The X-Files

Season 6 Episode 15


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 07, 1999 on FOX

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  • Arcadia

    Arcadia was a perfect and fun episode of The X-Files. The story was very entertaining and reminded me a little of The Stepford Wives. This was one of my favorite episodes because it was great watching Mulder and Scully undercover as a married couple, the being who scared the homeowners had intriguing origins. I liked the unique spin on a popular story format. The guest cast was great as well. There were moments of horror and suspense, drama and action. I liked the ending and certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Mulder and Scully's first X-File back is going undercover.

    Following the "Monday" episode, this is another strong addition into Season 6. After a mid-section that felt boring as heck, this episode is a nice step to redemption. Of course, it has the usual amount of wackiness that has plagued this season, but it also has a classic X-File premise and finds that nice balance between fun and scary that Darin Morgan episodes had. Plus, seeing Mulder and Scully pretend to be married has some pretty good jokes.

    The episode revolves around a gated community that has strict rules about how you are to live. If people disobey the rules... well, that's what the episode looks at. Neighbors who don't seem to follow the rules disappear into thin air and new neighbors move in quickly after. The second we see Mulder and Scully move into the neighborhood, we're almost rooting for them to start trouble just to see what will happen. The funniest part of the episode comes when Mulder goes outside and kicks his mailbox over, throwing orange juice all over it... a funny episode with its fair share of dark moments.

    The show actually, for once, creates a somewhat compelling villain, and for the first time in awhile, I was excited to see how Mulder and Scully would solve the case. I'd say between this episode and "Monday," the show seems to have found its way.
  • "Woman, get in here and make me a sandwich!"

    Mulder and Scully go undercover as a married couple in a picture perfect gated community called The Falls At Arcadia. A couple has disappeared under mysterious circumstances and the agents move into their house to solve the crime. We're in another world here... Diego County. And a world where Mulder wears Izods. The community is full of Stepford like perfection and rules that would make Caligula blush.

    The main appeal (and only appeal really) of this episode is seeing Mulder tease his straight-laced partner. He hams it up, acting the part of lovey dovey spouse. There are some cute moments between them, but that doesn't make "Arcadia" a good episode. For one thing, the mystery itself is flat, and the killer's motives are poorly developed. I hadn't realized until I watched this episode, but Mulder's character is defined in part by his old fashioned g-man look. Duchovny does more for a suit than anyone since Cary Grant. So seeing him in domestic mode, in running suits and Izods, ruins the effect. He isn't the same character. Some will argue that this sight gag is one of the episode's appeals, I would say it stops me cold from embracing it.

    And, on a continuity note, why no mention of Jeffrey Spender's fate? This is three episodes after "One Son" and still no mention of him.
  • This episode is great because we see Mulder and Scully trying to pretend to be a married couple!

    Mulder and Scully go undercover to a suburb terrorised by mysterious disappearences. They pretend to be a married couple buying thier first house. The same house is the house that belonged to a couple that disappeared. It is great seeing the interaction between Mulder and Scully as the try to act as though they are married which is really funny. The idea of the monster is not so great. I mean a monster made out of mud and rubbish? But the episode is really good and is one of the lighter episodes. My favourite part is where Mulder and Scully are talking in the kitchen. Thats great!
  • Attack of the landfill Monster...

    I didn't know what to think about this episode at first. I thought it would be Mulder and Scully on a boring old staekout with nothing to do. Boy was I wrong. It seems that people have been killed in the community that Mulder and Scully are staying. I couldn't live in a place like that. They don't let you do anything. Everything has to be "Up to Code." Some might say that this episode was a ltlle pointless but it was freaking hilarious. There were two parts where I actually burst out laughing. The first is when Mulder says to Scully "Get back in here woman and make me a sandwich!" The second part is when Mulder wrecks the mail box and to top it off he throws his orange juice on it. I mean who does that? Oh, right, Mulder. I wish we could have more episodes like this one. But not with giant landfill monsters that have OCD.
  • I thought this episode was good due to the interaction between Scully and Mulder as husband and wife.

    I thought this episode was good due to the interaction between Scully and Mulder as husband and wife.

    It was clear dat Scully went all the way when she has to play the wife, with the night mask and the nagging about the toilet seat, the cloths and the toothpaste. It were the stereotypes of men all in one package (not saying that they are all true;-) )

    Mulder on the other hand just was himself, although he made fun of the situation and maybe he also abused the situation.

