The X-Files

Season 9 Episode 4


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 09, 2001 on FOX

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  • 4-D was Entertaining

    4-D was a great episode of The X-Files and I found it pretty entertaining. The story was intriguing and I liked the character development for Reyes and Doggett. There was a little action, lots of drama and a little love story brewing perhaps. I liked how the story played out and it was very emotional to see Reyes pull the plug on a different Doggett to get hers back. I certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!
  • Really emotional episode, grew my enthusiasm even more for the 9th season.


    Really emotional episode, grew my enthusiasm even more for the 9th season. This is the episode where I think Annabeth Gish is the perfect choice.

    Who thought The X-Files is still considering the idea of parallel universe. I am quite a big fan of X-Files and at first I raise one eyebrow when they decide to cast Annabeth.

    But as time episodes go by, I found myself waiting for her scenes at each and every episode. I hope this review is not rambling. If so, I apology, it's my first.

  • Is That A Polish Sausage Or Are You Just Happy To See Me, Agent Doggett?

    This is one of those episodes whose premise seems like a great idea at the time but that is totally unworkable in practice. The writer doesn't bother to think through the many, many logical inconsistencies in his premise, probably because he is too busy thinking to himself how cool it will be to seemingly kill off both Reyes and Doggett in the opening minutes of the episode. And didn't we already have an episode where Doggett is killed and then brought back to life? Yeah, I thought so....

    Why is our killer able to jump between dimensions without pushing out his left-handed twin? If the two dimensions truly are mirror images of each other, wouldn't Reyes or Doggett dying in one dimension mean that they would have to die in the other dimension simply to preserve the symmetry? Otherwise, over time the two dimensions would eventually evolve into two completely different worlds bearing no relationship whatsoever to each other.

    The sudden emergence of a possible love connection between Doggett and Reyes seems a bit hokey at this stage in the game. It rings false on so many levels that I'm convinced the writers have given up on preserving any sense of integrity for the series. It's become just another paycheck that they will milk until the plug is inevitably pulled...
  • What the heck is going on with this show?

    Alternate Dimension is a theme I love. But only in the hands of a gifted writer. Or at least a consistent one. Here we have neither.

    The plot has more wholes than substance. Why did nobody die in this reality? How did the villain manage to switch dimensions in the first place? Why does Monica care for John so much all of a sudden. Whatever happened to her lesbian come ons to Scully? And where exactly was she in this episode? Brad is among the good guys again? Doggett became a believer for a quarter of a second?

    It just feels like the writers ran out of ideas or at least the will to think them through to the end. If ever there was a half baked storyline this is it.
  • The first true Monica episode and it's stunning.

    I was beginning to despair for season 9 until this episode, which was really superb. I'm not a little relieved. It's a true X-File both inside the series and from an series point of view. It puts all the typical elements of a good episode together in a way I haven't seen since season 6.

    The story is a fascinating one – a man discovers he can move between parallel universes and uses that ability to play out his serial killer fantasies for real. In one world, he kills and escapes with ease, but returns to safe haven in our world where he has no criminal record. His mistake was killing one FBI agent and nearly killing another, accidentally dragging that Doggett into our world which is when his little game fell apart. Raising questions that couldn't be answered – like two versions of the same gun, an FBI agent who swears he was shot by Lukesh and another, who swears the shot agent was with her when she was informed by Skinner. Throw in some wonderful moments between Doggett and Monica – beautifully understated by both actors – and it's a truly impressive episode. I didn't even like Monica until now, but seeing the softer side of her toward Doggett has converted me.
  • Doggett and Reyes plus Doggett and Reyes!

    This episode was cleverly written and doesn't leave you scratiching your head as with most alternate reality shows. Pefectly edited to leave no boring bits and gives you some good romance to boot. Alot of drama takes place generating a storm between Doggett and Reyes leaving them to make hard decisions on pure hunches and not so sound theories. This ep also gives a great character boost for both Doggett and Reyes and gives you an insight into how they tick. The chemistry between the two are portrayed tactfully and with such emotion to leave you all teary eyed and mystified. Just remember to grab your tissues for this one as I'm sure you'll need alot.
  • Doggett's body is found, which is news to him and Reyes as he sits in a hospital bed.

    A very cool idea for an X-File, and I hardly miss Scully at all, which says alot. The concept relies on Reyes and Doggett making some pretty extreme leaps of logic, but I can let that slide. The ending disappoints: why should the entire event be cancelled out by Reyes solution, rather than, more sensibly, our Doggett just shunts back into our dimension? Turning back time shouldn't be part of the deal. Oh, well. Except for that, it's a dynamite episode, and almost makes me feel like this season won't be a complete waste of time.
  • A Multidimensional Episode.

    I thought this was a pretty good episode. The only thing that was kinda off to me was the "science" behind how they go back and forth in alternate realities and how one person's reality affects the same person in the other that was a little sketchy but I'm a sci-fi fan I can be a little forgiving. The love story, to me, makes the episode. You can see the whole relationship building and how much Doggett and Reyes are falling for each other. Also, the ending had me crying like a baby so when you watch it make sure to have some kleenex nearby:-) Also...just to note...if I had a mom like Lukesh's I would have gone nuts too LOL.