The X-Files

Season 1 Episode 22

Born Again

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 29, 1994 on FOX
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Episode Summary

After a detective and his former partner die in unexplained circumstances, the accidents are linked to a little girl who witnessed both deaths and Mulder believes that she may be the reincarnation of a policeman murdered by his colleagues.

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  • Nothing much to see here

    The idea is interesting but the script often feels flat. And some of the acting (especially Tony's wife) greatly dilutes this episode's effectiveness.
  • reincatrnation

    Little girl wich appears to be the same as a 25 year old officer killed 9 years ago. Very good acting from everybody especially the little girl. Hypnosis scene was great. No conspiracy this time. Mulder and Scully have a big argument.
  • A man dead for 9 years in a 8 year old girls body

    This was a brilliant X-File about a man who wants revenge called Charlie Morris who was a cop and was killed by some people who have turned up dead.Mulder believes that the girl uses telekinesis but it is true and Charlie comes out of the girl when he has dealt with everyone who killed him.It must of really been weird for Fiore to have killed a man and he comes back in a girls body but all the other x-files will be weird for people because it it what the show is about.moreless
  • Born Again

    This one starts to show the remarkable repetition of themes and scenes from "The X-Files" and is a clear derivative of the episode "1x06 - Shadows." Everything revolves around the little girl's case, possibly able to move objects or demonstrate incredible strength, but in complete disorder, by its very nature is unusual is the shock due to parental divorce. Among various topics, which comes into focus here is the reincarnation, a process that retains the same soul and change their bodies and can store memories of past lives and trauma has not healed. Enabling psychic abilities, the episode playing with the lives and deaths dazzling tracks ranging directing the spiritual beliefs. The end is done through the thighs, was not very convincing due to the easy withdrawal of the "monster of the week", but ends up that well. In the field of actors, the emphasis is on account of Maggie Wheeler, the famous ex-girlfriend of Chandler in "Friends", and the lead couple excellent, of course. Marking the perceived repetition of themes and formulas in the series, is a beautiful 45 minutes of entertainment, even if it does not show anything new.moreless
  • Born Again

    Born Again was another perfect episode of The X-Files. I really enjoyed watching because I was very entertained, there was a lot of character development, and the mystery and intrigue were engaging. The story was well written and the actors were spectacular. This episode is a side story for sure, but it was well worth watching! I like how the story played out and the ending was pretty good as usual. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!moreless
Brian Markinson

Brian Markinson

Tony Fiore

Guest Star

Mimi Lieber

Mimi Lieber

Anita Fiore

Guest Star

Maggie Wheeler

Maggie Wheeler

Detective Sharon Lazard

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Principal setting: Buffalo, New York.

    • Mulder: There was a documented case in the early seventies of a man from Porlock, Ohio, who could influence undeveloped film. He could create shapes on the negative from his mind.

      This won't be the only time we hear Mulder talking about this. In the fourth season's episode "Unruhe" the killer has this ability and leaves behind a picture with each of his victims even before killing them.

    • Towards the end of the episode, when Michelle, the little girl from hell, is wreaking her revenge, she explodes various things, the last being a very large, very full fish tank. It bursts, showering water everywhere, but in the very next scene as Scully goes over to remove the gun, there is hardly any evidence of water at all, just glass and a small damp patch. The guy who was cowering on the floor should have been soaked at least, but there's nothing. Where did all the water go?

    • Revealing mistake: While Scully is doing the autopsy, and tells the photographer to keep on working, she leaves the ruler over the chest of the corpse. If you watch carefully, you will see it moving, as the actor is breathing.

    • Factual Error: When the psychologist discusses the possibility of multiple personalities with Mulder, she doesn't refute his response of "As in Schizophrenia?". Schizophrenia is neither the same as, nor related to, Dissociative Identity Disorder (or "multiple personality disorder"). Schizophrenics suffer from altered perceptions and delusions, such as seeing and hearing things (including voices); those suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder create separate personalities to express themselves, but are otherwise "in touch" with reality.

    • Factual Errors: Buffalo, New York doesn't have a Chinatown.

    • Plot Hole: How did Mulder and Scully get to Buffalo so quickly after Barbala is thrown out the window? When they arrived the crime scene was still being examined and pictures were still being taken. Surely it would've taken time for Lazard to decide to call them and then the case would have to be assigned to them, then they had to get there.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Scully: Pathologists are paranoid by nature.

    • Mulder: There was a documented case in the early seventies of a man from Porlock, Ohio, who could influence undeveloped film. He could create shapes on the negative from his mind.

    • Mulder: [voice-over] The inconclusive results of Michelle's past life regression do not shake my basic belief in hypnosis as a tool for psychological healing. Whether or not it offers us definitive proof of previous lifetimes is another matter. However, in this particular case, all other explanations seem to be even more wanting.

