The X-Files

Season 2 Episode 7


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 04, 1994 on FOX
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Truly alone for the first time since Scully found her way to the basement of the J. Edger Hoover Building, Mulder throws himself into his work, and into the bizarre world of vampire-fetishist in search of a trio of serial killers. But Mulder finds himself falling for the one woman that may be the prime suspect.moreless

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  • Normal is not what I feel.

    The strength of this episode is fueled by Mulder's longing for Scully and his rather macabre connection with Kirsten (played by Perrey Reeves).
  • 3 was an ok episode

    3 was a good episode of The X-Files. I enjoyed watching because Mulder was basically on his own investigating a case that lead him to find people believing themselves to be vampires. It seems that they have a taste for blood if nothing else. The story was ok and entertaining to a degree. This wasn't the best episode but it was still ok to watch. I liked how the story played out and I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!moreless
  • The X-Files are reinstated, but Mulder is investigating the case of what appears to be vampirism alone--no Scully.

    I've been watching the X-Files on DVD from start to finish, and into season 4, this is still the worst episode I've seen. First of all, Scully isn't in it, so it feels weird. Second, the writing appears to be some kind of X-Files fan fiction, written by an obsessive X-Files fan with a vampire fetish. The plot doesn't make a lot of sense--isn't sun supposed to kill vampires? If someone could become a vampire by drinking her own blood and then committing suicide, wouldn't a lot more people be vampires?--and seems to put more emphasis on sexiness and explosions than actual mystery or paranormal activity. Fortunately, enough X-Files episodes are outstanding enough to make up for this lame one.moreless
  • *GASP* No Scully?!

    First off, the reason I put OOC (Put of Character) is because of Mulders actions toward the woman. It doesn't seem like him to go have sex (I presume they did) with a woman that he first believed was a suspect. Kind of weird...

    So...moving on...I'm sure you all know that Scully wasn't in this episode. Still gone out of Mulders life. Quite sad actually. He looked lost...distant. I felt bad for him. In this episode, he hasn't know her long, but you can still tell it affected him...especially after he practically threw himself at that "crazy vampire woman." Oh course, at this time, David Duchovny and her were dating in real life so that probably had something to do with it. I know there was no real verbal mention of Scully but there was no need in this. The physical expressions were enough.

    As for the whole was a bit...weird. It's kind of hard to describe. I liked it but it was just different. Not different in the aspect of an X-Files different...just different in the feel of the whole episode. With that, I think they could've done more here. This was certainly the chance but it was...I don't want to say a let down because I still like this just, I guess, wasn't enough for me. *Shurgs shoulders*

  • Psycho vampires

    Well, this is one my least favorite episodes of the whole series.

    The topic was good, vampires, but I think Mulder acted totally out of character here. Like he had nothing to lose. I understand Mulder's situation at the time, X-Files closed (and recently opened), Scully missing and his thought of leaving the bureau. But staying overnight with a possible suspect and knowing that he could be in danger is what I feel is not right.

    I like that the writers still included Scully in this episode even when she was missing. Mulder wearing her necklace and saying is from someone he lost was really nice.

    Weird case, could've been better.moreless
Frank Ferrucci

Frank Ferrucci

Detective Nettles

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Tom McBeath

Tom McBeath

Detective Gwynn

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Gustavo Moreno

Gustavo Moreno

The Father

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Malcolm Stewart

Malcolm Stewart

Commander Carver

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  • QUOTES (14)

    • Mulder: No mirrors
      Kirsten: I don't like the way I look
      Mulder: It makes this hard (trying to shave)
      Kristen: I'll do it

    • Commander Carver: Eternal life. Smashed mirrors. Blood drinking. Should I be issuing my men stakes and cloves of garlic?
      Mulder: Only if they're hungry.

    • Kirsten: He tasted my blood and I tasted his. Somehow the feelings... changed. From then on we were into 'blood sports'.

    • Dr. Browning: An old coroner's trick.
      Mulder: I can make a quarter appear from behind your ear.

    • Mulder: If he wants to talk, cover the windows and call me.
      Det. Munson: What if he turns into a bat and flies out through the bars?

    • Kristen: Are you about to ask what a normal person like me is doing in a place like this?
      Mulder: How do you define normal?

    • Mulder: The guards found no flammable materials? I had believed that this man's illness was psychological.
      Dr. Browning: There is a condition known as Gunther's Disease - congenital erythropoietic porphyria creating cutaneous photosensitivity.
      Mulder: I'm familiar with porphyria. It's an affliction which causes lesions and blisters when skin is exposed to sunlight, not fourth degree burns. Sufferers may have a hema deficiency which can be supplemented by a small ingestion of blood, not the kind of bloodthirst this man had. It's probably ignorance of porphyria as a disease that led to the creation of vampire myths in Asia in the Middle Ages. I had dismissed the possibility of the actual existence of such a creature as myth.
      Dr. Browning: You are really upsetting me. On several levels.

    • Detective Munson: Why don't you go back to your hotel and get some sleep.
      Mulder: I didn't check into a hotel room. I don't sleep anymore.

    • Mulder: It's a stiff price, though. Look at yourself - drinking blood, living in darkness, unable to see your reflection in a mirror. Or is that just a myth?
      John: I can't be seen in a mirror. Look… anything worth anything has a price and when I'm standing next to your deathbed looking as young as I look right now and I see that fear in your eyes at the moment of death … then, then tell me the price is too stiff.
      Mulder: It's more likely I'll be looking in your eyes at the moment before they lead you into the gas chamber. That's a moment you won't have to face if you tell me where the others are.
      John: Why would I? They're the only ones that can kill me.
      Mulder: Well, if you are what you say you are, I know what can kill you.

    • John: Look, what nobody realizes is that there is no afterlife. I know this. Listen, listen, I know this because when we prolong our lives by taking theirs all I see is such …horror in their eyes and that's because at that moment they're face-to-face with death and then suddenly they realize there's nothing else. There's no heaven. There's no soul. There's just rot and there's just decay. And I will never, ever, ever, ever have to face that.

    • John: Don't you want to live forever?
      Mulder: Well, not if drawstring pants come back into style.

    • John: You know what we are.
      Mulder: What are you?
      John: He is the Father, I am the Son, and she is the Unholy Spirit.
      Mulder: And the three of you killed Garret Lore.
      John: No.
      Mulder: Your fingerprints were found at the crime scene.
      John: No. When a snake eats a fly, it's not murder. It just is.
      Mulder: Frogs eat flies. Are you dead?
      John: I never will be.
      Mulder: Do you believe that?

    • Detective Nettles: Look, Agent Mulder, look I'm really sorry I was such a hard ass back there. In this town, it's really tough to trust anyone. Truth is, I'd be happy to have you work on our investigation. Now this is Detective Gwen....
      Mulder: I'm working alone.

    • Mulder: "He who eats of my flesh and drinks of my blood shall have eternal life and I will raise him up on the last day." They have the same feeble grasp of the Bible as all those big-haired preachers do.

  • NOTES (7)


    • In the vampire bar, the first shot is of a drawing on the wall. The drawing is of Vlad "The Impaler" Tepes. He is a real historical figure notorious for his cruelty, who, for example, impaled his enemies on large wooden spikes by letting them sink down slowly from tip to base as he watched. It is he who inspired Bram Stoker to write about the most famous vampire in western history.