The X-Files

Season 7 Episode 16


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 02, 2000 on FOX

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  • A decent monster-of-the-week with enough character development to distinguish it, but not much else.

    "Chimera" is a decent follow up to "En Ami." We get a pop-psychology approach to Mulder through his stay with a suburban family. Mulder is portrayed as somewhat pathetic, and not used to having anyone take care of him. Like in his dream in "Amor Fati" he enjoys the creature comforts of such a life, but here, he doesn't fall into it as a trap. He now understands his place in life. After helping the imaginary boy in his dreams rebuild the spaceship in the sand and then the discovery of his sister in "Closure," he has had to redefine his journey. In "Theef" we see that he still enjoys his investigations into the paranormal and they are still fulfilling to him. The fact that he is quick to abandon Scully is a nice nod to the end of "En Ami" when Mulder, for the first time, felt abandoned by Scully. As confirmed by the very next scene with Skinner, he doesn't really care about his new case and probably was more interested in the one he was on. The actual investigation does take an interesting turn. It provides a somewhat normal and satisfying explanation for everything happening. It falls into a familiar category, though. Most of the villains in tv and the x-files are men. Here, we get a female villain, but like the one in "Schizogeny," she is only acting out of her repressed emotions, as she, herself is a victim. It's sad that we can't have more Lucy Butler's on tv. Overall, a decent MOTW with some decent character development, but not as engrossing or insightful as "Theef."