The X-Files

Season 6 Episode 2


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 15, 1998 on FOX
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Mulder is trapped in a car with a man who has developed a serious ear condition which can only be suppressed by driving west at high speeds. As Scully tries to find the cause and a cure for the problem, Mulder and the man get closer and closer to the ocean.moreless

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  • Drive

    Drive was a superb and entertaining episode of The X-Files. I really enjoyed watching because the story was pretty good, the character and plot development was intriguing and the action and suspense were engaging. I liked watching Mulder in a high speed chase under the gun of a guy who needs his help. Scully had some great scenes as well. I liked the ending as Scully is sternly reminded that she and agent Mulder are no longer to work on X-Files. I certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • Mulder is forced to drive at maximum speeds to keep a man named Crump (that is, MR. Crump) alive.

    I'm not sure if this episode was necessarily the best episode the show has done, but it certainly had a high octane feel to it closer to a Hollywood movie than a television show, and despite the way the explanation of how everything happened is left still a little up in the air (appearently, these people heard a sound and it made them go crazy?) it had a fantastic guest star spot by Bryan Cranston and plenty of great car chases and dialogues between Duchovny and Cranston.

    A man is caught driving nearly 100 miles per hour, claiming that he was doing it to save his wife. Mulder and Scully, who have been stuck on junk cases after being pulled off the X-Files and working under an new Assistant Director (a real jerk), quickly discover this mysterious case and Mulder makes sure to get involved, even against orders.

    The episode kicks into a different gear after the man takes Mulder hostage and forces him to drive west as fast as he can. There's a lot of entertaining moments here, particularly the relationship that is born out of Mulder and Crump's interactions I think it's cool to see Vince Gilligan working together with Bryan Cranston before Breaking Bad, and to be honest, you can see some of the frantic madness that Cranston would bring to Gilligan's show nearly a decade later.

    As I said before, the episode certainly wasn't the greatest the show has done, but I was impressed with how exciting it was. The last two episodes have left me feeling good about how Season 6 should turn out. Hopefully, we'll get some good stand-alone episodes to go with the myth-arc ones like this one.moreless
  • Mulder has to drive faster and faster heading west with a gunman in his car.

    For an X-file fan tuning in to see an episode full of aliens and UFO's you'd be hugely disappointed. This was clearly an episode just to make up the numbers. At the start we see the dynamic duo following up on a farmers unusually large fertilizer purchase, as part of their punishment and removal from working on x-file cases. Mulder is so disinterested in it he watches the guys T.V. and sees footage of a high speed car chase. The woman passengers head appears to explode. He tells Scully that they have to go and investigate it against the wishes of their boss Kursch. The man driving ends up in Mulders car and we get half an hour of Mulder driving across California and Scully in a Morgue trying to identify why the womans head exploded.moreless
  • Mulder is stuck in a car with a guy who has a serious headache and the only it can be controlled is by driving west at high speeds. Scully tries to figure out the cause and solution for the problem. Mulder and the man are running out of "west" fast.moreless

    I feel this episode gave an ending that was unique to the normal X ending. I realize that it takes a fairly strong script to keep a "car ride" interesting, and they did just that. Not only was it interesting, but very "edge of the seat" anxious tension. Even though there was fear for Mulder, there was more fear for the rear seat passenger. Also, anyone who has ever suffered from migraines, or any severe headaches, can truly empathize with the feller who's head was about to EXPLODE! I can say there has been more than one occasion I felt my head was about to relieve itself from the pressure inside. Thus, watching this episode was almost physically painful, but not because was bad, but because of feeling for the poor guy. I find the ending was terribly sad. I would put this episode in the Top 200 for sure.moreless
  • Go West Young Man

    Another romp in the Southern California sun for the formerly rain-drenched X-Files crew. Like the previous episode, this episode is slickly produced and it moves with an assured, easy grace from its exciting beginning to its shocking end. The cinematography continues to be gorgeous by late 1990s TV standards, bright and crisp with nicely saturated colors. The special effects are better than ever. Overall, this episode is a real treat to watch.

