The X-Files

Season 2 Episode 17

End Game (2)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 17, 1995 on FOX

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  • the one with the clones, part II

    The second part of this two-parter was much stronger. But it still didn’t keep me from being annoyed by the hunter and the storyline, also Samantha turning out to be a clone as well was very unnecessary.

    It begins in a submarine, some men are being attacked.

    Then where Scully ended, she knows that the Mulder who is standing in front of her isn’t the real one, She tries to escape but he knocks her out and takes her as hostage, He wants Samantha in stead.

    When Mulder trades Samantha for Scully, they fail to kill the hunter and they fall into the water. The next day, they found Samantha’s body who begins to rot and turn into some green fluid.

    Mulder is sad about his sister’s death and her dad gives her some sort of a card, it turns out that she was just a clone. Of Samantha? Probably.

    Mulder tries to protect the women but he’s knocked out by the hunter while he kills all the clones.

    Mulder then goes to a place where he might find the hunter, who he then shoots and that same fluid comes out of him that almost kills Mulder. Then the hunter throws Mulder out of the machine and it launches away.

    While Scully tries to find out where Mulder is, she asks Skinner for help but he doesn’t want to at then. Then he does, he beats up X and makes him talk.

    Back to the hospital where this all began, Mulder is saved by Scully.

    The episode was very well written, but I still dislike the storyline. It irritated me a little for some reason.
    But that doesn't keep it from being good.