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Remember when that blowhard Simon Cowell promised world domination with an American version of U.K. reality singing competition The X Factor? He thought it would be the biggest thing in the universe, and he felt pretty good about leaving American Idol because America's insatiable hunger for reality singing competition just could not be satisfied.

Well, The X Factor never quite took off in the States like Cowell thought it would, and after three seasons, Cowell is running away from America and heading back to his home planet of England, where he'll return to the judging panel of the original U.K. version of the series. Also, Fox has canceled the show. 

"Unfortunately, there is no The X Factor without Simon Cowell," said Fox boss Kevin Reilly, "but we understand and support his decision to focus on the international formats and on the next phase of his personal life."  And while that quote implies that the cancellation is a result of Cowell's decision to leave, I doubt it was Cowell alone who made the choice, given the show's lackluster ratings.  

I won't miss The X Factor, and I certainly won't miss the endless rumors of who will be the next The X Factor judge. How about you?

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AIRED ON 12/14/2014

Season 11 : Episode 33

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