The X-Files

Season 6 Episode 5

Dreamland II (2)

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 06, 1998 on FOX
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Mulder is thrown in jail at the Area 51 compound but is released when it is discovered that the flight data recorder he stole was a fake. Scully comes to her senses and realises that the Mulder she sees isn't who he really is and heads back to Nevada to help the real Mulder. Meanwhile, the mechanism that caused the body swap is rapidly snapping back, undoing everything in it's wake and Mulder and his alter ego must race to put themselves back where they belong.moreless

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  • Dreamland II

    Dreamland II was another perfect episode of The X-Files. I really enjoyed watching because the characters were awesome, the story was fun, exciting and very well written. There was a lot of character development and it was fun to watch Fletcher as Mulder and he as Fletcher. I liked how Scully handled the situation and tried to find a way to help Mulder. There was action and lots of humor. The whole area 51 thing was kind of awesome as well. This is one of my favorite episodes. I look forward to watching more!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • An improvement over the first part.

    The fun continues in this episode, with Scully finally finding out that Mulder isn't there. ('Baby me one more time, and you'll be peeing through a catheter...' XD) And Mulder trying to get back to who he was before the switch.

    Morris continues to try to fool Scully, but finally she finds out that he wants to stay Mulder due to his homelife. He finally relents and lets Scully get to Mulder and get things back to the way they were.

    The acting is pretty good in this episode as well, and by the end... the interacting between Moose and Squirrel is back to normal =). Nothing, acting wise seemed off from either of them this time, which is good. It was nice to watch an episode and feel like I was watching one, instead of a script reading, which a little bit of the first 'Dreamlands' episode felt like.

    Overall, this episode made me laugh out loud a lot and is definitely worth the watch.moreless
  • Mulder and Morris are still switched over, while Scully tries to figure out how to switch them back

    The two part episode comes to a strange end as we're left with a story that strays pretty far away from the whole myth arc that the show has built up until this point and instead focuses on mixing some sci-fi elements with a whole bunch of humor. I must say, I enjoyed the way the show was able to continually poke fun at the fact that Mulder and Scully have never hooked up, even if it's not actually Mulder trying to hook up with Scully, but sometimes, humor in a show grounded in serious subjects can pull us out of the story a bit, and that's almost what this episode did.

    The episode picks up basically where Part 1 left off.. Mulder is being arrested after Morris (in the form of Mulder) ratted him out to the Area 51 people. However, Scully figures out that Mulder is telling the truth, and we get a long drawn-out plot involving Mulder and Scully trying to get in touch with the source located at Area 51. It felt as if this two part episode could've easily been crammed into one episode, but instead, we get some random stupid scenes involving Mulder and Morris' wife. Did we really need all of that stuff?

    For a two part episode, we also learn surprisingly little about any myth arc stuff. The source that Mulder meets actually admits he doesn't know if aliens exist or not. When in the heck are we going to learn if aliens exist in this show? I'm getting confused after being jerked around so much by the government people, Cigarette Smoking Man and now these Area 51 people.

    I'm hoping Season 6's myth arc improves more, because the way that the end of Season 5, the movie and the Season 6 premiere began, I have high hopes for it.. now we just need some pay-off.moreless
  • better than it's prequel

    Ok I will post some random notes first:

    -I really like the teaser with the home videos

    -I love the look scully gives morris when he asks her to come over for dinner

    -grandma top gun Haha!

    -Special tramp Dana Scully

    -When you see them in the mirror above the bed and Morris says "maybe I like to read the New York Times backwards", that is actually Mulder's voice too not just his reflection. Never noticed that before.

    -Baby me and you'll be peeing through a catheter.

    -If I shoot him is that murder or suicide?

