The X-Effect - Season 2

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Episode Guide

  • Erik and Angel
    Episode 8
    Erik's flirtatious nature caused Angel to walk out on him during their anniversary dinner. A romantic weekend at Casa Bella may make Angel reconsider his decision. After dumping Erik for getting too friendly with a waiter, Angel wonders if he's made a mistake.
  • Lindsey and Eran
    Episode 7
    Things heat up between exes Lindsey and Eran and between their current significant others while they spy at Casa Bella. Lindsey and Eran broke up when their jealously of one another got out of control. Now, their relationship is put to the test when they are reunited... with their significant others watching their every move on hidden cameras.moreless
  • Nicole and Walter
    Episode 6
    Walter dumped Nicole for being too much of a party girl, but some alone time at Casa Bella may change his mind.
  • Jess and Arthur
    Episode 5
    Arthur and Jess were high school sweethearts who couldn't handle the separation when they went to different colleges. Now they've been given a weekend to reconnect and see if the heat's still there.
  • William and Graziella
    After dealing with Graziella's drama and her jealous ex, William found a new stress-free relationship. Will a getaway to Casa Bella make him reconsider things with Graziella? Graziella and William talk about their new relationships while Dana grows paranoid over how few times William's mentioned her name.
  • 1/3/08
    Collin was Anjelika's first real love until he stopped calling and started dating her best friend. Will Collin's new relationship survive a weekend at Casa Bella or will it fall victim to The X Effect?
  • Rachel and Joey
    Episode 2
    Rachel and Joey were deeply in love for two years, until Rachel cheated with her new boyfriend Jayson. Now Jayson and Joey's new girlfriend have to watch as the two reconnect at Casa Bella.
  • Flavia And Ryan
    Episode 1
    Flavia and Ryan had a great relationship until Flavia thought her boy was cheating. When the two reconnect at Casa Bella, their current partners are forced to watch the reunion.