The X Factor (UK)

Saturday 7:00 PM on ITV Premiered Sep 01, 2004 In Season





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  • Wtf?! Whoever let Cheryl Cole be a judge is just plain stupid =P

    Hmm...yeah. This show is alright, but I think it's not as good as it used to be...

    I only started watching The X Factor in 2005 for the 2nd series, I didn't watch the first series (not realising what it was back then). But I've gotta say, 2nd and 3rd series were plain awesome! (Especially the 3rd) All our favourite judges and hosts presenting the UK Music Talent Contest of the country! (That make sense? =P) The horrid awful singers who just want to get on TV, and the really brilliant ones. It's a recipe for great'ness, right? ^_^


    Throwing in another 2 judges and getting rid of the old hosts was where the X Factor got killed. Plus, the talent in Series 4...Well, there WAS no talent! The entire croud sucked! Give me ONE good artist from that series that could ACTUALLY sing =P And the new judge, Danni Minogue...What purpose was SHE serving? Did she NEED to be there? =| It's just stupid! And Dermott O'Leary is just dull and boring. He was way better on BBLB, he just sucks on The X Factor...

    But yeah, cutting to the point, the air just ain't the same =\ It was good at the start (Especially Series 3 where Leona Lewis won - who has now become a worldwide popstar ^_^) but now it's just ehhh...weird. Series 5 coming up, hopefully they can improve things...Only the fact they haven't by letting Cheryl Cole be a judge =P what kind of stupid stunt was that?! Does The X Factor REALLY need 4 judges? Hardly. It makes things complicated and weird. And Holly Willoughby - host for The Xtra Factor? Wtf? She also sucks =P

    Overall - It's pretty good...but just good enough.
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