The X Factor (UK)

Saturday 7:00 PM on ITV Premiered Sep 01, 2004 In Season





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  • I consider it an insult to my itelligence

    I hate this show, I HATE! this show I consider it an insult to my intelligence that people watch and are entertained by it, let me get one thing clear it's not about them picking the wrong people ever or how the nasty the judges are the entire concept of what the show is I find degrading. A room where 3 complete idiots tell another load of complete idiots that they are idiots. Idiots queue for hours to audition because "they want to be pop star" they want to have five minutes of fame singing cover versions of crappy pointless pop songs, get to number 1 in the charts thanks to all the mindless idiots buying the crappy song because it's they ''have a good voice''. It's mass media drivel that is forced down the throats gullible people with no taste in music or entertainment and fills the world with a vapid pointless nothingness. The idiots who have a dream of people a pop star have very low ambitions in life. Learn a musical instrument join a proper band and tour round doing gigs and get picked by a music label because of your music and the fan base of people who like your music for what it is. Going though a jumped up gloried bad karaoke contest is not true music talent, that concept is bad enough but them filming all this and then people watching it back for entertainment just bogels my mind. There is no imagination, creatively or art to this kind of television its lazy television thought up by brainless idiots and lapped up by brainless idiots. Bring back decent proper Saturday night light entertainment programmes that were just that 'ENTERTAINMENT'