    • Mulder: All evidence suggests that Michelle Bishop IS Charlie Morris.
      Scully: Mulder ...
      Mulder: Short of her growing a moustache, how much more apparent does it have to become for you to accept it?
      Scully: OK. Let's just say that, by some small miracle, you manage to convince Michelle's mother, and the next hypno-regression provides you with everything you could possible hope for. No grand jury is gonna listen to that kind of testimony. We still will not have an actionable case.

    • Scully: Do me a favor, Mulder. Let me say it. Reincarnation.
      Mulder: Metempsychosis, transmigration, reimbodiment, call it what you will.
      Scully: All based on the coincidence that Michelle Bishop and Officer Morris both practice the obscure art of paper folding?
      Mulder: Well, what about the composite drawing and the dolls and the fact that Michelle was witness to two deaths that can be tied to Charlie Morris?
      Scully: So what, you think he's back like Peter Proud to avenge his murder?
      Mulder: It's not so far-fetched, Scully. Reincarnation is a basic tenet of many major religions.
      Scully: That still doesn't explain how an eight-year-old girl can kill two grown men.
      Mulder: Well, individuals with strong past-life memories often exhibit enhanced psychic abilities - ESP, telekinesis.
      Scully: So where does that leave us?
      Mulder: One short step away from proving the pre-existence of the human soul.

    • Mulder: Michelle is eight years old, that means that she was conceived at roughly the same time that Officer Morris was killed.

    • Det. Fiore: Best we can figure, it was some kind of payback.
      Mulder: For what?
      Det. Fiore: Well, around that time, the organized crime division was doing a major sweep in Chinatown.
      Mulder: The Triads.
      Det. Fiore: Yeah. Some very heavy busts went down against the Woo Shing Woo. A lot of smack never made it to the street. You can bet there were some pretty pissed off people playing mahjong that week.
      Mulder: So you think that Charlie Morris was killed as a warning to back off?
      Det. Fiore: I think they picked a cop - any cop - and they whacked him.

    • Mulder: You have the police report describing Morris' death?
      Scully: Yeah, I have what's been declassified. Why?
      Mulder: Does it describe how he was murdered?
      Scully: Yes, I told you. It was a signature hit.
      Mulder: Give me the grisly details.
      Scully: His arm was severed just below the shoulder, presumably by a chainsaw, and his right eye was gouged out.
      Mulder: This is what Michelle did to a dozen dolls in her shrink's office. Hell of a coincidence, wouldn't you say?

    • Mulder: Why is it still so hard for you to believe, even when all the evidence suggests extraordinary phenomena?
      Scully: Because sometimes ...
      Mulder: What?
      Scully: ... looking for extreme possibilities makes you blind to the probable explanation right in front of you.

    • Scully: Looks like a match.
      Det. Lazard: Yeah. Name's Charlie Morris. Officer Charlie Morris. Used to work narcotics out at the two-seven.
      Scully: Do you know him?
      Det. Lazard: No. Before my time.
      Scully: Where is he now? Has he been transferred?
      Det. Lazard: You could say that. Agent Scully, this guy's been dead for nine years. Which means that little girl saw... a ghost.

    • Det. Lazard: Excuse me. Could I talk to you for a second?
      Scully: I just started the autopsy.
      Det. Lazard: Yeah. Um, I don't think he's going anywhere.

    • Dr. Braun: I'm afraid Michelle's diagnosis is not quite that simple. You see, my primary challenge has been to discover the source of her extreme rage. In most cases, it's a traumatic event in the patient's past.
      Mulder: And in Michelle's case?
      Dr. Braun: Occasionally, I would leave Michelle alone for part of our session - with this doll. Each time a new doll, anatomically intact. And each time, she dismembers and disfigures it in exactly the same way. First I thought she was being abused, but after a number of sessions with her parents, I became convinced that there was something else behind Michelle's anxiety. Something much deeper, much more elusive.

    • Mulder: ... and check for burns or lesions on Barbala's body.
      Scully: Why?
      Mulder: Psychokinesis is usually associated with an electrical charge.
      Scully: Are you saying Michelle possesses the ability to psychically project her own will?
      Mulder: How else could a 60-pound kid throw a 200-pound detective out the window?

    • Det. Lazard: I was right outside. I'm telling you, there was nobody else there except for Barbala and the kid.
      Mulder: So you didn't get a description of who the kid saw?
      Det. Lazard: I'm telling you, there was no one else. Listen. The department is treating this as a suicide, but I gotta tell you. I knew this guy. There's no way he did himself.
      Scully: Was he depressed or under psychiatric care of any kind?
      Det. Lazard: No. Only time he ever looked at himself was in the mirror. And he always liked what he saw.
      Mulder: Plus jumpers tend to open the window before they jump.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Scully: So what, you think he's back like Peter Proud to avenge his murder?

      Scully is referring to the 1975 movie The Reincarnation of Peter Proud by J. Lee Thompson. The movie tells the story of a college professor who starts to have flashbacks from a previous incarnation.