The X-Files

Season 9 Episode 11

Audrey Pauley

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 17, 2002 on FOX

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  • Audrey Pauley

    Audrey Pauley was a superb and very entertaining episode of The X-Files. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character development for Reyes and Doggett. It was sad to see what happened in the beginning. I liked the "other world" inside of Audrey's mind. The special effects were awesome and pretty great for the time. I found it interesting that Scully was so easily swayed by the Doctors and didn't trust Doggett more. Audrey was an interesting character though her fate was sad. I'm glad Reyes is ok. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • "Special" the way your mom means it when you're held back a grade.

    Let's ignore, for the sake of this review, the blatant rip-off of Stephen King's "Kingdom Hospital" perpetuated by the writer of this episode, Maeda. (Coincidentally, that show wasn't very good, either. At least "Audrey Pauley" didn't have an anteater wandering around.)

    As season 9 goes, this episode was actually pretty decent; which, of course, isn't saying much, given the rapid nosedive the show took in quality for much of the season. The acting on Patrick's part was magnificent, for example, and Stan Shaw, the guy who played Stephen, was great as well. Gish tries hard, but she always looks like she's just worrying about how hot her boobs look on camera (the answer: very hot, if you can ignore her rigid acting style).

    Another thing that yanked this episode back from being good instead of merely bearable, besides Gish's wooden delivery, is the wildly inconsistent writing of Scully's and Doggett's characters. Last episode Scully was screaming about alien spaceships and her JesusChild, while Doggett refused to believe anything supernatural at all; this episode, Scully's calm and scientific (and a little cold-hearted, too - jeez, wait a day or two before taking Reyes off life support; it wouldn't hurt anything) while Doggett blithely accepts that the special needs nurse can contact spirits from inside her little dolly house. Are the writers even trying anymore? Did any of them read the other scripts for this season before writing their own? It would appear not.

    Also, we're never given a reason why the Grim Doctor is wandering around, unplugging people all over the place. I'm pretty sure you don't get paid to find organ donors, so what's the deal? Maybe the little beeps the machines make annoy him, so he kills all his patients to stop the racket. Who knows? Probably not even the writer himself.
  • This episode is one of my favorites...and reveals more about Doggett and Reyes' sensitive relationship.

    This episode begins with Monica dropping John off at his house. Of course they sit and talk for a moment before he leaves and then...Wa-Bam! Monica is in a horrible car crash and mysteriously slips into a coma and it appears as if she will never pull through. But of course John refuses to believe this and he fights for her. This episode almost has a predictable ending...but maybe not. This episode is full of angst and drama as Monica fights to tell John that she is still alive and John fights to save her because...he loves her. And Audrey Pauley helps out both of them in the emotional episode. It is so good, though. I recommend it if you are a fan of the DRR ship...or if you feel like you need to be apart of this emotional roller coaster.
  • I absolutely love this episode! One of the best of season 9!

    This episode had me captivated from the beginning scene. It was extremely well-written and well-acted. As a fan of the Doggett/Reyes coupling I thought this was the best episode for them. Doggett really shows the deep feelings he has for Reyes in this episode with his determination to prove that she's alive. The supporting cast also adds to the intrigue of this episode. Tracy Ellis does an outstanding job of portraying Audrey as a confused hospital aide who just wants to help people. The only thing I didn't like about this episode was the ending, after watching Doggett's feelings for Reyes unfold through out the episode I was expecting them to admit their feelings to each other but it didn't happen. Other than that, I loved it! One of my favorites!
  • Third excellent Monica episode in a row.

    Monica has become the saving grace for season 9, it's only saving grace. This is the third episode where the quality of the writing, the story and dialogue, and the actors (namely Monica, Doggett and the timid Audrey) excel. Scully is just annoying, they should just write her out altogether.

    What a wonderful story. Audrey creates a 'hospital' in her head as a retreat from the world but when a doctor starts deliberately putting people in drug induced comas, those people accidentally end up in Audrey's hospital. When the doctor kills the patients, they vanish from Audrey's hospital. This whole story provides the setup to make Doggett realize he's in love with Monica. He can admit it to a stranger but cannot tell Monica herself. She probably feels the same way, is just waiting for a sign from him. Forget Mulder and Scully, they never came close to this little love story. Really beautifully done and Robert Patrick was magnificent.

    A very enjoyable love story and Audrey was played to perfection.
  • 8.0 for the acting. Not a Kingdom Hospital ripoff.

    I wanted to write this review mainly to argue against another review, which is mistaken in it's view that AP is a ripoff of Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital.

    The most obvious reason this argument is wrong is the fact that Kingdom Hospital was not even an original Stephen King story -- it was a crappy remake of a much better, Twin Peaksy Danish TV show created by Lars von Trier. But don't expect American TV viewers to know all their facts.

    Any similarities between the two are surface similarities: AP and KH both take place in hospitals. AP and KH both have corrupt Drs. Wait, so far we could say these two shows are like any medical procedural or soap opera, right?


