The X Factor

Season 2 Episode 16

Live Results Show 2

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 08, 2012 on FOX

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  • Can We Have One Direction Every Week?

    Is it bad that the best part of the results show was the 2 One Direction performances?

    So Mario and Khloe-bot stilted announced each safe performer/group until only Cece and Jason remained. The cameras didn't know where to pan half the time so we got really bad shots of Khloe-bot reading the prompter or shots as a contestant was leaving the stage because their safe. Apparently giving away a 5 M contract means hiring the worst camera-people.

    Someone needs to tell Khloe-bot she doesn't need to hold the mic to her mouth when it's not her turn to talk. The sound of her grating voice telling Jason and Cece they needed to go get ready to sing their Save-Me songs as Mario was talking was so ridiculously laughable.

    Cece sings horrifically, can barely keep her composure. Jason sings decently and shows off his vocals. Judges vote -- Demi to get rid of Jason and LA to get rid of Cece (shocker!!) Why even bother asking the judges when it's their contestant? Britney votes to oust Cece and Simon stupidly votes to oust Jason. We go to DEADLOCK.

    Someone Cece escapes and bye bye Jason! But wait....there's still 10 minutes left in the show.

    Off to the reveal of the standings. Again more bad camera work as they don't know who to focus on as Mario & Khloe-bot pause, pause pause. Top 2 is Carly Rose and Tate. Now to reveal the top vote wait, second place because that makes a difference? But still, WTG Tate!

    And I guess I'll torture myself more next week by tuning in again...