    Monster who wanted everything to be perfect (sounds a little like my mother sometimes).
  • Hilarious yet rather stupid episode

    This episodes is one of my favourites! Finally after all these weeks Scully and Mulder are back on the X-files with an official case. Though why this is an x-file remains unclear for the first part.

    It is a very very funny episode especially because of the acting Duchovny/Anderson give us. However there are a few downsides as to logic. Why on earth would anyone keep living in this neighborhood? How is it that Mike survived the first attack and didn't come forward before? On the other hand it is really a back to the roots kind of episode:
    - Scully is locked in the cupboard which prevents her from seeing the monster.
    - Scully is making a report
    - X-Files are officially investigated by Mulder and Scully
    - Mulder seems to have found his interest in the X-Files once more
    - A gruesome Monster that leaves not a shred of forensic evidence
    - Mulder/Scully dynamics are working!

    What a relief after these disappointing episodes we had.
  • Mulder and Scully go a married couple.

    Ahh, the good laughs I always seem to have when I re-watch this episode. This is truly a funny episode. It includes a semi-weird case...but that isn't really my favorite part of the episode (though it was interesting to find out what "it" was at the end). So, I love how Mulder and Scully were undercover. Duh! Best part! And as husband and wife? Oh gosh! It had all those little favorite (which I use a lot in real life) being, "Woman! Get back in there and make me a sandwich!" Ahh, many good parts in this episode that just kept me watching. The bedroom scene...HA HA HA. Too funny! Poor Mulder, always gets the couch! Or when Mulder puts his arm around Scully. Oh god! I thought she was going to kill him. The look on her face as she held her hands up and back away. Too perfect! What about when they're invited to dinner and Mulder says they met at a UFO conference...well, you guys know the rest! *Chuckles*

    I thought, all around that it was pretty cleverly written. It gave us something new for a change besides hunting aliens and I loved it! ~Snyder~
  • David Duchovny's performance is one of his best, and funniest.

    In this episode, we see Mulder and Scully undercover as husband and wife. This episode could easily be considered the funniest of the series. Although the main "monster of the week" is extremely dark and violent in nature, Mulder's performance as the happy-go-lucky husband really shines. The best parts of the episode are clearly his banter with Scully, whom we see as still by the book. It is funny to see him harass her in front of all the residents in the neighborhood.

    Gillian Anderson also gives a great performance, easily standing up to the comedic stylings of Duchovny. This episode truly shows how the two actors have become one working entity. It is sad that many fans no this is nearing the end of the two's relationship, as Duchovny finishes with his contract at the end of the next season.
  • This was quite a good episode, but not a classic. Mulder and Scully go undercover to investigate a strange murder, in an even stranger neighbourhood community........

    This episode was so funny from start to finish, you'd have been forgiven for thinking it was a sit-com we were watching – not an X-file.

    Mulder and Scully go undercover to investigate a mysterious death. They move into a neighbourhood, which can only be described as resembling Wisteria Lane from "Desperate Housewives". (had it not been made 5 ½ years too early).

    The residents are keen to help them move in and are, curiously, trying to hurry them in before it gets dark. Rules are rules after all. The rules get stranger still. Residents are not allowed to have garden furniture and when Mulder suggests putting up a basketball hoop in the driveway his new neighbour is horrified. It goes against the CC&R's. During a residents meeting Big Mike, who was there to help the detectives move in, asks Gene Gogolak (the head of the residents committee) if he can tell newcomers about the big monster (Known as the Ubermenscher) which kills if things aren't right in the community. This is what killed the previous residents (the ones Mulder and Scully are investigating).

    Gogolak agrees but before Big Mike can alert them, his driveway light bulb goes out. He races out in the middle of the night to replace it but it's too hot to remove. He fumbles his way, and eventually replaces it and thinks he's got away with it…but he was to slow. The monster kills him later that night.

