The X-Files

Season 8 Episode 15

Deadalive (2)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 01, 2001 on FOX

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  • Deadalive

    Deadalive was a superb episode of The X-Files. I really enjoyed watching as the story unfolded and Skinner making a decision which may have saved Mulder. I liked the depth of character and plot development and it was touching to watch Scully go through some emotions dealing with what was happening. It was awesome watching Skinner and Doggett work together and it was interesting to see what they found. I liked how the episode ended and look forward to watching more!!!!!!!
  • 3 months after Mulder's death, Scully and Skinner, based on new developments with Billy Miles, dig up Mulder's coffin and find him not dead at all, but more of a zombie on the verge of an alien virus-induced demise.

    What an odd episode. Clearly, the audience never believes for one hot minute that Mulder is really dead. And the method of his resurrection is suspect at best, and outlandishly ludicrous at worst. Perhaps the writers knew they had to bring him back, while still maintaining the tension and suspense, and had no really good idea as to how to make that happen. Still, alot is forgiven when they're returning Mulder to us (and to Scully). Nice to see Krychek again, and very nice to see that they remember his control over Skinner and still use it to forward the plot. Mulder's tricky first exchange with Scully when he awakens is hilarious, and perfect in a way that "I love you" or any other response couldn't have hoped to match. I don't care for the means overly much, but the ends are worth the frustration.
  • brilliant

    i loved this episode because it brought mulder back! yeah!! i just thought it was really interesting but also very sad because at the funeral at the beginning, it was so heartbreaking to watch scully crying! At the end, she's crying again, because this time Mulders alive and shes just so happy!! loved that scene, but i felt abit sorry for doggert because he felt left out but the x-files is about mulder and scully so im happy!! i also love the storyline of alex wanting skinner to kill scullys unborn baby, i just thought it was really interesting and powerful because he could never do that to her!!
  • Total clasic.

    Mulder is ok! Can you believe it? After all those months of searching for him Scully finally finds a cure to help him. Not so lucky is Billy who is turned into a monster. I was so happy to finally see Mulder and Scully properly reunited and it almost made me cry. This episode made me think that possibly Mulder may not make it. Krychek makes an appearence in this episode and persuades Skinner to try and kill Mulder. Doggett takes a beating by Alex Krychek but Scully finds the answer to Mulders condition in the end. Overall love this episode definatly one of the best episodes of season 8. So good to finally have Mulder back well atleast until the end of season 8. Mulder was away too long.
  • Mulder is well and truly back.

    Very odd, and suspicious, three months later Doggett is commended and told he will be transferred off the X-Files. Doggett's hesitation is touching but more so than loyalty to Scully, I think the X-Files got under his skin. I imagine it would be boring to go back to normal cases after working such bizarre ones. Doggett must think carefully, to stay would ruin his career but he is right, when Scully leaves on maternity leave, Doggett will be the only thing keeping the office open.

    Scully comments that the entire Mulder family has been wiped out but if the baby really is Mulder's, then Fox wasn't the last of the Mulders. Mulder is alive, as much as Kersh might wish it otherwise.

    Alex is back and doing what he does best, causing trouble. Putting the nanobots in Skinner is a pretty smart move, makes him controllable.

    I feel for Doggett, after what he's been through building up a relationship with Scully, back comes Mulder and ruins all of it in one shot.
  • Turn Me On, Dead Man

    When the opening teaser depicting Mulder's funeral is immediately followed with Duchovy again getting top billing in the credits, it's obvious that he ain't really dead. Not that he does a whole lot in this episode, either, besides playing dead and then uttering three short lines at the end.

    My biggest criticism of Season Eight is the consistent manner in which Mulder's presence is so carefully rationed and controlled. This is presumably due to contractual issues between Fox and Duchovny and it sucks the life from the season as it is clear that no one, Carter included, knows whether Mulder is coming or going.

    The premise of this episode is ridiculous. Rotting corpses are brought back to life, even after being buried for three months or drifting out at sea for much longer. Wouldn't Mulder's body smell a bit ripe? And how is it that conventional viral treatments save Mulder when up until now there has been so much focus on the magical virus that Krycek is peddling?

    I enjoyed Doggett, for once, when he goes mad-dog all over Krycek. But otherwise, Doggett has little to do in this episode. In fact, his character seems to be morphing depending on what the needs of the story are. One moment he is the tough cynic, the next a crusader bent on saving the X-Files from the Director, and sometimes he even appears a bit touchy-feely as he attempts to protect Scully's feelings. It seems that the producers have no firm grasp on what they want Doggett to be and, as a result, his character is becoming a bit schizophrenic.

    And where is Reyes? Not that I'm complaining, but it's odd that she is introduced in part one but is nowhere to be found in this episode.