The X-Files

Season 1 Episode 13

Beyond the Sea

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 07, 1994 on FOX

Episode Recap

Scully is having dinner with her mother and father. Her father asks why she hasent taken down her christmas tree and Scully jokes that its because she is making up for lost time. While her parents are getting ready to leave Scully asks her mother if her father is proud of her even though he didnt want her to join the FBI insted of being a doctor. Herfamily leaves and Scully falls asleep. When she wakes up she sees her father. she is confused because she thought her parents left. Then the phone rings and it is her mother. Her mother tells Scully that her father died of a massive coronary. Scully turns back to look for her father but he is not there.

Scully goes into work and Mulder is confused that she has come in to work. She says she just needs to work so Mulder tells her about the case he is checking out. It is a killer he put away who is on death row. He is asking to see Mulder because he says he has information on a kidnapping case that will help save two teenagers. Mulder dosent believe him because he claims to have the information becuase he became psychic due to a close call with the death penilty before it was called off.

Scully goes to the funural for her father where his ashes are scattered on the ocean and the song Beyond the Sea is playing because it was her parents favirot song.

Scully and Mulder get to North Carolina to talk to Boggs. Mulder gives Boggs a cloth and Boggs has a reaction to it. He says some crazy sounding stuff about a waterfall thats not really a waterfall, and an angel. Mulder laughs because he thinks that he has just proven he is lier because the cloth is something he cut off one of his shirts. Mulder thinks that anything he might know is because he hired someone to help him get off of death row. Then he starts to sing Beyond the Sea which freeks out Scully.

She is driving back to the hotel when she see's a waterfall on a neon sign and an angel statue. The clues lead her to a warehouse where she finds the missing girls bracelet. She lies to the police about why she went into the warehouse. She then tells Mulder that she lied and Mulder gets very upset that she followed the clues that Boggs left becuase she could have walked into a trap.

Scully talks to Mulder and says that even if he isnt psychic he is the only lead to the teens that they have so they have to follow it. Boggs tells them where the kids are being kept and then tells Mulder to stay away from the white cross or his blood will be spilt.

They go and are able to save the girl but Mulder chases after the kidnapper and the boy but when he gets close he is shot. Scully calls for help with the officer down and they rush Mulder to the hospitle.

Scully goes to Boggs and makes a threat but Boggs says she isnt gitting anymore information from him until she gets him a pardon and he knows that she believes him and that he will be able to let her father talk to her if she does what he wants.

Scully tries to get the pardon but no one will agree to give it to him so she is out of luck. She visits Mulder who still tells her not to trust Boggs but when Scully goes to Boggs he knows that she tried so he gives her the information. He also warns her not to follow the kidnapper after the Devil.

They arrive and rescue the Boy and Scully chases after the Kidnapper. He goes onto a wooden bridge but Scully stops because she sees a Blue Devil. The man's foot goes through the boards and then his body goes falling through as well. He falls to his death.

Scully goes to visit Boggs and tells him for what it is worth she doesnt think he had anything to do with the kidnapping because Boggs advice saved her life and if he had wanted he could have saved the Kidnapper. Boggs tells her that if she wants to know what her father wanted to say she should be there to witness at his exicution and then he will tell her.

We then see him in the gas chamber with no Scully as a witness and when asked if he has final words he says no. The chamber is then closed and the gas is released.

Mulder asks Scully why she didnt go see what Boggs had to say about her dad and why she is so stuborn to believe. She says that it was her father so she already knows what he was going to say and that she is Afraid to believe.