    Mulder starts to suspect that Gogolak has something to do with the monster and arrests him.
  • mulder and scully go undercover as a married couple who come across a strange evil.

    arcadia is one of my fav x files ep....this has great humor and a nifty beastie. M and S go undercover at a posh home development where there are a number of rules and if they r broken a creature comes and kills u...of course M believes that there really is a creature and sees it and S jus narrowly misses and encounter with the creature...this episode was great its original and very well thought out...M and S have great chemistry in this ep. like always...they have some funny dialog together...overall this is a great epidoe..dont miss it...

    must see
  • Mulder and Scully on an X-File as a married couple in a planned community where people go missing if they don't follow the CC&R's

    This was a fun episode that showed Mulder and Scully as a married couple. Always hinting at playing a couple, they were finally given the chance to show just what would happen. The idea of an Ubermonster, killing people for not following the asinine CC&R's, makes for a lame but fun X-File. It's fun to see the interactions between Mulder and Scully as they begin their job of collecting evidence. Mulder, playfully ordering Scully to make him a sandwich, while Scully tosses her gloves at him. Scully, warning Mulder about his hygiene, first warning, second warning! Too funny. A great episode, a must see for everyone.
  • Izod Nation

    This episode is a bit of a mess. Sure, there are several hilarious moments and I am sure the shippers swoon at the risque banter and innuendo exchanged betweem Mulder and Scully. The outrageously preppie clothing worn by Mulder and Scully and their exaggerated "Howdy Doody" mannerisms are also very clever and very entertaining...


    What the heck is this episode supposed to be about? Why are Mulder and Scully even called to investigate the disappearance of the homeowners in the first place when there are no overt indications of any paranormality? And why, WHY do all the homeowners continue to live in a community where a broken lightbulb is punishable by death? I realize the episode is meant to be a satire and comment on the conformity of whitebread suburban life, but the plot makes no sense whatsoever. What is up with Big Mike coming back from the dead to try to save Scully from the uberwhatever? Wasn't that Big Mike's blood that was being hosed off his ENTIRE PORCH the morning after he was attacked? Are we to seriously believe that he was hiding in the sewer only to climb up through the huge hole Mulder digs in the front yard? The mind wobbles....

    So, in essence, this episode is 20% inspired hilarity mixed in with 80% utter dreck. The 20% happens to be highly entertaining, which is why I give the episode a solid B rating.
  • In this episode, Mulder and Scully go undercover in the planned community Arcadia in order to investigate a series of murders. As a result, they discover the cost a resident has to pay for originality.

    This is one of my all-time favorite x-files episodes!!! I absolutly love how Mulder and Scully play off of each other as a married couple. It is a very comedic episode however it still has a great plot line that, in true x-files form, leaves you guessing until the very end. I absolutly love the one-liners Mulder has, like how him and "Laura" meet at a UFO convention and how its Laura whose into "magnetic bracelets, crystals, and moodrings" i was dying haha. I think its funny how scully scolds mulder on his bathroom etiquet, and Mulder keeps saying these inuendos about getting scully into bed. This is one of the funniest episodes in the series and definatly worth watching!!!
  • Mulder and Scully play house.

    This is a really fun episode to watch, just for the Mulder and Scully interactions as they attempt to play house. Still, the plotline wasn't so great. It was before the Stepford Wives, but it gave me that sort of creepy vibe. A garbage monster going after people who are not conforming to the CC&R's? I've seen some out-there X-Files, but this one just didn't make ANY sense at ALL within the X-Files universe. Just a man with his Tibetan voodoo magic, making sure everyone is the same? And when Mulder presses him for an answer, the man says that he wants to prevent people from feeling left out. Weak.
  • Mulder and Scully play house.

    This is a really fun episode to watch, just for the Mulder and Scully interactions as they attempt to play house. Still, the plotline wasn't so great. It was before the Stepford Wives, but it gave me that sort of creepy vibe. A garbage monster going after people who are not conforming to the CC&R's? I've seen some out-there X-Files, but this one just didn't make ANY sense at ALL within the X-Files universe. Just a man with his Tibetan voodoo magic, making sure everyone is the same? And when Mulder presses him for an answer, the man says that he wants to prevent people from feeling left out. Weak.
  • Mulder and Scully play house.

    This is a really fun episode to watch, just for the Mulder and Scully interactions as they attempt to play house. Still, the plotline wasn't so great. It was before the Stepford Wives, but it gave me that sort of creepy vibe. A garbage monster going after people who are not conforming to the CC&R's? I've seen some out-there X-Files, but this one just didn't make ANY sense at ALL within the X-Files universe. Just a man with his Tibetan voodoo magic, making sure everyone is the same? And when Mulder presses him for an answer, the man says that he wants to prevent people from feeling left out. Feeble.
  • The perfect community...

