The X-Files

Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 10, 1993 on FOX

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  • Something was missing

    An interesting marriage between conspiracy and eugenics. Not one of the better episodes, but good enough to hold its own.
  • here we have a filler

    Here little girls tries to kill Scully, these are mean little girls. Very good chemistry of the X-file pair. No conspiracy though,
  • Good thriller one

    I liked the plot and the story and thriller

    also the Eve actress I liked so much, I remember her from Desperate HouseEVES :)
  • Almost a Great Episode

    This episode gets off to a great start; at first, it seems like the viewer is in for a routine vampire story, but it quickly becomes apparent that the victims' bloodloss is a much more believable crime. Through the first half of the story, the writing is very well-done, as little-by-little, the clues to the mystery unfold. Unfortunately, the closer the end is, the more the story breaks down and becomes silly. Murderous little girls, blood-draining/poisoning clones indeed. What was shaping up to be a fine mystery ends as an eye-rolling dud.

    THIS EPISODE WANTS US TO BELIEVE IN: Government cloned gals with the urge to kill.


    Would Mulder really taste some green stuff he happens to see sticking on a table in a restaurant just to see what it was? Did he learn that in the Academy?
  • cloned girls

    Mulder and Scully investigate two murders that happened at the same time but are 1000 miles apart and the two fathers that have been murdered both have daughters that look identical.Mulder and Scully find out they have been cloned and so have many others.They aren't as innocent as they look.Also Mulder and Scully find themselves in danger when they have the girls in custody but Mulder saves them both.When the two girls get locked up in the criminally insane facility I definitely felt that they belonged there.
  • Eve was awesome

    The proof of the excellent quality of the scripts of the first season is very explicit in this brilliant episode about cloning, artificial insemination and beings created in the laboratory. Of course we always loose ends remained to be left until the brightest Hollywood script, but try to solve them in series with various theories with the help of our heroes, very professional in this chapter, it is very enjoyable and exciting. Considering the existence of beings superior to humans and their 46 chromosomes, the episode plays with this hypothesis and ends up creating a great mystery surrounded by unethical medical, introduce us to Dr. Kendrick and his project, "Litchfield", whose main objectives aimed at using cloning generations and artificial, in the hope of ending infertility and to better develop the limited human capacity. Adding more chromosomes and increasing the number of genes, unusual beings in intelligence, strength and agility would be created, but side effects occur as the increase of depression, suicidal tendencies and then murderers. Are genetically artificial killers with great ability to kill and manipulate, which is shown to us in a very unusual here. A lot of research first, Great suspense and run (but without being so awesome like that) and questions about artificial life, which becomes increasingly present in our day-to-day, provide a more intelligent of the episodes of the season.
  • Eve was Entertaining!

    Eve was another perfectly entertaining episode of The X-Files. I really enjoyed watching because the story was interesting and engaging. There was a lot of cool details that made the scenes amazing. It was also nice to see Harriet Harris guest starring and her character was perfect for her. I liked how Mulder out Foxed the girls near the end after they tried to run away. In the end, Eve 8 seems to have quite the determination to get her hands on the girls. I love how the endings of the episodes are some what open ended. I certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • "Eve" is amazing!!! The exact reason I watch this series (litterally concidering it was the first episode I saw and the episode that got me utterly hooked on the X Files)

    "Eve" is nothing short of a masterpiece. An amazing episode with great suspence and some of the greatest writings of the series. The Eves are probably my favorite (or among my favorite) 'Monsters of the Week'. The episode was exciting from beginning to end and Eves 6, 9, and 10 were terribly gruesome and had great performances given by their actors. I can still recall my suprise when Cindy answered the door to ehr house and I saw that she looked identical to Tina. Plus the girl's kidnappings were corregraphed in an excellent way that kept me at the edge of my seat. All in all, "Eve" was a great installment.
  • Argh! Forget the scary girls, it's the bunnies I worry about!

    As we all know, the female of the species is more deadly than the male. Especially when they know how to play cute. Scary little kiddies are always creepy, even before they start using terms like “exsanguinate”. We've got some nice dramatic irony as Mulder and Scully blatantly fail to realise that Tina and Cindy are clearly hellspawn. They're faking it! They're not really crying! Good grief don't drink the non product placement generic soda! Argh! I'm turning grey just thinking about it! I was a bit peeved that we didn't get to see them blending in with generic moppets on a school bus. Goodness knows how Mulder worked it out. But then that's why he's a profiler and I'm not.

