The X-Effect - Season 1

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Episode Guide

  • J'Serie and Evi
    Episode 8
    Evi and J'Serie were in love and had a relationship that lasted over one year. Things began to go sour for them when Evi realized that J'Serie was purposely making himself emotionally unavailable. However even after their split Evi openly admits that she has not gotten over J'Serie. Now J'Serie is in a new relationship with Shawna while Evi is currently dating Kevin. For the first time since the breakup, the two couples have agreed to spend time together as they plan to head away on a weekend trip.moreless
  • Heather and Morgan
    Episode 7
    Heather and Morgan were high school sweet hearts, and while Morgan says Heather was his first love, she says he was her first everything else. When they broke up one week before his senior prom, Heather describes herself as devastated. Now Heather is in a wonderful new relationship with Jason and Morgan is dating Sarah. While both couples are more than happy with their new relationships, they often wonder what could have happened if they stuck it out. For the first time since Morgan and Heather split, both couples have agreed to spend the weekend together at a luxury resort, only to find out that Sarah and Jason will be sent home. Both couples say their final goodbyes for the weekend and Sarah and Jason are taken away in a limo.moreless
  • BJ and Racquia
    Episode 6
    BJ and Racquia were high school sweethearts, but when BJ graduated and headed off to college they mutually decided to split up. Even though their break up was some time back, BJ says there were some unresolved issues when they split and that he is still attracted to Racquia. Now BJ is dating Tiffany, who says she definitely thinks their relationship will go long-term. Racquia has been dating Geno for the past six months and he says he loves everything about her and that she's everything he could want in a woman.moreless
  • Natasha and Amir
    Episode 5
    Amir and Natasha had a white-hot relationship until Amir was caught cheating with Natasha's best friend Neda. After they split, Amir began dating Neda, while Natasha found comfort with Kavi. But Kavi and Neda also dated! Although the couples seem happy with their new relationships, Amir still thinks about rekindling his romance with Natasha. Will these exes decide to keep the fire burning or go there separate ways on The X Effect?moreless
  • Jeremy and Kelly
    Episode 4
    After a hot summer romance, Kelly and Jeremy split up because Kelly became increasingly jealous of Jeremy's flirtatious demeanor. Now it's time for these exes to find out if they're really over each other and can handle The X Effect. After the break up, Jeremy began dating Julianne, while Kelly ran into the arms of a guy named Dominic. The catch: Julianne and Dominic dated for three years! Although everyone is seemingly comfortable in their new relationships, is there still an attraction between Kelly and Jeremy or Julianne and Dominic? Inquiring minds want to know!moreless
  • Marcel and Ilca
    Episode 3
    Marcel and Ilka were in a hot and heavy relationship for six months that he describes as a 'good relationship that was very passionate.' During the later part of the relationship Marcel met Monique at a party, and the two immediately hit it off, even though he was still in a relationship with Ilka. Ilka eventually found out that Marcel had cheated on her with Monique, and instantly ended her relationship with him. Devastated because of her break-up, Ilca fled to the arms of Yaacov, her current boyfriend. Even though they are both in new relationships, both Ilka and Marcel often wonder if things could have worked out.moreless
  • Ari and Mary
    Episode 2
    X's Mary and Ari have been sent on a romantic weekend getaway; meanwhile, unbeknownst to them, their current significant others spy on their every move.
  • Dane and Molly
    Episode 1
    Dane and Molly are X's who never officially broke up, when they are left alone on a romantic weekend, their current relationships are put to the test.