    On their first case back Mulder and Scully go undercover as a married couple. Mulder seemed more into it though. They move into the perfect community with a lot of rules. Silly ones like the color of your mailbox and the appearance of your house. The whole community seems so obsessed with following the rules. An old man who seems to be in charge is hiding what will happen if you break to many rules. Their next door neighbor even goes on a "bussiness trip". Mulder being the way he is tries breaking as many rules as he can. It turns out the old man created this monster that kills you if you break too many rules. The man was killed by the monster and the communitiy goes back to normal. I liked that Mulder and Scully were married in this episode. Overall very good.
  • Welcome to the happy couple.

    I never get tired of these X-Files episodes that go for the light-hearted approach.
    David Duchovny is an excellent comedy actor and he gets to display it once again here, allowing Mulder to enjoy the situation of a happy domestic set up with his lovely wife, \"Jean\", a less than impressed Scully, and amused at the idea of provoking the stuffy neighbourhood community into showing it\'s hand to lead the agents to the reason for the spate of disappearances.
    The funniest moment coming when Mulder plants a Pink Flamingo ornament in the front lawn, well aware that this will breach the rules imposed in the seemingly tranquil surroundings, and awaiting the reaction with a smug \"Bring it on\".

  • Great mix of classic tongue-in-cheek X Files humor with a dark, scary monster story.

    Great mix of classic tongue-in-cheek X Files humor with a dark, scary monster story. When the alien conspiracy stories got a bit overwhelming, an episode like this was a nice reminder of how great this show could be. Rob & Laura Petrie was a nice touch. it was really a great take on the whole idea of planned and gated communities being built on landfills. Kind of reminiscint of "Poltergeist" but not a rip off - more like an homage. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Best line: "There's Glade under the sink."
  • Strange but good! Loved it.

    This episode was strange but very good. A weird town has to be perfect or else they get pulled under the ground. Scully and Mulder have to find a way to stop it before it gets completely out of control and attacks again. So when they go undercover as a newlywed couple, they find the town is a little out of the ordinary. Everything is perfect is always being made sure that it stays that way. Suspicious Mulder makes his yard a mess come to find that it wasnt such a good idea because Scully almost gets attacked by the horribe monster.
  • In their first case back on the X-Files, Mulder and Scully go undercover as a married couple seeking residence in an upstanding planned community with one very large skeleton in their closet, not to mention a few dead bodies.

    Shippers got all they could ever want with this mid-season episode. Mulder and Scully--married! What, is this a fanfic? an alternate-reality? No, just a ruse! Undercover, indeed . . .

    First of all, on a light note, the costumes were a hit. How completely uncharacteristic of Mulder and Scully! and how completely witty. I applaud.

    The motive for creating such a creature to patrol a neighborhood for such misdeeds is allusive indeed. There is a profound difference between a desire to fit in and obsessive-compulsive behavior, and Gene Gogolak surpasses even that point, least of all with a willingness for bloodshed. Quite frankly, I see nothing but insanity, or true sadistic humor, in Gene Gogolak.

    The comedic moments which peppered the episode were classic, however. Mulder's innuendo never ceased with Gillian Anderson acting as a wonderful wall off which the jokes were bounced.

    The acting was truly superb, as was the writing, illustrated by the memorable quotes, despite something of a plot hole.


  • Must-see episode.

    This is a must-see episode of the X-Files, not because of the great paranormal mystery but rather the experience of Mulder and Scully pretending to be married. Shippers love it - but if you're a Noromo then you don't have to hate it because after all they're just undercover and most of the shippery moments are humour anyway.

    The humour in this episode is great! Gillian Anderson and David Duchovney really bounce off each other with the humour, but still keeping in their Mulder and Scully characters at the same time.

    The down-side of the episode is the solution to the 'case' that they're working on. In other words the Ubermencher (or however you spell it). Ok, so it's not really plausible to happen in real life - which is what makes the X-Files appealing most of the time - but as I said at the beginning, if you're a fan you HAVE to watch this episode.
  • This episode allows a peek into the marital life of Mulder and Scully, whilst hunting a crapmonster

    In this episode Mulder and Scully go undercover in the Amercan Dream suburbia posing as a married couple.

