The X-Files

Season 1 Episode 13

Beyond the Sea

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 07, 1994 on FOX

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  • Beyond the Sea

    One of the most exciting and well written episodes of the season, this time giving full attention to Agent Scully, and covering topics such as clairvoyance, destination and spirits. In the story, at the same time that Dana has to deal with the death of his father and his recent appearances, trying to communicate something it also bears the status of a prisoner named Boggs, whose claims to have sighted and skills to help in the case a young couple kidnapped by an assassin. The plot is well developed and reaches great intensity at times of heavy drama or a sense of time being lost, but mainly on the themes to which he devoted himself. The seer, as shown here is frighteningly, by delivering the eyes of a specific individual the power to see through time (past, present and future) would be excluding the free will of man and giving him new opportunities to change their destination, unless such change is also already pre-determined, a real dead end. The connection with the troubled spirits Boggs is also very curious of the possibility that he would be the "glue" between the world of the living and the dead, but of course, facing severe consequences for it. Scully and Boggs, despite representing heroin and arrested crazy, have much in common, is in fact one of the other two creditarem hope something beneficial (if Dana wants help and know what his father would have said, as he or reducing the penalty of death), is painful in the contact they have with their families and vulnerable situation where they are. This correspondence seems to be at odds with the opposite pair of heroes, with Scully a believer and a skeptical Mulder (!). Packed with the most diverse predictions, we find it is very enjoyable, Scully together, they all became real and all sort of fits with the traditional questions that ask us directly for your answers, simply just do not be afraid to believe, as Scully said about herself about their beliefs. Intense, excellent suspense and constant premonitions, is one of the most intense episodes of the season!