The X Factor

Season 1 Episode 20

LIVE Results Show 6

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 08, 2011 on FOX

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  • The Results Are Shocking....Rachel Crow was eliminated tonight and it was a big shame, not only to Judge Nicolebut also to the voting public.I know this episode would make millions of Nicole-haters but before we hate her, we should hate the voters first


    Both contestant really gives their hearts out tonight and a salute for both Rachel and Marcus. And this is the main reason why I cannot fully blame Nicole.

    Seeing her reaction when everything falls into her shoulder, I know right there and then that she would prefer deadlock, because she don't want these contestant to blame her for kicking them out of the competition. And that is the only mistake that Nicole did tonight, and lots of "BOOs" was heard in the background especially when they ask her to say something.

    It also proves to everyone that these judges have no idea who is in the bottom. So to really keep your favorite in the competition, VOTE.

    The show alone is a so-so (FOR ME) if we are to look at the guess performers tonight.