The X-Files

Season 5 Episode 17

All Souls

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 26, 1998 on FOX

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  • The one with the four souls

    After a more Mulder-centric we get a Scully-centric episode, and it was amazing. great visuals and writing.

    This episode begins with Scully going to church and confessing to a father. She says that she could have saved an innocent girl’s life.
    Then we see a handicapped girl getting baptized, but at night she goes outside and a man appears to her, When her father finds her he sees her eyes burned out and making a pray gesture.

    Soon another death accurse, once again a handicapped girl who was the sister of the other one. There are still 2 others and they have to find them because they fear for their life’s. They meet a father who knew the mother but he says she died.

    When Mulder finds the third girl it’s again too late, there he also finds the father and arrests him because he believes he might have killed the girl.

    The best thing during this episode was Scully’s development and thinking back of Emily. When she does the autopsies on the girls she keeps seeing Emily.
    She believes that the reasons she kept seeing Emily because she had to save the girls.

    When the priest is left alone, a man makes him burn and kills him. The devil? possibly.

    The best part of the movie was when Scully goes to her car and sees a guy coming to her and changing his face. She goes to another priest about it who tells her about the story of a guy who is back on the world to collect four souls that weren’t supposed to be here, so the man who is taking the girls is actually good.

    When Scully gets called to go to the last girl, the man that goes with her is some sort of a devil. She finds the girl and the guy is asking her to take the girl to him but there is a bright light that calls for the girl, Scully then sees Emily who begs her to let her go. Not only the girl for her to be finally free but just to let Emily go and move on. Scully goes that and then everything disappears and the fourth girl dies just like the three before.

    This episode was magnificently well written, Scully believes this was just about testing and accepting faith and that she did.
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