    This is a great follow-up to one of the other great episodes of the series. I really enjoy the teaser with Morris Fletcher voice over giving a biography of Mulder while we watch home-videos of Mulder as a child stomping on his Spock ear that won't stay on. Classic. From here we jump back to the final scene of the last episode with Mulder being taken away screaming "He's not me!" There are so many fun scenes to watch with different interactions like Mulder in the cage with grandma Top Gun driving each other crazy. Then Fletcher's feigned sense of sympathy when Scully gets suspended. I really like the scene in the general's office when Mulder gets off the hook because he gave Scully the wrong flight data recorder and he is completely clueless at first but then slowly starts to play along. I realized while watching that Mulder is better at pretending to be Fletcher than Fletcher is at pretending to be Mulder. Then all of the Scully and Fletcher scenes in Mulder's apartment are also great. I thought it was hilarious when Fletcher is telling Scully that she'll just have to get used to him being there because he doesn't know how to change it back and she tells him to contact his source and see if he knows and Fletcher tells her he doesn't know how to get a hold of him and she's just out of luck and then as soon as he finished saying that the phone rings and its the source. Such a great subtle touch of irony! I loved it. I also really enjoyed listening to Fletcher sing "Let's Get it On" in Japanese and Spanish with the special features on the DVD. Finally the entire scene at the little A'LE'INN with everyone hiding in the bathroom from different people and the same people is great. I think I liked this episode better than the first one but they both are great. I really think that stories and situations like this are what TV is all about even if they seem cliched. I give it 10/10.moreless
  • Even better than the first part...

    This picks up where the last one left off and sees Mulder being taken in by the men in black. Meanwhile Scully finally figures out that Mulder and Fletcher switched bodies. After getting a flight recorder from an informant Scully takes it to our old friends The Lone Gunmen. She tells them about the body switching and they didn't believe her at first but then Fletcher convinced them. You could tell Frohike really didn't like Fletcher, he even called him a punk a*s. Good old Frohike. This episode was just as funny as the last one if not funnier. Like when Mulder asks Scully If I kill him is that Murder or suicide. That cracked me up. I thought the end kinda sucked because no one remembered what happend. It would have been more interesting if it was only Mulder that remembered but oh well. So far this was the best non mytharc episode in the series.moreless
Michael McKean

Michael McKean

Morris Fletcher

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John Mahon

John Mahon

General Wegman

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Dara Hollingsworth

Dara Hollingsworth

Christine Fletcher

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Tom Braidwood

Tom Braidwood


Recurring Role

Dean Haglund

Dean Haglund


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Bruce Harwood

Bruce Harwood


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Goof: The message on Mulder's answering machine was in Morris' voice.

    • A scene of the episode takes place in a bar called the "Little A'Lie'Inn". In Rachel, Nevada there is actually a restaurant/bar/motel called "Little A'Le'Inn", complete with UFO and time capsule just off a road called "The Extraterrestrial Highway".

    • The cover story on The Lone Gunmen newspaper that Morris/Mulder reads is titled "Monica - Minx Or Mandroid," which is yet another humorous reference to the Clinton/Lewinksy scandal of the 1990s.

    • The slip up takes place during the scene after the information leak was notified of the switch between Mulder and Fletcher at the Little A'Le Inn Bar. When Mulder/Fletcher enters his office, the leak says "we shouldn't be seen together." In this scene, over the informants left shoulder, it is possible to see the sound guy for about two full seconds.

    • With a little thought, it's clearly impossible to align the snapping back of the time warp with things staying the same in Washington D.C. If Mulder's apartment is still furnished, then that would mean everything that happened there was still in place (Mulder making out with Kersh's secretary, Mulder's kissing Kersh's butt, etc). But how does this mesh with Mulder and Scully not having any memory of the events? Does this mean they experienced "lost time" and missed those days? But if that's the case, then why is it that Scully says to Mulder that they were able to "slip under Kersh's radar," as if no time had passed at all and their trip was so short that the AD didn't notice?

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Morris(as Mulder): You're gonna miss me when I'm gone.
      Frohike: Yeah, fat chance laughing boy.
      Morris(as Mulder): Back-off sneezy.

    • Morris(as Mulder): If you boys only knew how many of your stories I dreamed up while sitting on the pot.
      Frohike: What stories?
      Morris(as Mulder): Oh, I'm sorry Melvin, that's classified.
      Frohike: The name's Frohike you punk ass.

    • Morris (as Mulder): Baby...
      Scully: 'Baby' me, and you'll be peeing through a catheter.

