The X-Files

Season 8 Episode 10


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 21, 2001 on FOX
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An Indian mystic whose son died in a chemical plant accident smuggles himself into the United States and takes his revenge on two families in suburban Washington D.C.

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  • AH broken eye blood vessel!

    A little guy on wheels going around killing folk... and that's about it. He's a compelling figure to look at for sure and the gore in this episode was a highlight but we never get too far into his motivations. The release of the toxic air that killed those people is the basis for his revenge but why this particular set of people, why the boy? The ending is a nice remedy though with Scully questioning her actions at the end and it's nice to see Mulder's absence surface in heart aching ways for Scully.moreless
  • Badlaa

    Badlaa was a perfect and very entertaining episode of The X-Files. I really liked this episode because the story touched upon Indian Mysticism and the amazing abilities some of the practitioners possess. I loved all aspects of the episode such as the small person playing the Mystic, Dr Charles Burks helping, and the significant character development for Scully. It was awesome to watch her explain to Doggett the reason she fired though she saw a child with her own eyes. It was touching to see her realize how much Mulder had opened her eyes and view of the world, and how he touched her heart. This was definitely one of the best episodes so far this season and I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • Doggett and Scully are summoned investigate a string of horiffic murders with a very unlikely suspect.

    I was flipping through the channels one night, not realizing that X-Files was on and saw this episode. I had never seen this episode before, and after watching it, this episode came to be the scariest X-Files episode I've ever seen. This was such a great episode, I decided to skip season four and go straight to season 8. And for me to enjoy it this much say something about it, because I have watched very few episodes with Doggett and Reyes instead of the classic Mulder and Scully. Teriffic episode, can't wait to see it again, only this time, have all the lights turned out and a big bowl of popcorn beside me on the couch!moreless
  • Rectal Persuasion

    Congratulations, John Shiban, you've knocked Season One's "Space" from its spot as the former worst episode of the X-Files. If ever there was an episode that screamed for the fast-forward button, this is it.

    At least they got the title halfway right because this one is "Bad...."

    What where they thinking? The monster's modus operandi is to crawl up men's rectums and gestate in their bellies before either dropping back out said rectums or exiting via their bellies, Alien-style. Doggett doesn't seem too pleased with the premise and for once I agree with him. The monster's body even appears to be covered in some brown-colored, um, material. Can I get a yuck?

    I suppose it doesn't help that the monster is played by the same guy who will later go on to become an Oompa Loompa. I know, I know, the producers couldn't have known then that they were casting an Ooompa Loompa as the mute rectal-crawling midget covered in feces, but it adds a certain special something to the delicious wretchedness of this episode.

    At least Scully remembers Mulder's name in this one, which is somewhat negated by Doggett's second "dollars to donuts" comment of the season. She frets about not having as open a mind as Mulder. Doggett just frets about having his rectum opened by the Oompa Loompa.

    Why does the Oompa Loompa need to travel inside men's rectums when he has a nice set of wheels and the ability to control people's perceptions? Why does he kill the particular folks he kills? Why doesn't he take a bath after dropping out of men's rectums? How does he end up back in India after being shot by Scully? These are all important questions that sadly John Shiban fails to answer for us.moreless
  • A creepy Indian guy with no legs is able to enter human crawling up their ass. No, this isn't "South Park", it's one of the most bizarre "X-Files" episodes I've seen. Luckily, it's pretty good.moreless

    Despite being a bit silly and ridicilous, this episode is surpisingly scary at times. Who knew that an Indian with no legs on a wooden board with wheels could cause this much chaos, let alone manage to be frightening? The basic premise is original to say the least, but not to worry, the whole "crawling into someones ass" is not a consistent theme throughout the episode, and we get to see some other tricks from our paralyzed friend. This episode also delivers some gnarly gore scenes for our amusement. If I were to critizise something, and I must since I gave it a "8", then it would be that the plot gets a little too silly at times. The ending also could have been better. But a good episode all in all.moreless
Robert Patrick

Robert Patrick

Special Agent John Doggett

Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson

Special Agent Dana Scully

Michael Welch

Michael Welch


Guest Star

Jordan Warkol

Jordan Warkol


Guest Star

Deep Roy

Deep Roy


Guest Star

Bill Dow

Bill Dow

Dr Charles Burks

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Even though David Duchovny is credited in the title sequence, he does not appear in this episode.

    • Doggett says that one of the Indian medical documents is in Farsi. This makes absolutely no sense, as Farsi is not spoken in India. It is only spoken in Iran, a country thousands of miles away.

      Not entirely true. See:

    • If Scully was so uncertain of the boy being the suspect, she should have ordered him to stop. And if he didn't then she could have just shot him in the leg or shoulder.

    • Doggett says that 'dead people don't tip' to Scully in relation to the first victim, however the victim never tipped the bell boy, just stared out the window until he left.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Scully: But it's what I saw. With my eyes, anyway. Do you know what it's like not to be able to trust your own eyes?
      Doggett: Then why'd you shoot him?
      Scully: Because it's what the boy saw. And in an instant I realized that it's what Mulder would have seen or understood.
      Scully: Because that's just how he came at things... without judgment and without prejudice and with an open mind that I am just not capable of.
      Doggett: It's been a long night. Give yourself a break. This whole thing doesn't make any sense.
      Scully: No... it did. In some way, it did.

    • Scully: Not exactly. I ran a decay analysis to, uh, determine the time of death. Liver temperature, buildup of gases, extent of rigor-- routine stuff. It's not 100% accurate, but it gives us a range.
      Doggett: What's the range?
      Scully: 24 to 36 hours.
      Doggett: Well, that's just wrong.
      Scully: Well, it would mean that, uh, Mr. Potocki here would have died before he left Bombay.
      Doggett: No. It would mean that a dead man boarded a plane in India, changed planes in Paris, hailed a cab at Dulles, and then checked into a downtown hotel and tipped the bellman. In my experience, dead men don't tip, Agent Scully.

    • Doggett: Big fella, isn't he?
      Scully: Big is a relative term, Agent Doggett. It took three strong men to wheel him in here. He tipped the scale at 402 pounds.
      Doggett: Uh, Hugh Potocki was a big man, big appetites. Loved big cars, big houses, big business. Divorced twice. He carried two alimonies, one with child support. Never missed a payment. In fact, he seems to have spoiled his wives and kids.
      Scully: I'm missing the point.
      Doggett: It seems he loved big women, too. Considering the evidence and motives we can probably rule out his ex-wives as suspects.

    • Scully: No. From what I see, Agent Doggett, from the way this man died... I doubt it was a kid who did this.
      Doggett: Thanks. I'm not quite ready yet to lose all my faith in humanity.
      Scully: But regardless, I'd say it's wise you keep an open mind.

    • Scully: So, basically what you're saying is that nobody knows anything.
      Doggett: But then I guess that's why it's in your in-box. So, what do you think, Agent Scully? Haunted hotel room? Alien invaders? Sloppy vampires?

    • Scully: Maybe if I could see through Mulder's eyes I could understand.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Location: Vishi.

      Scully discovers that a chemical spillage at a village called Vishi was the catalyst for the Indian mystic's vengeance. This is a reference to the Bhopal incident in 1984 where around 8,000 people died in the few weeks after the Union Carbide plant accidentally released a large amount of methyl isocyanate gas.

    • Title: Badlaa
      'Badlaa' is a word in Urdu (a language spoken in India) for exchange/retaliation/revenge.