    The interaction between the two of them is what makes this episode work, because the plot is kinda thin with a monster killing everyone who doesn't play by the R and R's of this strange community.
    It is great to see how awkward our couple is at playing house. Mulder's "get back in here and make me a sandwich" is hilarious.
    Also the way that Mulder provokes the neighbours with the mailbox and pink pelican is superb.
    Then, the end is pretty weak again, but that is not so important in the episode, because the other things I mentioned make up for that.
  • Mulder and Scully play house in the most tightly-wound suburb on the planet.

    The monster-of-the-week is a bit crap (figuratively and quite literally), but he's nowhere near as scary as the community of mad WASPs anyway. The M & S interplay is fantastic, and Mulder's "...make me a sandwich..." joke is possibly the best line in the entire series. Lawn ornaments will never be the same.
  • This is a really good episode, have suspense, a little of romance, and a lot of humor.

    I`m a Shipper, i dream for the episode when they were together, away from work, in a beautiful house whit a dog....

    I can see the pictures before i see the episode, when i see the picture in the door of their house, smiling, i yell, i cant belive it...!!!!!!

    After this episode, i think, maybe from now, the storyline will involucrate a little of romance.

    I was wrong?
  • 10
    This has to be one of my top ten favorite episodes of the X-Files...the "sexual" tension between Mulder and Scully and the humor in this episode is GREAT. Got to love when Mulder asks Scully is really really wearning that to bed? This a truely great show in my opinion.
  • wow! this episode is the one were every1 who has watched the show is going" r they actually gonna kiss or what" well theyre married right?!

    Mulder: Wow. Admit it, all you want to do is play house. Woman! Get back in here and make me a sandwich! Scully throws a rubber glove at him
    Mulder: Did I not make myself clear?

    now that quote is so cool! sure they r not only on a case that has to do with the ubermenwhatever in german that they r talking about, well this episode is so cool. i love it becuz this is the reason that i watch ths x-files i mean c'mon every1 wants 2 know what happened closed doors behind arcadia, wink wink right right, and besides the quote speaks for itself! when i frist watched it was like oh kiss or do something! it was a teaser, it was a fun episode 2 watch not alien like thing (bounty hunters) burning people alive, or super soldiers, its just a house episode. hes basically provoking scully almost, the bed scene, the whole we r married now thing. just the fact of living with scully!
    MULDER: Oh, yeah. Nothing weird going on around here. (following SCULLY) Hey... ooh, wait a minute. You didn't let me carry you over the threshold.

    (SCULLY takes off her coat and faces MULDER.)

    SCULLY: You ready?

    MULDER: Let's get it on, honey.

    SCULLY: (smiles) All right, then.

    (She hands him a pair of latex gloves and goes to the box that BIG MIKE dropped and opens it. Sound of glass rattling. She pulls out a piece of broken lab equipment and sighs.)

    SCULLY: Thanks to our friendly neighbors there will be no fluorescein bloodstain enhancement.

    (MULDER is down on the floor pulling up a corner of the carpeting.)

    MULDER: Not that it makes much difference. This place is so clean you could build computer chips.

    (SCULLY takes out a small video camera and turns it on. She begins walking through the first floor of the house, taping and narrating as she goes.)

    SCULLY: Okay. 6:01 p.m., February 24. Agents Scully and Mulder in the former home of David and Nancy Kline who disappeared without a trace last July. The Klines were the third such couple to disappear since this neighborhood was built in 1991. All were apparently stable professional people with no history of violence, domestic discord or mental illness and it took a family member or employee to realize that they were gone including their cars and a few personal items. What local police found in each case was nothing-- just impeccably-manicured homes and a community of neighbors who professed total ignorance that anyone had disappeared.

    MULDER: That's pretty surprising considering how nutty this bunch is about being neighborly.

    SCULLY: The local police departments were at a dead end so they turned to the FBI. AD Skinner, in assigning us this case thought a fruitful approach to the investigation would be if we went undercover posing as prospective home buyers as this planned community would seem to hide a dark, possibly murderous conspiracy of silence.

    (MULDER comes very close into the video frame.)

    MULDER: (seductively) You want to make that honeymoon video now?