    Of course, supernatural events take place in both hospitals. However, these events are of an entirely different nature. In KH, there is an evil presence lurking in the hospital, the result of past wrongdoing. In AP, a woman is able to project her consciousness into a spiritual in-between place in order to make contact with Agent Reyes, who is on the verge of death.

    It's actually a fairly original premise as far as I can see -- rather than a ghost haunting the living realm, a human being "haunts" the spiritual realm.

    An interesting innovation.

    Hence, AP and KH -- or AP and Lars von Trier's The Kingdom -- are really not that much alike at all, that is, once you get past the surface similarities.
  • Almost the same as Are you afraid of the dark Episode.

    This is one of the few episodes of X Files that disappointed me. Anyone who has watched Are you Afraid of the Dark would have made the connection to the Episode 31 of Season 3; The Doll Maker.

    The X File episode had a quite a few of similarities, including a Replica of a Doll House / Hospital.

    Although X File's episode had a more mature plot, involving souls ending up in limbo and a bad doctor, it was quite interesting, especially I knew in advance how Agent Reeyes had to get out the first 20 Minutes of the show because I watched the AYAOTD Episode.

    The ending was exactly, or similar, although Reeyes managed to jump out of the hospital to get out, it was exactly the same for Melissa when she was in the attic of the doll house. However, I did enjoy some moments when Doggett got emotional,but that was about it.
  • One of the best of this season.

    Season 9 isn't my favorite season, and I know many people feel that way. But I do recognize a great episode, unlike some of the biased reviewers on this page who blindly discredit everything that's Season 9, just because Mulder isn't in it. But I digress.

    The greatest thing about this episode is the acting. Both Robert Patrick and Annabeth Gish surprised me. I remember how I needed to get used to them in the early episodes. I wasn't really charmed about their performances, but I must say they've changed that opinion. Especially after this episode. The doctor has been perfectly cast: I really started to hate that guy! And then there's the "flower girl", who does a wonderful job as well.

    It's an emotional episode. One that makes you think.
  • Parts Is Parts

    This one is more like an episode from the old Twilight Zone series than a proper X-File. Reyes is unfortunate enough to be checked in to the one hospital where Dr. Death is pursuing his maniacal scheme to get rich from selling off body parts. Those darn HMOs and their penny-pinching ways! How's an honest doc supposed to make a living?

    Luckily for Reyes, the hospital also has its own resident "special needs" flower girl who had the foresight to build a neat dollhouse that lets her enter into a shadow hospital that floats in a swirling astral netherworld plane that just happens to serve as the halfway house for those whom Dr. Death has turned into mindless zombies before they die and eventually lose their body parts for the sake of his new Lamborghini. Got it?

    To call the premise of this episode ridiculous would be an insult to the word "ridiculous." This one's a howler, folks. It's saved from complete suckdom, though, by unusually strong performances by Patrick and, gasp, Gish. Maybe it's because they don't share a whole lot of actual screentime together, but they both turn in believable performances, excepting the awkward car scene in the opening teaser, which attempts to tack on an unneeded love angle in their relationship.

    And finally, what is up with Audrey's lips? They scare me.
  • Reyes tries to reach Doggett through an unusual link!

    This episode starts off with promiss as Doggett and Reyes have a quiet moment together, However it soon turns sour while the plot tries to gain momentum. The only good thing to come from this is a dream kiss scene between the two agents. It shows Reyes very interested in Doggets view of himself and Doggetts confusion of Reyes interests. On the otherhand it will make you think twice about pulling the plug on someone. Shippers will delight in this saga and still have enough energy to focus on the story as well. They kiss and he cries for her, what more do you need?
  • me encantó el episodio. Se supo que Monica y john estan enamorados y también entran las dudas de lo que pasa con una persona en una muerte cerebral.

    Lo malo fue que Doggett fue un cobarde y no declaró sus sentimientos a Mónica. Al pensar que la perdía afloran sus sentimientos hacia ella y se arrepiente no haberla besado y haber hecho diferentes las cosas.luego cuando ella se recuperó él tampoco confesó sus sentimientos. . . . . . . . . . . . . Me gustó el tema de la muerte cerebral y de lo que podría pasarle en su mente a una persona que esta enfrentando eso.
    Igual se sabe de algunas personas que se han recuperado de la muerte cerebral . . . . .
  • Audrey Pauley is a masterpiece...

    I just came to say that the guy below "alexkeir01" is talking about another episode of X-Files from the 9th season titled "Improbable". Please study your lesson before posting your comments here. It offended me.

    I watched this episode hundred times maybe, I find the little details very interesting. The impressions on people's face are so artistic (Mr Murdock, Dr Priers, Audrey Pauley, Mr Barrero, Whitney, etc.). I think both Annabeth Gish (Monica Reyes) and Robert Patrick (John Doggett) excel at this episode of X-files. At the beginning, Monica moves her lips after saying "I don't see you ever disappointing anyone, John" and she is doing that really great! Robert cries at one moment and I find his acting perfect (that guy never cries!)

