The X-Files

Season 3 Episode 10

731 (2)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 01, 1995 on FOX

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  • The one with the train

    A very great follow up, of Nisei. Much superior

    The good thing about Nisei was definitely the Scully abduction thing that hardly got explored in the second part. The weak part was the Mulder thing which got powerful and added a lot to the mythology in the second part.

    731, was mostly about exploring to what they did to the aliens. They killed them just like in world war 2 (this story line was sort of used of WW2) And it worked perfectly, also we were made to believe at first that the abductions by aliens weren’t real, it were humans experimenting on humans. The place that Scully found was a place where they send homeless or crazy people and that mad Japanese doctor experimented on them and gave them lepra for example.

    Anyway, the best part was Mulder on the train. I really loved the guy who helped Mulder with everything, I am unsure if he died or not. Anyway, the mad doctor was killed by a weird guy who was later killed by X (the first time I liked X, ever) There was an alien, Scully told Mulder that it wasn’t but Mulder doesn’t fully believe. The other guy says that he was used as a weapon and taken by the scientist back to his country.

    Meanwhile there is a bomb on the train, X was able to save Mulder this time but the government got away with the entire thing.

    Anyway, the goodness of this episode is that it made you believe to things. I still believe that the aliens exist, but not that they are the ones who experiment on humans…or do they? I don’t get that part. Maybe they work with the governor?