' Osbourne would be greatly appreciated. More Guest appearances from better musicians/singers are needed and i think that they should go back to the 3 judge system with Dannii 'the talented one' Minogue replacing Sharon. The show offers a great opportuity for musicians who havent had the lucky break that they have needed to get into the industry. I also think that they need to stop releasing the singles in the Xmas week it ruins the christmas charts.
  • Reality TV Music show.... the best bits are the trials

    Every year since 2004 The X Factor hits our screens in a bid to make an original artist a number 1 for Xmas, but the series always starts with the trials, with the good, the bad and the pure ugly auditions, with Simon Cowell et al passing off a few insults here and there to put the auditionees down. This is a fun show to watch but once the finalists are in it seems pretty much downhill from there, as the favourites are never criticised, and the least favourites are reduced to embarrassing comments. Good to watch, but the overall winner comes a little too obvious too close tot he beginning of the contest
  • One of those shows you just get into...and wish you hadn't.

    As with most reality/talent shows, once you start watching, you're hooked untill the final.

    For most people the highlight of the X factor is the auditions and laughing at all the people who mistakenly think they can sing!

    There's good chemistry between the judges and Simon has made my laugh a number of times this series.

    Simon: That perforance is as relevant as a cat walking into crufts and saying "Hey! I'm different!"

    Simon: You couldn't win this compectition if you were the only one who a million years.
  • Love this show.

    I always loved this show but I have 1 question?Why do they keep switching judges all the time.And from season 1-7 the people with the same type of style kept winning but after season 8 there was finally a change of music style according to the singer(s).But overall I love the X Factor.
  • It starts out so badly but by the live shows its unmissable

    Every year I have to cringe at the antics of the auditions and even into the boot camp but normally apart from the odd act that I'm sure is only there for the novelty the live shows usually have acts that should be OK This last two years have had the worst acts such as Chico and the McDonald brothers but we always eventually end up with real winners and season three was no different as we ended up with Ben, Ray and Leona with the fabulous voice of Leona winning how can they find another voice to top her!

    This year we have a change in both a judge and the presenter going but hopefully this wont affect the show
  • Why ?

    First why the need for judges , none of you base your vote on talent in the singoff . Can't any of you find a set of nads, that's how Shawn was sent home . Your 4 super stars from day one Louissa, Che, lauren, and Shawn. If you need help Simon I can fly out for the week since you can't get your heads out of your arses.
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