    The story isn't much to write home about and there are a fair number of plot holes (e.g. why is only one ear affected for each of the victims?) but the episode is so entertainingly written and paced that we can forgive the rather hokey story. This is pure popcorn TV.moreless
Bryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston

Patrick Crump

Guest Star

Michael O'Neill

Michael O'Neill

Patrol Captain

Guest Star

Harry Danner

Harry Danner

CDC Doctor

Guest Star

James Pickens Jr.

James Pickens Jr.

Assistant Director Kersh

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • The light during Mrs. Crump's autopsy is not near adequate. Scully wouldn't be able to see much of the head wound, and certainly not if there was any gunshot residue.

    • 8:15 Scully turns the page in Crump's arrest report, both pages are exactly the same.

    • Someone mentioned that the mileometer is changing, well... After stealing the car from the gas station, the first time Mr. Crump asks Mulder to go faster, the mileage counter is in about 405.78X (I missed the last number). The next time Mulder speeds up, you can see that the counter reads 106.138 miles, that would be like 300 miles lost. Hmmm... if Fox finds it exciting when they lost time, what would he feel like if he realize that they lost space too?

    • When Mulder and Scully come to a suspect's door, he asks if they are Jehovah's Witnesses to which Mulder responds that he has a copy of the 'Watchtower' for him.

      The 'Watchtower' is a semimonthly journal of Jehovah's Witnesses, which is usually placed along with the 'Awake'- another religious magazine.

    • Many of Scully's actions at various times are inconsistent with her training both as a criminal investigator and a medical doctor. For example, she can often be seen handling potentially contaminated items, and even performing autopsies, without gloves!

    • If the so-called ELF waves destroyed the inner ear, then it should destroy BOTH ears, but we see in the episode that only one side exploded.

    • As if she hadn't learned from season 2's 'F. Emasculata', Scully should know not to go poking around in Mrs. Crump's ear without eye or mouth protection; especially when the cause of death is unknown.

    • Watch the odometer in Mulder's car. When we first get a shot of it the counter is at about 2092, then when he runs out of gas it is at 2043.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Mulder: Now the sun will rise in America tomorrow regardless of whether we're at yet another farm investigating yet another enormous pile of doo-doo.

    • Crump: Sorry about that Jewish thing. One can't help who he's born under.
      Mulder: Is that supposed to be an apology, you son of a bitch?

    • (Kersh is reading a list of all the expenses they accrued during the pursuit of this case. Mulder looks annoyed.)
      Mulder: Why don't you bill me?
      Kersh: I'll bill your partner instead. You too obviously relish the role of martyr.
      Mulder: Okay, so are we done here? Back to the bozo work, investigating huge piles of manure?
      Kersh: You can always quit.
      (Stare-off. Mulder leaves, slams door behind him)
      Scully: Sir, Agent Mulder has been through a lot.
      Kersh: You apologize for him a lot, I've noticed that about you.
      Scully: I'm not apologizing for this. Because of his work, the DOD is shutting down their antennae array in northeastern Nevada. Our participation in this case has saved lives.
      Kersh: I don't see you proving that ... Don't misunderstand me, Agent. I don't care if you and your partner saved a school bus full of doe-eyed urchins on their way to sunday bible camp. You no longer investigate X-Files. You are done.

    • Scully: Mulder. Are you okay?
      Mulder: Yeah, aside from terminal cell phone withdrawal. That and I gotta pee.

    • Crump: What are you doing?!
      Mulder: What? What am I doing?
      Crump: What the hell are you doing?!
      Mulder: I'm composing a sonnet. What does it look like I'm doing? I'm slowing down for a light.

    • Farmer: Figure I got better things to do with my fertilizer than blow government buildings sky high.
      Scully: No, well as we said this is just routine.
      Mulder: (mutters) So routine it numbs the mind.

    • Mulder: Why didn't you tell anybody? Why didn't you tell the police?
      Crump: Oh, geez.
      Mulder: I don't know how well you recall the last 30 seconds, but your life is in my hands regardless of whether or not you hold that gun.
      Crump: It's right here, boy.
      Mulder: Just tell me everything you know. That may be the only way I can help you.
      Crump: You people put me here!
      Mulder: Shut up! I'm guessing we got two or three miles before the roadblock.
      Crump: What roadblock? I got rid of the cops.
      Mulder: Check your window.
      Crump: Oh, God...Man, if we get stopped...

