The X-Files

Season 6 Episode 22

Biogenesis (1)

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 16, 1999 on FOX
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Two scientists confer about each of their metal objects that were found in Africa and they theorise that the objects are pieces of a puzzle which could be undeniable proof that human, plant and animal life did not originate on this planet. When one of the scientists is killed and the objects are stolen, the agents investigate and Mulder begins to experience severe neurological pain caused by the objects.moreless

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  • Biogenesis

    Biogenesis was a perfect and thrilling episode of The X-Files. I really enjoyed watching this entertaining episode because the story was awesome and explored the theory of panspermia as a mysterious alien artifact is decoded. It was shear scifi goodness when we found out what was inscribed on the artifact. Krycek was working double time behind the scenes to cover up what has been found. Mulder and Scully investigating was fun to watch and it's curious that Mulder gets a headache which is linked to the artifact. It was awesome to hear Scully's narrations through out the episode. I certainly look forward to watching how this story plays out!!!!!!!!moreless
  • Mulder kind of goes insane while Scully looks into some mysterious artifacts.

    A lot of people have seemed to have problems with the myth-arc of X-Files after about.. I don't know, Season 4 or 5.. I will admit the myth-arc episodes this year have been poor, but this episode may have the potential to bring it back.

    Scully brings up a good question here: why is Mulder still going forward in finding out about aliens when he's already discredited the Syndicate and learned some of the stuff he wanted to learn... Mulder gives Scully a serious look and says he needs to still find his sister.. thus we learn once again his true motive in all of this, and it's nice to get a reminder. This time, Mulder and Scully learn of a scientist from Africa who was murdered after discovering a couple of ancient artifacts that seem to be alien in nature.

    Things get very strange when Mulder starts getting headaches, ones that incapacitate him and leave him hearing a hollow noise every time he sees that artifact, even just a drawing of it. Part of me feels that Krycek is responsible for it, since he randomly showed up for the billionth time without explanation for what he does. However, Mulder going nuts was very scary, leaving Scully to investigate it herself.

    What was truly inspiring for the show to address was the fact that aliens were responsible for creating human life forms and also for creating the idea of the Bible. Scully seems completely opposed to this idea, with good reason, but that end of the episode, where the camera zooms up and we see a UFO/portal/something strange, we can't help but think, "Maybe this is true?"

    I'd say that the show has a long way to go before it can make up for what it's done with the myth-arc, but this is a great start.moreless
  • Biogenesis is a turning point in the show's mythology and for most of the show's characters. It also incorporates all the elements that make the show great.

    "Biogenesis" combines all the essential x-files themes: science, faith and the pursuit of the truth. But unlike other episodes, it propels Scully's character into the forefront of the quest for extraterrestrial life and forces her to question her disbelief and her scientific and biblical understanding of life.

    Biogenesis is capable of combining the two elements Scully once thought impossible, the bible and extraterrestrial life. The two are literally intertwined in the opening scene on the Cote d'Ivoire when the artifact spins itself into the Bible precisely marking Genesis. Perhaps, such an explicit collision illustrates the degree of force required to overcome Scully's extremely rigid scientific rationalism and belief that she and Mulder have already uncovered "the truth" by exposing the syndicate.

    The beginning of the episode is dominated by Mulder and his decline in reaction to the artifact. This is all set up for the beginning of season 7 and onward. The remainder of the episode and the inevitable discovery in the final scene is left only for Scully to discover. Why is it Scully and not Smoking Man or Mulder who discovers the UFO? The DVD title to the last scene is telling - "The Big Picture." It has been so easy for Scully to write off Mulder's theories one by one in the past, but when she is forced to step back and look at the "big picture," she cannot avoid the magnitude of the implications arising from her discovery. Moreover, Scully has no one to turn to with the discovery. Apparently Mulder is insane. She knows she cannot trust Fowley or Skinner. Ironically, she has taken on the attributes of the "early Mulder" who quickly learned he could trust no one (but now seems to act like an idiot anytime he is around Fowley). It is fitting that when Scully begins to learn of this truth, she is witnessing the Navajo "blessing way chant" that once restored life to Mulder. Albert Hosteen always represented a form of spirituality. Scully has too, to an extent, especially in contrast to Mulder. But here, she tells Dr. Santoz that she does not "share in their faith." Despite the obvious differences between Catholocism and the Navajo faith, had it not been for recent events, Scully would have undoubtedly had faith and not used that as an excuse not to participate. After her discovery, Scully will be able to more freely entertain ideas that once seemed ludicrous to her. Just as Scully has managed to reconcile her faith and her science, her discovery might force her or allow her to merge a third extraterrestrial element into this belief.moreless
  • The first part of three.

