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  • Raven77s 100th review!

    The show seems to be too related to American Idol. The show also seems to go overboard with the contestants emotions. It seems like 99% of the people competing try to tug at our emotions with a sob story that some are clearly a fake. This show does try to be original but like Family Guy to the Simpsons, it has`nt done enough to stand out on its own.
  • Paulina is a biased judge and favors the latinos! Unfair!

    Paulina should never have been a is bias and is only picking the latinos cause she is.. and you shouldnt have let her get rid of Tim!
  • Excellent

    The three regular lady judges are great. Simon your not as mean as we thought. There were to many people in the judges arguing and showing off in American Idol. It's nice you give most all ages to be a STAR on The "X Factor". We love the humor and excitement that comes from all four regular judges. Very interesting and exciting, all in great ways. Sincerely.
  • where does she sit Robby? On her backside like you -you a**e!

    What has happened to Robby, he has been in LA for too long, bleached teeth and pumped up hair. Sam Bailey is AMAZING , as good as Janis Joplin. If anybody needs to go it's you Robby, Gary Barlow made you a lucky boy. Where does she sit indeed.

    Also why does Sinitta keep on being wheeled out annually , bikini clad , we are sick of the sight of her. A post menopausal wannabe sex kitten. Please Simon let the x factor be about the contestants not these washed up talentless judges-- apart from Gary and Nicole of course.
  • Ashley Gone!!!

    Done with this show.
  • additions

    i love the x factor i would love to addition but i cant find the
  • Love it

    CeCe and Carly my fav for season 2, loved simon and demi and their bickering. Can't wait for season 3!
  • No words.... Except for.....

    The XFactor is just like American Idol and The Voice ecept the X Factor is worse, in my opinion. The judges are only on that show to get more popularity apparentely especially Demi Lovato, no offence. After Sonny With A Chance she was a nobody and now she wants to be a somebody again. But not working out so well. I mean the show is a bit funny with the acts but really? They need to make more shows like Americas Got Talent and less Singing shows!! Please!! On Americas Got Talent its not just about singing or dancing or thats stuff there is alot more talents that are so amazing!! So my point is, the X Factor is not bad and not good.
  • X Factor 12/12/12

    Get rid of is not paying attention, she is boring boring boring, and she just screwed of Carly big guys did not get your money's dema as well or teach her to say what she means. The VOICE is 10 times better than this show.
  • Khloe Kardashian Odom

    xFactor PLEASE get someone with a more pleasant voice and intelligent questions to replace Khloe. I'm sure you can find someone else. Love Mr. Lopez!

    the 21st century Liberace,frank sinatra and Barbara Striesand rolled into one.......oh lets not forget ARETHA!

    You go til the end GIRL!!!!
  • Hostess top

    Did you notice you can see thru ms. Kardashian's blouse? Are they doing this for ratings?
  • Are you kidding me? So dissapointed.

    This season sucks. Who is Brittney or Demi to mentor anyone? Who are you kidding? Most of the singers suck.

  • L.A.Reid disappointing

    The over 25 group chosen to go to L.A.'s home for mentoring were so hoping it would be him, only to be greeted by the "man himself" telling them how disappointed he was to have been chosen for their group. WHAT? Talk about feeling defeated before they started! Justin Bieber had more mature and profound words for the group than the man who is supposed to mentor others. Shame on you L.A.
  • x factor

    britney spears was scared of the guy that really liked her, but was a weirdo.

    the young girl 14, could really sing, and comfortable in front of the live audience, and camera.

    most of these contestants will not make it, and it's kinda like the gong show, 15 minutes of embarrassing yourself.

    good talented singers are in the church choir.
  • Amazing Talent

    there's some great amazing talent in this show, and really I missed Simon, what can I say! there's a great website for undiscovered talent called it's not x factor, but there's lots of singing categories and competitions everyweek, so it's a good destination to go browse, vote or submit your own video.
  • Ok, don't get me wrong, I LOVE THIS Show, more than American Idol, and Simon is always>SIMON!But last night ep, was terrible!Lets start with the judges...


    Like I said, don't get me wrong, I love this show..

    format is great (is good to hear the contestant without the audience (judges houses); Simon is the best ! but..

    last night ep. was terible, really!! Lest's start with the judges:

    she gives the same speech/complement/(criticism???)/whatever for every contest !! This girl is in the auto-pilot since she lost 90% of her team, lol, ok.. they are groups, but she looks like she dont give a shi# anymore... Go home Lady!! Get some rest,watchsome soap tv!

