The X-Files

Season 2 Episode 16

Colony (1)

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 10, 1995 on FOX

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  • "Who's mom talking to? Your

    Great furtherance to the alien mythology. Some ideas presented in this episode would endure for much of the series. The music and storyline have a strong "Terminator" feel.
  • A bounty Hunter is sent to kill a group of clones and Mulder's sister returns.

    This was a fantastic episode when Mulder and Scully find they can trust no one when a U.F.O crashes in the Arctic and the person brought out of it escapes the hospital and starts killing people who are clones of each other.Mulder finds out there is more of them and must get there before the bounty hunter.There is one problem with that because he can turn into anyone so they won't know who he is but the clones know who he is.The bounty hunter changes into many people in the episode like the FBI agent that Mulder sent to the house,he turns into a CIA agent that made Mulder think trust everyone but Scully was right when she said why would he want our help and he turns into a detective and he kills the clones that are keeping safe.Mulder is also shocked with the return of his sister which mysteriously reappears but says the bounty hunter is trying to kill her.This episode was left on a really good cliffhanger when Scully answers the door to Mulder and gets a phone call from Mulder so that means Scully is in trouble and the next episode is going to be really good.
  • Colony

    Colony was a perfect episode of The X-Files because the story was incredible and full of action, drama, intrigue, and mystery. It was funny to see Mulder and Scully playing phone tag the entire time and to see Scully in the field dressed down for a change. I liked where this story went with the alien connection giving us viewers some juicy sci fi goodness to feast our eyes upon. Mulder's family emergency was shocking as was what he learned. I liked how the story played out so far and the ending was definitely a cliffhanger! I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Up until this point, this is my favorite episode/favorite group of episodes.

    Being a newbie to X-Files, I haven't made my way through my show, which makes it even harder to avoid spoilers. People tell me their own personal favorite episodes and moments, and I try to avoid spoiling how the show goes. However, up until this point, I think it's safe to say that this episode, along with End Game, are my favorite episodes of the series to date. They took the mythology of the show to a whole new level by teasing us with the possibility of meeting Mulder's sister who was supposed to have been abducted. However, the episode doesn't begin with this. All in all, this was a well-acted, well-written episode of television.

    It all begins when we meet Mulder being shipped into an ER room. His face is beaten up and it appears he's close to death. The doctors begin warming him up and Scully bursts in, claiming they must let him remain cold, as it's the only thing keeping him alive. From here, we're pulled back in time as we investigate the events leading up to this. There's the investigation into the deaths of identical men who all worked at abortion clinics and the mysterious crash landing of a ship in Alaska that the government sends submarines to destroy. There's also the bounty hunter going around to try and kill the identical men.

    All of these events coalesce into one thrilling plot that would be a shame to spoil. Let's just say that Fox Mulder meets who he thinks is his sister, Samantha Mulder, while the bounty hunter and the identical men have some extra-terrestrial blood in them.

    There's plenty of plot development here, and for the first time in the show, I've liked Skinner. Skinner always seems to be on the brink of believing Mulder, despite everything else telling him not to. It was also nice to see the return of "X," the nameless man from the government who has begun helping Mulder. It should be interesting to see how he keeps helping with Skinner discovering his existence, along with Scully.

    I realize that many of these events happened in the next episode, the second part, but it's hard to review them separately. They're both important to each other and it feels like watching a two hour episode instead of two separate one hour episodes. Either way, all that really needs to be known is that these episodes are some of the best that the show has made up until this point in the show.
  • One of the best of the mythology

    What an amazing episode. Samantha Mulder is back but, is she for real?
    I always hated the fact that Mulder was such a believer that he actually believed (duh) everything he heard, was told, or read and others took advantage of that. However in this episode, they messed with his emotions.
    Mulder was very vulnerable in this episode (unfortunately, it was not going to be the first time). He always felt responsible for his sister's abduction and to have her back was really important that his mind was not clear.
    What a shocker for his mother. Not so much for his father. Who knows if he was involved in this.
    Scully was in danger again and was doing almost all the job. The end scene is priceless, she realizing it may not be Mulder in the door.
  • An excellent episode. It has aliens, bounty hunters and a myth-arc, what's not to love?

    A great episode! I was starting to get a little sick of the mix of simple soap opera drama and monster of the week fare. Finally a story that I was not only pulled into, but left waiting for the conclusion. There has been some talk that this is just a rip off of The Terminator and I agree that there certainly are similarities, but my point here is not to press the point but to point out the irony(?) that the bounty hunter (Brian Thompson) was actually in that movie! He is killed by Arnold for his clothes. Anyways, I digress, an excellent episode and I'm cueing up the conclusion as I type this review! A must watch for fans of the series and fans of the genre in general.
  • They're here, and they need Mulder and Scully's help as they are hunted down by a bounty hunter from their own planet.