    (SCULLY turns the camera off. MULDER sits on the kitchen counter and pulls his gloves off.)

    SCULLY: Rob and Laura Petrie?

    MULDER: "Pee-trie."

    SCULLY: Mulder, if we ever go undercover again I get to choose the names, okay?

    MULDER: Fine.

    SCULLY: It just tells me that you're not taking this seriously.

    MULDER: I'm taking it seriously. I just don't understand why we're on it. It's our first catch back on the X-Files. This isn't an X-File.

    SCULLY: Sure it is. It's unexplained. What do you want, aliens? Tractor beams?

    MULDER: Wow. Admit it: you just want to play house.

    (Doorbell rings. SCULLY gives him a look and starts for the door.)

    MULDER: (demanding) Woman, get back in here and make me a sandwich!

    (SCULLY stops, smiles slightly and snaps off her gloves and throws them at his head and continues on to the door.)

    MULDER: Did I not make myself clear?

    u know that mulder wants her!
    SCULLY: (on phone) Thank you. (hangs up and looks at the necklace) Local PD came up blank on...

    (She pauses as MULDER, having taken off his sweatshirt, tosses it across the room to a chair barely missing her head. We see a little of his chest, but then the gray t-shirt is pulled back down. Darn.)

    SCULLY: Mike Raskub. No activity on his credit cards. No sighting of his '97 Mercury Villager.

    (SCULLY goes into the bathroom while MULDER reads the screen on the laptop.)

    MULDER: Yeah, there's no sign of him in his house. I didn't see him in the storm drain, either. I take it he's dead, Scully.

    SCULLY: (from the bathroom) Laura.

    (MULDER sarcastically mouths "Okay.")

    SCULLY: (from the bathroom) Think it's Win Shroeder?

    MULDER: (looking at the bagged handkerchief) Mmm, maybe Win cleaning up.

    SCULLY: (from the bathroom) Cleaning up for who?

    MULDER: I don't know.

    SCULLY: (from the bathroom) Mulder, speaking of cleaning up whoever taught you how to squeeze a tube of toothpaste?

    (She sticks her arm out from the bathroom showing him the tube squeezed in the middle. MULDER ignores it.)

    MULDER: Hey, what do we know about this stuff?

    SCULLY: (from the bathroom) I'm driving down to San Diego tomorrow and have it analyzed.

    MULDER: All right.

    SCULLY: (From the bathroom) Third warning: (sound of toilet seat falling) Toilet seat. (toilet flushes)

    (MULDER glances at the bathroom, then goes over to the bed and sprawls out on it.)

    MULDER: Why kill Big Mike?

    (SCULLY comes out of the bathroom. She has a terrycloth headband and her face is covered in a bright green mud mask. MULDER looks up and is startled by her appearance. Very funny.)

    MULDER: Whoa!

    SCULLY: What's missing here is intent. What would be the motive?

    (She throws the sweatshirt at his head.)

    MULDER: Compulsive neatness, or a lack thereof. Have you noticed how everybody around here is obsessed with the neighborhood rules and the CC&Rs? You know what? You fit in really well here.

    SCULLY: (pointedly looking at him lying on the bed) And you don't.

    MULDER: (adjusting the pillows to make himself more comfortable) Well, anyway, tomorrow I got a, uh, a surefire way of testing out my theory.

    (He puts the bed beside him seductively and waggles his eyebrows at her. She raises her eyebrows at him.)

    MULDER: (coaxing) Come on, Laura, you know... we're married now.

    SCULLY: Scully, Mulder. Good night.

    (MULDER gets up from the bed taking a pillow. He pauses next to her.)

    MULDER: The thrill is gone.

    (As he heads off to sleep wherever it is he's going to sleep, SCULLY sighs and goes to the bed.)

    welll i loved this epy alot, i have it recorded and i love to c it again and again!! man he looks hot in those clothes hses so lucky to just be partners wit him!yeah!

  • Great humor in this awesome episode.

    This is one of my favorite episodes ever of the X-Files. The humor alone in it makes it so much fun to watch.

    Mulders test with the mailbox is hilarious. It was so funny to see him just sitting there waiting for the mailbox to be fixed and sure enough the one second he isnt looking it gets fixed.

    I liked the episode because the community they lived in was so surreal and like an alternate world. It was very entertaining.