The X-Files

Season 2 Episode 19

Dod Kalm

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 10, 1995 on FOX
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Episode Summary

When half the crew of a Navy ship abandon their boat in a life raft and are rescued 18 hours later looking about 60 years older than they should be, Mulder suggests that the ship is caught in a time field which is speeding up their aging.moreless

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  • Dod Kalm

    Like most of Season 2's monster episodes: Great idea, with the end result leaving a lot to be desired.
  • Mulder and Scully investigate a US navy ship where the members have all aged rapidly.

    This was a good episode where Mulder and Scully find themselves in deep trouble when they investigate a US Navy ship where all the members have aged rapidly killing them.The same thing happens to Mulder and Scully within a few hours of them being there and the captain who brought them to the ship.It was bad to see people who are like 28 looking lie they are 90.Mulder and Scully find out that is the water that is causing it so they need to drink untainted water but the captain locks himself in with it leaving Mulder and Scully in trouble.Mulder who appears to be the worst and is really struggling because of his dehydration levels before he came.Scully finds there is nothing to do for him.The ship is also ready for sinking when the Captain drowns.With less than an hour to go Mulder and Scully are rescued and are going back to normal in time.moreless
  • Dod Kalm

    Dod Kalm was a good episode of The X-Files and for me the best thing about it was the Norse Mythology being retold by Scully. I was very entertained as the story progressed. It was awesome seeing both the agents rapidly age. The episode wasn't the best of the series but it was still definitely worth watching. There was some great character development. I liked how every thing played out. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!moreless
  • Moulder and Scully travel to Norway to investigate a ship with rapidly ageing sailors.

    This episode was hilarious. The feeble attempts at speaking my language (Norwegian) had me roaring with laughter. Admittedly they had som lines which were close to the real deal, but mostly the actors sounded like a drunk russian trying to speak a hybrid between Norwegian and Danish. And the Norse apocalypse (Ragnarok) is quite violent, with a great war in which most of the gods die. I mean, get your facts straight.

    As for the episode itself, the parts i could catch between bouts of laughter, I've seen worse. But I've seen a lot better too. The upsides were the Norwegian tavern with the large Norwegian flag and the last scene inside the boat, with the actors showing some real emotion. The downsides were inbetween.

    Oh, and Henry _Trondheim_? I live in Trondheim for crying out loud! It's the third largest city in Norway, and no one has it as a surname. It would be like someone being called Henry New York.moreless
  • A rehash of Ice, Firewalker and Darkness Falls?

    Reading some of the other reviews, I do agree that this is nothing more than a re-hash of the aforementioned three episodes. However, one can't help but be intrigued by the premise, the fact that not only are they trapped on this boat but they're aging at an accelerated rate. Of course, one would be dumb to assume that Mulder and Scully would actually be in danger of dying (they are the main characters, after all, which makes all of this anti-climatic). However, the way they arrive at the point makes everything much better, and there were some truly good scenes here between Mulder and Scully involving death and science.

    I thought it was pretty lame the way the episode ended though. We're given this huge build-up to the point where Mulder and Scully appear as if they're going to die, and with just three minutes left in the episode, they're saved, with nothing resolved and just a few passing lines to explain what happened to the boat. This is also the hundredth time that an episode has ended with one of the two detectives, or even both, in the hospital, waking up after something's happened. It's getting a bit predictable.

    However, for an idea or a concept that the show has done many times now, this was a pretty decent episode of the show.moreless
John Savage

John Savage

Henry Trondheim

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Vladimir Kulich


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David Cubitt

David Cubitt

Captain Barclay

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (14)

    • The last US Navy Destroyer Escort, the USS McMorris (DE-1036), was commissioned in 1960 and sold to Indonesia in 1974 hence the USS Ardent could never have been a DE.

    • Mulder's urine sample is a healthy light and clear yellow. Due to his dehydration it should actually be more of a darker brown.