    Eve 7 was sadly underused. She goes from being evil genius to vaguely boring. Look how she has manipulated people in order to make the twins of evil! See how she has evaded capture! Marvel as she suggests drug therapy and being nice to, right. If you were an evil child would you choose homicide or Ritalin and counseling? Seriously?

    The end? I quite like that Cindy's Mum rejected her. What with the patricide and all. But Eve 8 just strolling in? I was entirely unconvinced that no one has ever got a decent look at Eve 6. I mean, we did. That's a bit of a plot hole for you.
  • Young identical twin girls, the product of top secret Cold War era research on cloning, develop heighten strength, speed, intelligence and a drive to kill.

    A great episode that remains one of the most popular of the series. Fox and Scully's investigation into two similar suburban murders, takes them into a delisiously creepy tale of Cold War era eugenics, human cloning and two seemingly innocent little girls. Of, coarse the true nature of the girls is anything but innocent and combination of a traditional FBI murder-kidnapping investigation with creepy sci-fi elements is some of the best seen on network television. True, the science is a bit off at times and the ending begs a proper follow-up that never really happened. However, if you want to see how great the series was early on, this is a perfect example.
  • Scary little murderous girls

    Two men seemingly unconnected are both murdered in teh same way. Both with their daughters nearby only away for about five minutes. They also have another similiarity their daughters are identical. Mulder and scully come to learn about the adams and the eves. german expirements. all identical. and someones continuing the work. The girls eventually are brought together by another eve an older one who dies under mysterious causes. the same way the girls dad's died. poison. Mulder and Scully decided to look after the girls until somehting else can be aranged. The evil girls try to poison mulder and scully's drinks at a truck stop.
  • A great first taste of clone mystery.

    Clones are a pivotal part of the X-Files mythology, and this episode gives the subject a nice start. It's bleak and full of twists, like any good serious X-Files episode, and furthermore, the Eves are utterly convincing.

    If it's indeed true that the Olsen twins were first considered for this episode, I'm glad they ended up with the Krievens, because the girls are perfect. Not too cute, not too sassy, just perfectly too cold and calculating for two little girls.

    Once again, the secret government project is behind it all - and this is one of those episodes where it really seems like there's more going on than anyone can possibly imagine. Solid X-Files stuff.
  • "I was beginning to suspect the girls."

    There is much to love about "Eve." Moody and evocative settings (BC subbing for the Bay Area and Connecticut), a cautionary tale about cloning, scares in all the right places, and a final scene that knocks you out. Plus you get to see Scully and Mulder play mom and dad with kids... and who doesn't love that?

    Why can't I give it a perfect score? Because there are a few plot twists that defy logic. For one thing, Scully's detective work is below average in a few crucial moments. In one scene she correctly suspects the right killer, only to trust him/her later in a way that doesn't make sense. Plus there is a scene at the end where the killer tricks Mulder and Scully in a way that they should be able to see through. It's a great scene from a creative standpoint, but logically any good detective wouldn't trust what's going on.

    That said, this is still one of my fave episodes of the series. Definitely in my top 10.
  • Great Ending, very unexcpected!

    Eve! One of my all time favorites. Seeing Scully work with children was just adorable. When she, Mulder, and the Eves walked into the restraunt they all looked so cute together, like a family, a very disfunctional family, but still. This episode had a lot of exciting moments and a very intense plot line. The way they gave their audience information was very subtle. The ending really surprised me, which is good. There were many Mulder+Scully moments , which as a shipper is what I enjoy so that was very nice. The characters in this episode also seemed well developed. In short, this episode had a well thought out plot line, well developed characters, a few romantic moments, and an exciting ending.
  • A well-done episode that explores the dangers of cloning, especially when you accidentally give your clones extreme homicidal urges.

    Mulder and Scully go to investigate a strange case that involves two supposedly alien (according to Mulder) human exsanguinations that took place on opposite sides of the country. The only connection between the two murders are the daughters of the victims, who are identical, even though they have never seen each other before. Mulder discovers that the girls are actually part of a strange experiment in cloning, and it has made them anything but ordinary little girls.