    This was a nail-biter for me. First, Mulder gets someone killed--never boring. Then we get caught up in so many stories and so many possibilities, "Trust no one," is more pertinent then ever. That's one thing this show does orgasmically when it does it: it creates an absolute whirlwind of possibilities, so diverse in their content and implications that you're just overwhelmed with the inability to know what to believe. And seeing more of Mulder, that's always good. Watching him with "Samantha" was so painful and beautiful--him not knowing to believe it, wanted (so characteristically) to believe, but in the back of his mind knowing better, not committing to the emotion of reunion. And what an ominous cliff-hanger: Scully standing there knowing she's just let the devil into her hotel room, with him looming there right behind her in sheep's clothing.
  • The mythology in good form

    Having dabbled to great effect in the notion of an ongoing mythology-based storyline, it's hardly surprising that "The X-Files" should dip into that particular well once again. And as the "Duane Barry"/"Ascension"/"One Breath" story arc proved, there's some extremely fertile ground to be uncovered here. It might not make any sense (it sort of does at this early stage of the mythology) but it does make for rattlingly good television.

    "Colony" begins with a breathlessly exciting teaser opener with the comatose body of Mulder being rushed into the emergency room, while outside Scully is shouting at them that to treat him normally will kill him. (Interestingly, as a parallel, she would do the same thing in Season 8's "DeadAlive", proving that if Mulder wants to keep hanging on there, he needs to keep Scully close by.) The only downside to this opener to the monotone inflection of Duchovny's voice. We never doubt his abilities as an actor – and as co-writer of this episode, he makes sure he gets some juicy stuff to work with – but a career as a voiceover artiste is never going to happen. This episode sees the introduction of several important supporting characters in the X Files universe. We meet the rest of Mulder's family – his distant father, his pleasant mother who he clearly has a lot of affection for, and, in the episode's biggest surprise of all, his sister Samantha. As an audience we already know that Samantha's involvement in their ongoing case goes a lot deeper than it appears, but she spins Mulder a story that he believes, mainly because he wants to. (That poster isn't sitting in his office for nothing.) Samantha represents the "good" side of the equation, for earlier in the episode a parallel occurred with the CIA agent Ambrose Chappel also spinning Mulder an equally improbable story that Mulder equally swallowed hook, line and sinker. Because he wanted to. Scully's obvious doubt about all this causes some real friction between the two, but although she complains to him that he's prepared to go so far out on a limb in pursuit of the truth and that she's not always willing to go that same distance, that is actually what Scully ends up doing. Despite her scientific background, Scully has an intuition that she's loath to follow but follow it she often does. Of course the most interesting new supporting character introduced here is the Alien Bounty Hunter. Boasting a Terminator-like unstoppability, he represents a formidable new adversary, and one that actually brings a whole sense of increased danger. He can't be killed, he takes a bullet extremely well, he bleeds green blood that makes your blood coagulate instantly, and he can alter his appearance to look like anybody. How do you stop a foe like that? And although we're not given the answer to the question (hey, this is "The X-Files") we want to know why he's cleaning house, by eradicating all the cloned abortion doctors.

    Full marks to new director Nick Marck for the pace of this episode. It starts off with a bang and it keeps that momentum going virtually all the way through. Mark Snow contributes a pulsating score that ups the ante too. The action only really slows down in the last quarter (as it should) as Mulder tries to get to grips with the return of his long-absent sister. And that's what makes the mythology episodes work so well. The storylines are implausible in the extreme but they are tackled as a proper police investigation which somehow lends it all some greater credence. But the real ace in the hole is the amount that is personally invested for each agent. The "Duane Barry" 3-parter was all about Scully's brush with death, and just as importantly, Mulder's brush with despair at her disappearance. "Colony" ratchets up Mulder's investment by giving him the thing that he has spent all his adult life craving. His sister. Everything that Samantha tells him is designed to push his buttons, and it works. The Mulder family is overwhelmed by the return of Samantha (which you'd expect) but as yet no one has questioned why she has come back at this particular time. There's a huge question mark hanging over Samantha that we see, and which Scully would latch onto immediately. But Mulder can't. At least not yet. We also see Mulder at his most maverick in this episode. Despite being grounded by an angry Skinner, this doesn't even begin to hold him in check. This man is truly obsessed with his search for the truth, which is why he buys Chappel's vaguely plausible story about cloned sleeper terrorist agents. The scene where Chappel explains his story in Scully's apartment is very interesting for the differing reactions of the 2 agents. Scully looks on in disbelief, Mulder looks on in complete belief. The episode ends with one of the great cliffhangers that this series has ever given us. Scully on the phone to Mulder, while he's standing in the room with her. The look on her face as she suddenly clicks that she's in real danger is priceless. And a great way to leave us dangling for a week. But surely there's an even scarier aspect to this episode that is always overlooked? And that's the title. As the episode progresses, bit by bit, we start to learn that all these clones are actually aliens and that they're here to start the colonisation of our planet. Our very existence on our very own planet is in danger. And that's a great cliffhanger in its own right. 9/10
  • I'm Looking For Sarah Connor

