The X-Files

Season 9 Episode 11

Audrey Pauley

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 17, 2002 on FOX
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Doggett and Scully look for answers that will save Reyes' life after she is injured in a horrible car accident. Yet Reyes is also fighting to stay alive in the netherworld between life and death. But before long Reyes realises that she may have little time left when others in the netherworld start to disappear.moreless

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  • Audrey Pauley

    Audrey Pauley was a superb and very entertaining episode of The X-Files. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character development for Reyes and Doggett. It was sad to see what happened in the beginning. I liked the "other world" inside of Audrey's mind. The special effects were awesome and pretty great for the time. I found it interesting that Scully was so easily swayed by the Doctors and didn't trust Doggett more. Audrey was an interesting character though her fate was sad. I'm glad Reyes is ok. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • "Special" the way your mom means it when you're held back a grade.

    Let's ignore, for the sake of this review, the blatant rip-off of Stephen King's "Kingdom Hospital" perpetuated by the writer of this episode, Maeda. (Coincidentally, that show wasn't very good, either. At least "Audrey Pauley" didn't have an anteater wandering around.)

    As season 9 goes, this episode was actually pretty decent; which, of course, isn't saying much, given the rapid nosedive the show took in quality for much of the season. The acting on Patrick's part was magnificent, for example, and Stan Shaw, the guy who played Stephen, was great as well. Gish tries hard, but she always looks like she's just worrying about how hot her boobs look on camera (the answer: very hot, if you can ignore her rigid acting style).

    Another thing that yanked this episode back from being good instead of merely bearable, besides Gish's wooden delivery, is the wildly inconsistent writing of Scully's and Doggett's characters. Last episode Scully was screaming about alien spaceships and her JesusChild, while Doggett refused to believe anything supernatural at all; this episode, Scully's calm and scientific (and a little cold-hearted, too - jeez, wait a day or two before taking Reyes off life support; it wouldn't hurt anything) while Doggett blithely accepts that the special needs nurse can contact spirits from inside her little dolly house. Are the writers even trying anymore? Did any of them read the other scripts for this season before writing their own? It would appear not.

    Also, we're never given a reason why the Grim Doctor is wandering around, unplugging people all over the place. I'm pretty sure you don't get paid to find organ donors, so what's the deal? Maybe the little beeps the machines make annoy him, so he kills all his patients to stop the racket. Who knows? Probably not even the writer himself.moreless
  • This episode is one of my favorites...and reveals more about Doggett and Reyes' sensitive relationship.

    This episode begins with Monica dropping John off at his house. Of course they sit and talk for a moment before he leaves and then...Wa-Bam! Monica is in a horrible car crash and mysteriously slips into a coma and it appears as if she will never pull through. But of course John refuses to believe this and he fights for her. This episode almost has a predictable ending...but maybe not. This episode is full of angst and drama as Monica fights to tell John that she is still alive and John fights to save her because...he loves her. And Audrey Pauley helps out both of them in the emotional episode. It is so good, though. I recommend it if you are a fan of the DRR ship...or if you feel like you need to be apart of this emotional roller coaster.moreless
  • I absolutely love this episode! One of the best of season 9!

    This episode had me captivated from the beginning scene. It was extremely well-written and well-acted. As a fan of the Doggett/Reyes coupling I thought this was the best episode for them. Doggett really shows the deep feelings he has for Reyes in this episode with his determination to prove that she's alive. The supporting cast also adds to the intrigue of this episode. Tracy Ellis does an outstanding job of portraying Audrey as a confused hospital aide who just wants to help people. The only thing I didn't like about this episode was the ending, after watching Doggett's feelings for Reyes unfold through out the episode I was expecting them to admit their feelings to each other but it didn't happen. Other than that, I loved it! One of my favorites!moreless
  • Third excellent Monica episode in a row.

    Monica has become the saving grace for season 9, it's only saving grace. This is the third episode where the quality of the writing, the story and dialogue, and the actors (namely Monica, Doggett and the timid Audrey) excel. Scully is just annoying, they should just write her out altogether.

    What a wonderful story. Audrey creates a 'hospital' in her head as a retreat from the world but when a doctor starts deliberately putting people in drug induced comas, those people accidentally end up in Audrey's hospital. When the doctor kills the patients, they vanish from Audrey's hospital. This whole story provides the setup to make Doggett realize he's in love with Monica. He can admit it to a stranger but cannot tell Monica herself. She probably feels the same way, is just waiting for a sign from him. Forget Mulder and Scully, they never came close to this little love story. Really beautifully done and Robert Patrick was magnificent.

    A very enjoyable love story and Audrey was played to perfection.moreless
Robert Patrick

Robert Patrick

Special Agent John Doggett

Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson

Special Agent Dana Scully

Annabeth Gish

Annabeth Gish

Special Agent Monica Reyes

Stan Shaw

Stan Shaw

Stephen Murdoch

Guest Star

Tracey Ellis

Tracey Ellis

Audrey Pauley

Guest Star

Jack Blessing

Jack Blessing

Dr. Jack Preijers

Guest Star

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    • (Fantasy sequence)
      Doggett: I don't want to let anyone down.
      Reyes: You could never let anyone down, John.
      (They lean in closer to each other, their lips almost touch, and the fantasy sequence ends)

    • Monica: You are a dog person, John.
      John: How do you figure?
      Monica: Well, you're dependable, loyal, you're without guile, and you're very comfortable to be around. So why a cat?
      John: They're low maintenance, so you can't disappoint them.
      Monica: I don't see you ever disappointing anyone.

  • NOTES (3)

    • In a funny blooper from this episode, Annabeth Gish has a coughing fit while lying in the hospital bed, while Scully is trying to convince Doggett that she is brain dead.

    • This is the second time that Tracy Ellis has had a guest appearance on the show. She played Lucy Householder in the season 3 episode "Oubliette".

    • This episode marks the 50th time that Kim Manners has stepped behind the camera to direct an X-Files episode, making him without a doubt the longest serving director on the show. His debut was for season 2's 'Die Hand Die Verletzt'.


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