The X Factor (UK)

Season 3 Episode 19

The Live Show - Grand Final!

Aired Saturday 7:00 PM Dec 16, 2006 on ITV

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  • Leona Lewis definitely deserved to win. Her interpretation of "A moment like this" was out of this world.

    Leona Lewis definitely deserved to win. Her interpretation of "A moment like this" was out of this world.

    It was a very tough competition, but in the end it, the one who deserved winning ended up winning.

    "A moment like this" as sang by Leona to win X Factor, is definitely one of my favorite love tunes ever.

    A really good job by the organization of the competition, and a good round of applause to Leona for an interpretation out of this world.

    It was a fitting finale, where expectations were quite high, and the result was that all expectations were exceeded.
  • A great finale....

    The X Factor i thought was going downhill well at least when the McDonald Bros kept going through they did leave soon though and this show keeps getting better and better except(i'm not saying this was a bad episode but)it was a bad final should of been ''Leona vs Ben'' NOT ''Leona vs Ray'' i'm sorry to say this but that makes it a bad final yes this finale was good but the ones competiting against each other makes it a bad final i'm so glad that Leona DID win the X Factor and also she got her single and i was editor for her 2 weeks ago on Friday except the fact that X Factor is ruining the charts!!!! I'm sorry but every year from now the X Factor singles are always number 1 at Christmas you don't have to take the number 1 Christmas spot,Leave it to someone else for a change except all that crap this was a good episode and i can't believe i'm saying this but... i can't wait for the 4th season.
  • Its finally the X Factor final!! but who will win Ray or Leona?

    Im am so happy Leona won the X factor because she unlike Ray has the potential to reach a wider audiance, like people in America, this is something Robbie Willams is yet to do!!
    However the winners song 'A moment like this' in my opinion was a song best suit to a woman and could have given Ray a disadvantage, I think that if this was the winners song a other should have been given to Ray to make the result fair.
    But in conclution I am very happy that Leona won but I do belive Ray could still have a shinning career in the Music buisness.
    So good luck about that number one Leona and hope to see you soon Ray!

  • the best season yet!

    leona has won, what a relief. if ray had won there would have been loads of complaints. finally in england we have true talent. i think leona could last longer than any other reality contestant. the winners single does not show her true potentiel, and i hope her first album is full of new songs to bennefit her voice and not just cover versions like the last x factor winner.
    i think her first song should have been something a bit more challenging and new material. saying all this im not complaining about the song cos i think its allrite, i just think theres a better song out there. there is no doubt that it will reach number 1 at christams time.

    OTH_obsessed xoxoxox
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