    The episode is very well-done. The concept is solid and fleshed out enough to be believable, making it a welcome change from some of the previous episodes in the first season. It may not be the best episode ever, but it is a solid addition to the show.
  • The Eve Girls

    This was one of my favorite episodes of this series. In the beginning they believe the girls to be innocent little girls, but then they learn they are from it. And trying to poison the agents, was priceless, Mulder figured it out and stopped scully before she drank too much, and it was funny when they tricked the girls into thinking that they had left, while mulder was in fact hiding to catch the girls. The end of this episode kind of left the impression that they could do another episode based on the girls, because a doctor comes to visit them and it's in fact another one of the Eve girls.
  • One of my favs from Season 1

    This is right up there with Fallen Angel and Ice for me. This episode was really thrilling and it kept me guessing the whole time which was cool. The Adam and Eve project is a little foreboding (thinks ahead to season 8 - 9) and kinda creepy. Makes you wonder what Mulder and Scully would find if they investigated further. It's really surprising how Scully acts in this episode, she almost seems to believe Mulder which doesn't happen often. The end was kinda scary though, I was thinking "Holy crap are they gonna die now???", Can't say for spoilers but I was definitely thinking something very bad was going to happen. I liked the ending, and it again shows how clever mulder is. Very good episode and I really loved it.
  • “Mulder, why would alien beings travel light years through space in order to play doctor on cattle?”

    This is one of my more favorite episodes of the first season. Eve is, in many ways, both a MOTW episode and a mythology episode as it is the first to deal with post-Cold War eugenics which would become a mainstay of X-Files mythology, albeit, clumsily. Eve is not by any means a remarkable episode, but that does not detract from the fact that it is highly entertaining. It is fun seeing Mulder and Scully play Dad and Mom--if only for a few minutes. Psychotic children cannot help but be entertaining. The misdirection plays out well in the first portion of the episode keeping you guessing until the pivotal scene in which all is revealed. Eve does have its flaws, most notably Mulder’s brilliant exercise in subtly in the parking lot of the truck stop. However, the little girl’s are deliciously creepy in their portrayal of Teena and Cindy, as is Harriet Sampson Harris, who is usually wonderful, but portrays the grown Eve’s with a superb sinister feel. My biggest regret with this episode is that a sequel was never made, Eve’s ending was ambiguous enough to easily allow the subject matter to be re-explored at a later date, unlike Squeeze which was fine as a lone episode, Eve was crying out for a sequel.
  • A well written if unremarkable little tale

    This is well written, well acted classic X-Files, but it suffers from the average feeling that surrounds it. There's nothing especially memorable here. However, the ideas are good, and the concept of all Eves and Adams is a creepy one. I read the novelization of this episode about a year ago, and after watching it now, I think the book is better - the only bit I remembered from the story was the girls poisoning the drinks. The final bit is quite eery too - "We just knew."
  • Good but not in my top ten

    This episode is intellectual and thought- provoking. I like the ambivalence of the ending. I felt that some parts were slow and drawn out, but overall this is a good one. The twins that are casted are excellent. They are creepy- even creepier than the Olsen Twins and much better actresses! Mulder definately shows his softer, parental side in this episode- even if it is for a brief moment. I like the concept of this idea and find it to be unique and interesting. I am very curious to know where the writers come up with their ideas because this one is original!
  • Attack of the Clones

    My favorite X-Files episodes are usually ones which are psychologically creepy, and not the ones that are full-on blood and violence. Eve falls into the former category, as it's an episode that's as genuinely nasty as it is psychologically sinister.

    The freaky-factor is undeniably raised thanks to a phenomenal guest performance from Harriet Sansom Harris, who plays several adult Eve's. Despite all being the same person, she gives each Eve a different personality, with Eve 6 being a yellow-teethed psychopath, Eve 7 slowly slipping into madness and only behaving normal due to drug use, and Eve 8 being calm, reserved and determined to keep her family going. The two young actresses playing the twins are also pretty good, but they grate a little when acting evil. I imagine it was difficult to find identical twin actresses who look creepy for the roles in Vancouver though, so I at least give the casting directors credit for what was undoubtedly a tough job.

    Eve is also intriguing as the storyline continually surprises you, with the teaser suggesting some kind of vampiric bad guy, then a UFO connection, then a serial killer, until we finally realize the girls were behind it all along because of a fertility group cloning program. It's a cleverly written script, which keeps the audience guessing and never lets up.

    The only downpoint to the episode is the fact that there isn't a follow-up to this storyline. Unlike Squeeze for instance, Eve is screaming for a sequel, and it's ultimately disappointing that this clone army plot never resurfaces, as it would have worked really well.

    Director: Fred Gerber
    Writers: Kenneth Biller, Chris Brancato
    Rating: B
  • Two mysterious and identical murders on opposite sides of the states, two identical girls that never met, and a shady invetro clinic.

