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Simon Cowell, infamous American Idol judge and creator of the UK talent search series, The X Factor UK is set to launch the American version of the show on FOX in Sept of 2011. The X Factor is a reality television singing competition on FOX. As part of the The X Factor franchise, the program's format differs from its rivals in numerous ways. The competition is open to both solo artists and groups, has no upper age limit, and the judges act as mentors to the final contestants. Each judge is assigned a category-girls under 25, boys under 25, individuals over 25, and groups-that they place the finalists in after the audition process. Through the live shows, the judges act as mentors to the contestants helping decide song choices and styling, while judging contestants from other categories. Also the top prize for the winner is 5 Million Dollars.

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  • Raven77s 100th review!

    The show seems to be too related to American Idol. The show also seems to go overboard with the contestants emotions. It seems like 99% of the people competing try to tug at our emotions with a sob story that some are clearly a fake. This show does try to be original but like Family Guy to the Simpsons, it has`nt done enough to stand out on its own.
  • Paulina is a biased judge and favors the latinos! Unfair!

    Paulina should never have been a is bias and is only picking the latinos cause she is.. and you shouldnt have let her get rid of Tim!
  • Excellent

    The three regular lady judges are great. Simon your not as mean as we thought. There were to many people in the judges arguing and showing off in American Idol. It's nice you give most all ages to be a STAR on The "X Factor". We love the humor and excitement that comes from all four regular judges. Very interesting and exciting, all in great ways. Sincerely.
  • where does she sit Robby? On her backside like you -you a**e!

    What has happened to Robby, he has been in LA for too long, bleached teeth and pumped up hair. Sam Bailey is AMAZING , as good as Janis Joplin. If anybody needs to go it's you Robby, Gary Barlow made you a lucky boy. Where does she sit indeed.

    Also why does Sinitta keep on being wheeled out annually , bikini clad , we are sick of the sight of her. A post menopausal wannabe sex kitten. Please Simon let the x factor be about the contestants not these washed up talentless judges-- apart from Gary and Nicole of course.moreless
  • Ashley Gone!!!

    Done with this show.

    4 Reasons Fox Is Having a Disastrous Fall (and 3 Possible Fixes)

    The network's issues don't start and end with this fall's bombs.

  • X'D OUT

    Fox Cancels The X Factor as Simon Cowell Returns to the Original U.K. Series

    Simon Cowell's other singing show is officially toast in the U.S.

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