    L.A.:its obviously the LA only go Rough against those he fear (Simon girls and Leroy), that's why Simon is better than LA by a mile!!! Simon gives constructive criticism for everyone.. equally! Good or Bad, rival or not! And he's honest L.A! LA and the otherjudges think that the competition is for Them!! Not for those poor bastards with possible real talent up there! lol

    Nicole "crazy dance chick" Saishafiaeruhaeighriiinger: Man, did someone else get embarrassedwith this girl/judge/wrongperson/wrongshow last Night ??
    The only of her 3 contestant that's doing good presentations is actually the only one, like she said, "who does things on his on way" translating :)
    "the only one who ignore all my stupid advises" :) !

    She can't teach, she can't judge, she can't answer Simon properly like Cheryl Cole do it with PERFECTION!! and...

    what was that DANCE while Josh Krajcik was singing????? Girl! ThaT wasEMBARRASSING....Nicole?Bad choiseby a mile Simon ...!!

    Simon:sorry guys, Simon is the best with the camera's on! But the show is going down-hill-apocalypse with this team!

    I'm not sure if he is the one recruiting (probably yes!) but negative point for Judges choices, they areCompeting with wich other... !?!?! and the singers are.. i dont know.. with their mp3 players sort of...

    Good contestants:Josh Krajcik!!! He's the real deal by a mile so far, but not because of nicole "crazy" srhsirljhakjdringer, because he is IGNORING everyadvicefrom that lost poor crazy girl.. GOOD FOR HIM!!!
    Amaro-Rachel Crow-Drew(what a voice!!) they were all ok! not great! but ok..

    BadContestants: Everyone Else !!!!! +Paula Abdul, NicoleE "Crazydancechick" Shrinuangurernnininnger, LA ( arenotcompeting for the 5 milllion of Simon money !!!! LOL)

  • There is some good talent on this show.


    I can't believe Leroy is 60. If he does not make it here someone needs to offer him a modeling contract. The guy who was slinging burritos is fabulous and needs a recording contract. The lady who is a wedding singer is also fabulous. I like he 42 year who lost her father and the sixteen year old Jocelyn.

  • i just wanted to say how much i love the x-factor..... i have always loved simon cowell and paula abdul, and i am sooo happy these 2 are back together again, i also love nicole, such a beautiful girl and sooo talented.... and la reid ..lots of swagger...


    to me the best show of the season.....american idol or americas got talent, could not hold a candle up to the x-factor...... all the talent is just insane, don't know who will win......there is soooo much talent , hard to pick the winner..... simon has done it again..... i luv watching this show every week, and can't wait to see who the winner will be.....

  • I enjoy this show but think is a copy of american idol.


    I love x factor is a great show but i think this is a bit of a copy of american idol. I also have no reason why simon and paula just switched shows so sudden. I think that simon missed paula and decided that they could have a better carreer on xfactor. This show is great and i like that there were defently more good singers on xfactor audtions than on american idol's. I like this show and also they have awesome judges all though there is no randy jackson on xfactor. I like xfactor and american idol pretty eqaually though.

  • Its a sham.

    I just got back from Newark and I'm more than sorry to tell you that even though you may get in line first, pre-dawn, and wait 8+ hours, its random where they seat you and then call your section - the first sections got most of the tickets and by 3pm 95% were gone, making thousands audition until past 9pm for NOTHING. The first auditions were about 3 minutes long and the later ones, like mine, were literally under 15 seconds! This is the straight up, hard,cold truth. Some judges gave all Yeses and others gave all NOs because some had golden tickets left and others ran out of their quota. This after being left to wait 8 hrs/day for two days straight. Then even if you get passed thru, you come back the next day, not to be judged by Simon's panel. I heard voices like you would not believe and they were dismissed because they weren't seated early. It was a cattle call all right - the performers were treated like animals. Shame on this whole smarmy, exploitative production.
  • Good show, but Simon needs to tell us how he really feels. I also like more of the really bad singers during the audition portion of the show. Will we get to see a little about the finalists? Keep up the good work but turn Simon loose. We miss him.


    I love the variety of talent, and the fact that they let all ages participate, but I miss my Simon. I was thrilled when I heard not only Simon would be on the show but Paula would be coming back to. I loved the chemistry and the bantering. I know they don't want to duplicate American Idol, but there are a lot of talent shows on the air now and Simon is what makes this show unique. So don't hold back Simon, let us know what you're really thinking.