    Well, this episode ripped the Terminator series of movies but at least it's a mythology episode so I forgive the writers for cannib... erm "paying homage" to yet another Sci-Fi source. Loved the scene where Mulder and Scully attempt to meet up with the FBI guy at the house of one of the clones. It was particularly well written and directed and it was funny to see Mulder get chewed out by Skinner for getting the FBI guy killed since Skinner acted a bit like the father of someone who had just wrecked the family wagon. A good episode (especially after so many turkeys).
  • I'm Looking For Sarah Connor

    Well, this episode ripped the Terminator series of movies but at least it's a mythology episode so I forgive the writers for cannib... erm "paying homage" to yet another Sci-Fi source. Loved the scene where Mulder and Scully attempt to meet up with the FBI guy at the house of one of the clones. It was particularly well written and directed and it was funny to see Mulder get chewed out by Skinner for getting the FBI guy killed since Skinner acted a bit like the father of someone who had just wrecked the family wagon. A good episode (especially after so many turkeys).
  • Great story, terrible intrusive soundtrack!

    Here\'s a mystery that Mulder and Scully ought to REALLY get their teeth into. What the hell happened to the soundtrack??? Suddenly that \"haunting and atmospheric\" background music has got completely out of hand, and disappeared up its own jacksie! What happened? Did somebody give Chris Carter\'s son a synthesiser for Christmas, and let him indulge himself? Or are alien forces at work here? Because it sounds like nothing on earth! A great two-part story is completely wrecked by the completely over-the-top, bloated, blurting electronic soundtrack. And it never ends! Never! It just goes on, and on, and on, even when there\'s no need for any background \"music\" at all, blotting out what the characters are saying. It\'s like watching it in a room while a bunch of amateur musicians tune up, occasionally breaking off to smash a few pots and pans about! Please God, make it stop!! Rather than enhance the episode, it dominates everything. Pointless swirls of noise while characters are exchanging dialogue, hideous clanky crashing noises and wild electronic drumbeats whenever there\'s some action. And most of it doesn\'t even fit what we\'re watching! At one point, as the cretin behind it discovered a knob that could speed the noises up and slow them down, I thought I was dying as I actually watched it - everything was slipping out of synch! What a godawful racket! It got to the point where I welcomed the ad breaks just to get away from the noise! And yet the story is great - it\'s just that I could never bear to sit through that soundtrack mess again!
  • Mulder writes story


    “Colony” is another two parter. This first part is actually written by David Duchovany (Mulder) and Chris Carter. These two episodes delve in to the Mulder character more and he finds out that his sister ahs returned. His “Sister” needs his help to protect her foster parents for a alien bounty hunter. The alien bounty hunter(the big guy from the Sly Stallone movie Cobra and the first Buffy episode) hunts down a bunch of scientist that look the same down and eventually he kidnapped Skully( Big surprise there folks). Oh, he’s a shape shifter thing and all. This is a fairly good episode that leaves the view waiting for the second part.
  • The one with the clones

    This episode has some very awesome parts but the main arc bored me a little.

    I didn’t care about the clones, alien whatever thing. That when they get stabbed by that hunter they turn into green stuff. I didn’t care about that at all.

    But what I did care about was that Samantha was back…well not really but hey.

    It begins with Mulder being half dead and put into some bath. Effective and confusing.

    Then the episode shows what happened, doctors are dying but their bodies aren’t found and there is no information about them in the past.

    When an agent is send to safe a doctor, he sees the guy killing him and when he shoots the guy some green stuff comes out that makes him die. The hunter changes into him and convinced Mulder and Scully about nothing going on at that place.

    There is something about the green stuff they learn soon, it’s some sort of acid that burns through stuff and makes the blood molecules increase and killing the human who has it.

    When Mulder is called to go to his parents, he sees his long lost sister ‘Samantha’. She tells him that the monster is after her parents and that she is getting her memory back the last couple of weeks. She also says that the hunter is change into anyone he wants and only she can recognise him.

    When Mulder and Scully find the last four clones, they are put in a jail that are ofcourse killed by the hunter later on.

    Scully goes to her apartment and Mulder was able to find her but then someone calls who turns out to be Mulder and not the guy who is standing there.

    To be continued…

    Mulder: I have lived with a fragile faith built on the ether of vague memories from an experience that I can neither prove nor explain.When I was twelve, my sister was taken from me, taken from our home by a force that I came to believe was extraterrestrial. What happened to me out on the ice has justified every belief. If I should die now, it would be with the certainty that my faith has been righteous. And if, through death, larger mysteries are revealed, I will have already learned the answer to the question that has driven me here... that there is intelligent life in the universe other than our own... that they are here among us... and that they have begun to colonize.
  • Samantha is alive!!

    Alright! Now we're getting somewhere! There's been too many 'peripheral' storylines recently.

    OK, a big question now...

    I'm a little confused about Samantha... is she the same woman we saw with the clone who jumped out a 3rd story window? Or is 'Samantha' one of many female clones?

    The reason I ask is because I wondered if the return of his sister was to distract Mulder from the case, or maybe to draw him away from Scully so she could be eliminated. But if the two Samanthas we saw are actually one in the same, then it makes sense that she really was going to Mulder for help.
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