    • Mulder mentions that Scully's journal is almost out of pages, but she keeps writing in it for at least 14 more hours (the time shown in the onscreen caption later) without seeming to use any more pages.

    • When the Canadian fishing vessel detected the lifeboat from the USS Ardent on its radar, the close up of screen showed the radar image of the lifeboat on the left of the center line, but in wide shots, the image was to the right of this line.

    • Scully's battery theory doesn't make any sense as the positively charged meteor, the sea, and the ship wouldn't form a circuit.

    • Leeds isn't on the coast, so how can a Royal Navy ship disappear between there and Cape Perry? There is a port of Leeds, but it's a canal port. A warship wouldn't be sailing from there.

    • Mulder's treatment worked faster because of Scully's notes on his condition. Because of her notes, they knew exactly what he needed and less exactly what she needed.

    • If Mulder was so much worse off than Scully, how come he looks young at the end when she still has a fair bit of wrinkles? Shouldn't the treatment have worked faster on her?

    • Regarding the captain/alcohol comment:
      She wasn't suggesting that alcohol helped, but rather that he had been drinking alcohol INSTEAD of the contaminated water.

    • Being from Norway myself I know that when Olafsson and Trondheim is talking amongst themselves it is the poorest Norwegian ever. It's impossible to understand what Olafsson is saying.

    • When they are in the bar in Norway there is a Morwegian flag behind the bar. This is not a usual trait for Norwegian bars.

    • Mulder mentions the U.S.S. Eldridge (sp.?) as disappearing from Philadelphia (and later reappearing in Norfolk) "nine months after Roswell", i.e., May 1948. In fact, the supposed incident took place much earlier - in February 1943, according to almost all reliable sources.

    • Scully says that Mulder's dehydration contributed to his aging, so why would drinking alcohol, something that can seriously dehydrate you, extend the life of the captain?

    • It is fair enough to say that eliminating the free radicals from their bodies would stop the aging process but how did they reverse the aging?

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Scully: Something very strange is going on here, Mulder.
      Mulder: Did they let you in to see Lieutenant Harper?
      Scully: Yeah I saw somebody, but whether it was actually the Lieutenant...
      Mulder: What do you mean?
      Scully: He looked about 90 years old. Off by about half a century. You don't seem too surprised.

    • Mulder: Scully, what do you know about the Philadelphia Experiment?
      Scully: It was a programme during World War II, to render battleships invisible to radar.
      Mulder: On July 8, 1944, the USS Eldridge did more than just hide from radar screens. It vanished from the Philadelphia Navy Yard... Only to reappear minutes later, hundred of miles away in Norfolk, Virgina.

    • Scully: I found a children's book of Norse legends. From what I can tell, the pictures show the end of the world - not in a sudden firestorm of damnation as the Bible teaches us, but in a slow covering blanket of snow. First the moon and the stars will be lost in a dense white fog, then the rivers and the lakes and the sea will freeze over. And finally a wolf named Skoll will open his jaws and eat the sun, sending the world into an everlasting night. I think I hear the wolf at the door.

    • Scully: Mulder...When they found me, after the doctors and even my family had given up, I experienced something that I never told you about. Even now it's hard to find the words. But there's one thing I'm certain of. As certain as I am of this life, we have nothing to fear when it's over.

    • Mulder: I always thought when I got older I'd maybe take a cruise somewhere. This isn't exactly what I had in mind. The service on this ship is terrible, Scully.

  • NOTES (2)

    • According to an interview with David Duchovny, he and Gillian Anderson could not stop laughing during the scene where Trondheim yells at the whaling pirate.
      "He kept yelling B'LEAVER! and we couldn't keep a straight face."

    • 'Død Kalm' is an intended foreign-sounding version of "Dead Calm". It is not Norwegian, allthough 'ø' is a letter used in their language. A better Norwegian of 'Dead Calm' is "Dødsstille"


    • Mulder: I think I just lapped George Burns.

      George Burns was a comedian who died in 1996 at the age of 100. When this episode first aired, he was 99.