    • Scully: Mulder, we're not going to Nevada.
      Mulder: Come on, Scully. Just one quick side trip.
      Scully: No. Sorry, Mulder. We have a whole new assignment.
      Mulder: Running down people that buy fertilizer? This is scut work, bozo work--This is the F.B.I. equivalent of being made to wear an orange jumpsuit and pick up trash by the side of the highway--they mean to humiliate us.

    • News Reporter: We interrupt this program for a breaking news bulletin.
      90 miles and counting, that's how far officers of the Nevada highway patrol have pursued the blue car on your screen. In a wild chase right through the heart of Elko at speeds approaching 100 miles an hour. Live on the scene in Carlin is Chuck Pickering in the Fox 11 news chopper. Chuck, what can you tell us?

    • Mulder: (to Crump) On behalf of the International Jewish Conspiracy, I'd like to inform you that we're running out of gas.

    • Crump: You know, what kind of name is Mulder, anyway? What is that, like... like, Jewish?
      Mulder: Excuse me?
      Crump: Jewish... It is, right?
      Mulder: (Angry) It's Mr. Mulder to you, you peanut-picking bastard.

    • Mulder: Crump? Crump, what else can you tell me about what's happening to you?
      Crump: Mr. Crump. You call me by my last name, you say "Mister" in front of it.
      Mulder: "Mister." I got you.
      Crump: Not Crump - Mr. Crump.
      Mulder: I can think of something else I'd like to call you. I could put "Mister" in front of that, too if you'd like.

    • Mulder: Crump? Is this what happened to your wife? This same thing? If you stop moving, you die? I think I saw this movie.

  • NOTES (8)

    • This episode guest stars Bryan Cranston, and was written by Vince Gilligan. Years later, Vince Gilligan would create the highly acclaimed series Breaking Bad, which stars Bryan Cranston.

    • The opening footage is done in the style of a news report.

    • The ELF communications system, Project Seafarer, was not simply invented for this episode. It actually did exist, although not in Nevada. The two antennas were located at Clam Lake, Wisconsin and Gwinn, Michigan. Seafarer was the subject of many protests about the environmental impact of ELF waves. In 1984 a federal judge halted construction and operation of both sites pending further environmental testing, but this ruling was overturned by an appeals court. The US Navy spent $25 million studying the environmental impact and came to the conclusion that any effects were similar to those produced by power distribution cables. Needless to say, many people refused to accept these findings, claiming a government and military cover-up and leaving the whole subject perfect for use as an X-Files story. During the late 1990's, Project Seafarer was increasingly seen to be obsolete as improvements in communications technology rendered the use of ELF waves unnecessary. Seafarer was discontinued and dismantled in September 2004.

      Seafarer was preceded in 1968 by Project Sanguine, which proposed to use buried transmission lines spread over 22,500 square miles. Sanguine was nearly abandoned in the 1970s, but was revived as Seafarer by the Reagan administration.

    • Writer Vince Gilligan is a huge fan of Junior Brown, a country music singer/songwriter/steel guitar player. Gilligan put up his own money to fly Brown in from Oklahoma so he could play the part of farmer Virgil Nokes in this episode.

    • In the shot where Crump throws Mulder's cell phone out of the car, the actor actually threw a real cell phone out of the window.

    • The American Society of Cinematographers called "Drive" the best-filmed hour of episodic television of the season. Director of Photography Bill Roe received the award.

    • The X-Files casting director Rick Millikan called in Bryan Cranston for an entirely different role. Due to some miscommunication, Cranston was under the impression that he was going to read for the part of Patrick Crump. He even grew a beard and a moustache. He nailed the role so perfectly that Millikan had no choice but to cast Cranston as Crump.

    • In yet another reference to writer Vince Gilligan's girlfriend Holly Rice, the gas station where Mulder steals the station wagon is named "Holly's".


    • Mulder: Crump? Is this what happened to your wife? This same thing? If you stop moving, you die? I think I saw this movie.

      This is quite obviously a reference to the film Speed starring Keanu Reeves, Sandra Bullock and Dennis Hopper, in which a bus is wired with a bomb that would detonate if it's speed dropped below 50 mph.