    • Scully: Agent Mulder has become AD Kersh's new golden boy. He's been tasked with returning the flight data recorder that he and I stole. The son of a bitch confesses to Kersh even more than I do to my priest. I'm just tagging along for the ride.
      Mulder (as Morris): What do you mean, "just tagging along"?
      Scully: I'm out of the Bureau. I've been censured and relieved of my position.
      Mulder (as Morris): No. You can explain it to them like you explained it to me. You have the data. You can make them understand. You can get your job back.

    • Mulder (as Morris): Hey, Chris. Hey, I like the, uh...The, uh... The nose...
      Christine: Ouch! As if.
      Mulder (as Morris): Terry. Buddy. Hey, Terence. Sorry. How's it going?
      Terry: Mom says she's taking out a restraining order on you.

    • Morris (as Mulder): You hate me now, right? Dana, I'm sorry I narced on you to Kersh, but I...I was scared you were going to lose your job.
      Scully: You did the right thing, Mulder.
      Morris (as Mulder): I did?
      Scully: I've been telling you for years you should play more by the book, haven't I?
      Morris (as Mulder): Hey, it's the new me.

    • General Wegman: I didn't mean for it to crash. I just wanted you to see it.
      Mulder (as Morris): Well, why?
      General Wegman: There comes a time when you look back instead of foward, see the sum of your life. My entire career has been spent hiding the truth from the American people destroying, in a way, that which was most precious to me.

    • Mulder: (Addressing the pilot-turned-elderly Native American woman) Hey, Grandma Top Gun, Will you SHUT THE HELL UP?

    • Scully: I'd kiss you if you weren't so damn ugly.
      Morris (as Mulder): (yelling out the window) Take a picture, it'll last longer.
      Mulder (as Morris): (through clenched teeth) If I ... shoot him is that murder or suicide?
      Scully: Neither, if I do it first.

    • Mulder (as Morris): My name is not Morris Fletcher. It's Fox Mulder. Special Agent Fox Mulder with the FBI. Dana Scully is my FBI partner. I am not your husband, we are not married, we are complete strangers and I have a whole other life that I'm desperately trying to get back to.
      Joanne: You know, Morris, most men when they have a mid-life crisis they go out and buy themselves a sports car. They don't run around calling themselves Fox.

    • Morris: (voice-over) Once upon a time, there was a guy with the improbable name of Fox Mulder. He started out life happily enough, as these things go. He had parents who loved him, a cute kid sister. He had a roof over his head, got all his flu shots, had all his fingers and toes and aside from being stuck with the name "Fox" which probably taught him how to fight - or not - he pretty much led a normal life.
      But the worst thing by far - the biggest kick in the slats this kid Fox ever got - was what happened to his sister. One day, she just disappeared. Now, Fox buckled down and worked his butt off. Graduated top of his class at Oxford then top of his class at the FBI academy. None of that hard work made up for his sister, though. It was just a way of putting her out of his mind. Finally, the way I figure it, he went out of his mind and he's been that way ever since.
      Fox Mulder pissed away a brilliant career, lost the respect of supervisors and friends and now lives his life shaking his fist at the sky and muttering about conspiracies to anyone who will listen. If you ask me, he's one step away from pushing a baby carriage filled with tin cans down the street.
      But now, all that's going to change.

  • NOTES (4)

    • The "mandroid army' scoffed at by Fletcher is a sly flashback to the season 3 episode "Jose Chung's From Outer Space".

    • This is the first episode that we see Mulder's bedroom. The question where Mulder slept was discussed rather vividly in the past on the Internet.

    • Scully says to Mulder-in-Morris's-body, "I'd kiss you if you weren't so damn ugly" which is what Zira (Kim Hunter) said to Charlton Heston at the end of Planet of the Apes.

    • Fletcher comments that Saddam Hussein is really a dinner theatre actor named 'John Gillnitz'. The name is a combination of the writers names: John Shiban, Vince Gilligan & Frank Spotnitz.


    • As he is leaving the Lone Gunmen's place, Morris/Mulder contemptuously tells Frohike to "Back off, Sneezy." This is, of course, a reference to the diminutive character from the Disney Snow White story, whom Frohike does actually resemble.