    I have to admit that I didn't really like the "Biogenisis" season finale. I thought it was missing too much action in the first thirty minutes. Other season finales (like the one in season four or two) have proven that it is possible to bring in enough action in the first part of three. But what I did like was another guest appearence from my favourite character (look at my nick name) and of the Cigarette Smoking Man alias C.G.B. Spender, even though he just had a four seconds scene.

    All in all a good episode, not the best one, but nice anyway.moreless
  • A great start to an awesome 3 part season ending/beginning

    At first it may be confusing but I really liked this episode. I mean come on whos not gonna love Scully in skimpy clothes and wet with sweat? It's very interesting how this episode plays out and it's rather disturbing what they find. I won't spoil it for you though. I didn't understand why these things happen to Mulder but if you remember the one episode a while ago where he is stuck in that Russian base being experimented on that explains pretty much why this is happening to him. Anyway just go watch the episode, it's a very good season finale.moreless
Sheila Tousey

Sheila Tousey

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Warren Sweeney

Dr. Harriman

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Chet Grissom


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William B. Davis

William B. Davis

Cigarette Smoking Man

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Nicholas Lea

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When Mulder and Scully are examining the artifact in his office, there are pencils hanging from the ceiling tile over Mulder's desk in the background. Presumably this is a habit that Mulder has had at least since the episode, "Chinga," although they cannot be the same pencils since the office burned down at the end of season 5.

    • The establishing outside shot of the Hospital Mulder went to was also used that same year as San Francisco Memorial Hospital on the show Charmed. In this episode, the hospital is supposed to be in Georgetown.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Scully: (Voice over) From space, it seems an abstraction a magician's trick on a darkened stage. And from this distance one might never imagine that it is alive. It first appeared in the sea almost four billion years ago in the form of single-celled life. In an explosion of life spanning
      millions of years, nature's first multicellular organisms began to
      multiply... and then it stopped. 440 million years ago, a great
      mass extinction would kill off nearly every species on the planet
      leaving the vast oceans decimated and empty.

      Slowly, plants began
      to evolve, then insects, only to be wiped out in the second great
      mass extinction upon the Earth. The cycle repeated again and again. Reptiles emerging, independent of the sea only to be killed off.
      Then dinosaurs, struggling to life along with the first birds, fish,
      and flowering plants their decimations Earth's fourth and fifth great extinctions. Only 100,000 years ago, Homosapiens appear man.

      From cave paintings to the Bible to Columbus and Apollo 11, we have
      been a tireless force upon the earth and off cataloguing the natural world as it unfolds to us. Rising to a world population of over five billion people all descended from that original single cell, that first spark of life. But for all our knowledge, what no one can say for certain, is what or who ignited that original spark. Is there
      a plan, a purpose or a reason to our existence? Will we pass, as
      those before us, into oblivion, into the sixth extinction that scientists warn is already in progress? Or will the mystery be revealed through a sign, a symbol, a revelation?

    • Mulder: A fringe theory called "Panspermia." It's the belief that life originated...
      Scully: ...elsewhere in this universe.
      Skinner: You've heard of this?
      Scully: Yeah. It's the idea that Mars or others planets were habitable long before Earth and that cosmic collisions on these planets blasted microbes into our solar system - some of which landed and flourished here.

    • Scully: I don't understand you, Mulder. You're willing to pursue any case involving aliens no matter how tenuous the connection. There has to be some limit to your interest... I mean, this endless pursuit of the truth, Mulder, it just... it doesn't make any sense to me now.

    • Mulder: I am just a hired gun for the FBI.

    • Scully: Mulder... look, after all you've done, after all you've uncovered -- a conspiracy of men doing human experiments, men who are all now dead -- you exposed their secrets. I mean, you've won. What more could you possibly hope to do or to find?
      Mulder: My sister.

    • Scully: Why were you with him last night?
      Fowley: He called me. I found him in a university stairwell. He could barely speak. He said I was the only one who'd believe him-- about an artifact.
      Scully: You're a liar.
      Skinner: Scully!
      Scully: You're both liars.

    • Mulder: Scully, you packing any latex?

    • Scully: Mulder, this, uh, artifact if I'm to believe what I'm being told about it...
      Mulder: What?
      Scully: It has a passage on it from Genesis.
      Mulder: Scully, that artifact is extraterrestrial.
      Scully: Mulder, it can't be.
      Mulder: Did you know what that would mean?
      Scully: No, it would mean nothing, Mulder.
      Mulder: No, it would mean that our progenitors were alien, that our genesis was alien, that we're here because of them; that they put us here.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Although X-Files management was prepared to suspend filming to accommodate the birth of David Duchovny's first child, it proved to be unnecessary. Madelaine West Duchovny was born on April 24, 1999; two days after the filming of Fox Mulder's final scene in this season finale.

    • This episode marks the beginning of the so-called "new mythology".