    Tracy Ellis (Audrey Pauley) is another beautiful character. Her acting is mistakeless. I can not believe how she could say so perfectly "Up here I guess", a bit puzzled, and so innocent like a child! Her affection towards people? So professional acting, I admire her! She appeared in another episode of X-Files before as Lucy Householder ( a mysterious woman) in "The Oubliette" from the third season.

    The only character that does not fit in this episode is Dana Scully. I love her very much, however, she just does not fit in this episode. Anyway, I miss X-Files so much. I wish they bring this show back. I wish Robert Patrick and Annabet Gish act again. I wish.. I gues I wish a lot of things...

    My favourite quotes? There are tons of them.. I am totally taken by this episode..

    Mr Barriero: "Have you ever been dead? So how do you know you're not?"

    Audrey Pauley: "I'm a patient aide. I deliver the flowers mostly. Are you her husband?" Doggett: "I wish I could talk to her. I wish I could tell her... Guess I wish a lot of things."

    Doggett: "You live down here?"
    Audrey Pauley: "The nuns let me stay. I wanted to be a nurse, only I can't do much, but they let me help out."
    Doggett: "This is this hospital. You made this?" [A model of the hospital] "Why?"
    Audrey Pauley: "I like to visit it. I sort of go... inside my head."
    Doggett: "You go into the model?"
    Audrey Pauley: "I like it there. It's quiet. I used to have it all to myself but then some people showed up. Hospital patients. Your friend."
    Doggett: "This is where you say you talked to her? Right inside here?"
    Audrey Pauley: "Well... not so much like tiny people in a... in a model, but... inside my head? Up here, I guess. You don't believe me."

    Mr Murdoch: "There's so much... I'd do... differently."
    Monica: "What?"
    Mr Murdoch: "Life."

    Doggett: "Nobody else believes she's alive. Nobody — just you and me."
    Audrey Pauley: "I can't do anything. I only deliver the flowers is all I do. I can't help."

    Monica: "Are you really going to leave me here to die?"
    Audrey Pauley: "I can't... do... anything. There's... there's something wrong... you know, up here. And I can't help anyone. I deliver the flowers. It's all I do. And I have to even get help with that because I can't read what's on the little cards."
  • Unfortunate

    The two bright spots in this quirky episode that doesn't work are Burt Reynolds and an all too brief appearance by Ellen Greene. The music is particularily annoying and doesn't fit the series or the episode. The X Files is at it's best when it furthers the alien invasion agenda, and at it's worst when it deals with religeous or supernatural nonsense, in this case numerology, treating it as a reasonable alternative to science and/or reality.

    It's unfortunate that Scully, who is a trained veteran, and who has worked on hundreds of dangerous cases, would be so foolish as to fall for the villian-simply-backs-into-the-elevator trick.
  • One of those episodes where you don't know what's going on at first.

    Once you find out what's going on it's a race to find the truth. A double reality with Reyes lying in bed, presumably brain dead, but also racing round the same empty hospital with just a couple of other patients she doesn't know for company.

    And the doctor hasn't exactly kept his Hippocratic Oath!

    Some very good scenes, and it's quite moving when the other patients finally die and disappear from the other reality.

    Audrey Pauley - the woman with the ability to wander from one reality to the other - is brilliantly played, a sort of Sissy Spacek's Carrie.

    Good episode, great ending and a satisfying Doggett/Reyes story.
  • With Reyes stuck in some kind of limbo, Doggett reveals his true feelings for her.

    Man, did I love this episode. Very inventive, very emotional, visually interesting. Dynamite stuff. Robert Patrick's best performance in anything ever. Only flaw: Here I am thinking, "Wow, they managed to get Doggett and Reyes were they should they be romantically in a mere season and a half. It took M & S 7 or 8." But no, after all the drama, Doggett lets her walk off, firmly unkissed. What's wrong with these guys, seriously?:)
  • Where X Files meets "Kingdom Hospital" or perhaps, more appropriately, "Garth Marenghi's Darkplace".

    Floating hospitals in space with patients trapped between life and death is enough of a howler of a plot without the added addition of a psychic woman who can visit these people without knowing where she is, and a psycho killer doctor bumping the patients off.
    I can't fault the acting, however, as Gish and Patrick are on top form, showing a beautiful depth to the Reyes-Doggett relationship. The story veers a little into "One Breath" from S3 territory by having the female lead trapped in limbo, and one wonders how many times this season the writers planned on "killing" one of the main characters! Also, how come the X Files just seem to come flooding in to the agents in S9? Aren't they meant to go looking for them?
  • Great episode. The best X-Files episode, in my opinion...

    Great episode. The best X-Files episode, in my opinion...

    Tracy Ellis, Robert Patrick, and Annabeth Gish: Simply adorable.

    A very special episode. I wish X-files never ended. I wish Robert and Annabeth would star again in x-files. I wish... I guess I wish a lot things...


    Dana Scully was the irrelevant character in this episode. I got the feeling that one of these two (David Duchovny or Gillian Anderson) had always to star in the x-files...

    John Dogget and Monica Reyes were doing great!!! Please bring the x-files back...