The X-Files

Season 8 Episode 15

Deadalive (2)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 01, 2001 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • At Mulder's funeral, there is snow on the ground, so that would mean it was around the end of November, beginning of December at the earliest, so shouldn't Scully have been showing?

    • It seems to me that even if Scully did have power of attorney, if she really believed Mulder was dead (and presumably she did if she allowed him to be buried), then she of all people would want to know how and why he died.

    • Response to Goof: With both of his parents dead & finding his sister's final fate, chances are that Mulder's Power of Attorney would go to Scully. And Scully would not want Mulder dissected like that, so maybe that is why he was buried without an autopsy or any kind of exam.

    • Mulder had been buried for three months by the time that he was dug up. Wouldn't it stand to reason that before his burial an autopsy would have been performed, given that his death was rather unusual? Obviously one hadn't, or he'd have a 'Y' incision in his torso and would be missing (at least pieces) of organs.

  • Quotes

    • Doggett: You can't do this to yourself.
      Scully: You asked me not to come in here, Agent Doggett. I hope you're not asking me to leave.
      Doggett: Concern's for your well-being, Agent Scully. That's all it's ever for. I felt this was a bad idea from the start. I told the Assistant Director so. Worrying about the effect it might have on you.
      Scully: You mean finding Mulder alive?
      Doggett: I know you came in here with the doctors. I'm sure you must have asked them what his chances are.

    • Scully: You'd be crazy to stay, Agent Doggett. This is a huge career opportunity for you.
      Doggett: It's not my career he's got in mind.
      Scully: What do you mean?
      Doggett: In six weeks, you go on maternity leave. Kersh transfers me out, guess what? He gets to lock that door over there for good.
      Scully: You don't owe me anything, Agent Doggett.
      Doggett: They put me down here to find Mulder. I found him. So what? We still got an open file on this case and I got big questions. What?
      Scully: I heard the same speech come out of my mouth seven years ago. Get out while you can, Agent Doggett... or you may never get out at all.

    • Scully: Mulder? (Mulder wakes up) Hi...
      Mulder: Who are you? (He pauses for a moment and smiles)
      Scully: (Laughing) Oh my God... Don't do that to me!

    • Scully: Do you know? Do you have any idea what you've been through?
      Mulder: Only what I see in your face.

    • Scully: I need to see him, I have to see him.
      Doggett: I know you do, but I wish you wouldn't.

    • Krycek: Push of a button, Walter.

    • Mulder: Anybody miss me?

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