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  • Ok, don't get me wrong, I LOVE THIS Show, more than American Idol, and Simon is always>SIMON!But last night ep, was terrible!Lets start with the judges...


    Like I said, don't get me wrong, I love this show..

    format is great (is good to hear the contestant without the audience (judges houses); Simon is the best ! but..

    last night ep. was terible, really!! Lest's start with the judges:

    she gives the same speech/complement/(criticism???)/whatever for every contest !! This girl is in the auto-pilot since she lost 90% of her team, lol, ok.. they are groups, but she looks like she dont give a shi# anymore... Go home Lady!! Get some rest,watchsome soap tv!

    L.A.:its obviously the LA only go Rough against those he fear (Simon girls and Leroy), that's why Simon is better than LA by a mile!!! Simon gives constructive criticism for everyone.. equally! Good or Bad, rival or not! And he's honest L.A! LA and the otherjudges think that the competition is for Them!! Not for those poor bastards with possible real talent up there! lol

    Nicole "crazy dance chick" Saishafiaeruhaeighriiinger: Man, did someone else get embarrassedwith this girl/judge/wrongperson/wrongshow last Night ??
    The only of her 3 contestant that's doing good presentations is actually the only one, like she said, "who does things on his on way" translating :)
    "the only one who ignore all my stupid advises" :) !

    She can't teach, she can't judge, she can't answer Simon properly like Cheryl Cole do it with PERFECTION!! and...

    what was that DANCE while Josh Krajcik was singing????? Girl! ThaT wasEMBARRASSING....Nicole?Bad choiseby a mile Simon ...!!

    Simon:sorry guys, Simon is the best with the camera's on! But the show is going down-hill-apocalypse with this team!

    I'm not sure if he is the one recruiting (probably yes!) but negative point for Judges choices, they areCompeting with wich other... !?!?! and the singers are.. i dont know.. with their mp3 players sort of...

    Good contestants:Josh Krajcik!!! He's the real deal by a mile so far, but not because of nicole "crazy" srhsirljhakjdringer, because he is IGNORING everyadvicefrom that lost poor crazy girl.. GOOD FOR HIM!!!
    Amaro-Rachel Crow-Drew(what a voice!!) they were all ok! not great! but ok..

    BadContestants: Everyone Else !!!!! +Paula Abdul, NicoleE "Crazydancechick" Shrinuangurernnininnger, LA ( arenotcompeting for the 5 milllion of Simon money !!!! LOL)

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