    This was the first episode I ever saw of the X-files. The creepy twins, the bold red-head, and the attractive Mulder were enough to grab my attention, and the twisted plot line kept it.

    Probably not one of the best episodes of the show, but one I never tire of seeing. The idea of genetic manipulation has created facinating arguements and add to that creating multiple copies of this genetically altered person and running tests on them. We've come a long way from the days of Adam and Eve.

    My favorite part, when Mulder knocks down Scully's drink and the look she gives him.
  • Eve is a decent enough episode, but all in all a rather unremarkable episode.

    Eve, credited to the writing duo of Kenneth Biller and Chris Brancato, doesn't reach the low levels of the season, but it never achieves much higher than mediocre either. However a mediocre episode of The X-Files, especially before we hit season seven, is usually far better than a mediocre episode of many other shows.

    What Eve does well is creep you out, and thats thanks to the odd little girls that play the parts of Cindy and Tina. Those two are really creepy to watch, which fits perfectly well within the confines of the show. The story itself isn't bad at all, but it just sort of seems to slowly plod along until the big reveal that the girls are the guilty ones, and really that shouldn't come as a big shock to anyone watching.

    Not bad at all, but as I said elsewhere, truly a rather unremarkable episode.
  • annoying little kids, which need a damn good slap of their mums and dads

    Eve was an episode that got right on my nerves. This is another episode (There’s quite a few of these) that has some annoying kids in them that run round and succeed at being evil. Mulder and Skully investigate some murders and then find out they are related by the murder victims daughters, which happen to look exactly the same. Queue talk of clones and lots of action with annoying little kids, which need a damn good slap of their mums and dads. At first the episode looks that it could be quite good as it looks like it’s to do with cattle mutilations on people, but as soon as you bring the little brats in it all went pear shaped. Avoid.
  • A good episode with a big creep factor

    I watched this one again and was struck by the way the girls portraying the young Eves appear so evil whilst being cute as buttons! There is something extremely chilling about beautiful evil - it shouldn't exist, but it can fool everyone.

    I also love Harriet Harris, who is probably best known for her performances as Frasier's agent and on Broadway as Mrs Meers in Thoroughly Modern Millie, but here proves that she can be just as real as anyone else and can play good and bad in the same scene.

    The story itself takes some swallowing, though it's built up nicely by the two cases 3,000 miles apart happening in exactly the same way. It definitely keeps you wanting to watch.

    I read in one of the trivia sections that the Olsen twins were supposed to play the Eves. I'm so glad they didn't. They might well have managed it, but the twins that were actually cast were brilliant.

    A good one!
  • Dark, spooky XF at it's creepy best.

    I love this installment of my favourate show. It has just the right mixture of creepiness and conspiracy. For me children capible of killing are the ulimate scare and this episode is a classic example of this. The girls are truely chilling and the older eve's are pretty freeky too. The story line is XF plausible and the writing and science is generally good too. I was also pleased to see deep throats involvement linking this stand alone back to the conspiracy arc, reminding us that the XF is more than just aliens.
    This all round good episode is capped off with some great lines from Mulder and Scully.
  • The one without Adam only Eve's

    This episode started off pretty slow, the teaser was ok showing a girl close to her dead dad with some poker-holes in his neck.

    The story was interesting though silly. It didn't make a lot of sense, a prison for only Adam's and Eve's? I was disappointed not being able to see the Adam's. The Eve's were two killer girls who lived apart and didn't know each other until one day that their dads end up dead at the same time and at the same way. It had a few plot holes like, who killed their dads? why was there some red light? but all in all the episode got more exciting towards the end. What I don't get is how Eve 8 came into the prison without anyone noticing she looked like the other Eve's? that was just silly.

    The episode was good but without some cheesy scenes it could have been better. My favorite moment was when they tried to poison Mulder and scully.
  • The murders of two men on opposite US coasts are found to be linked to together in that each had a single child, daughters who are identical. They are linked with others of the longdead Litchfield Experiement, and, as Mulder and Scully discover, innocenc

    This is another outstanding episode, tying together government conspiracies which can lead to greater discoveries ("Gethsemane," in season four, and the super soldiers of the late seasons). Also, this type of conspiracy is a bit more down to Earth and belivable in comparison to Mulder's "little green men."

    The shot selection of this episode is phenomenal. Choker close-ups through window bars and darkness hiding as much truth as it does scenery highlight some of the cinematographic achievements of this episode.

    The writing isn't nearly as clever as one would first think. Who wants to think little girls would kill their fathers? No one, but it's clear from the beginning that the girls are all that links these two murders, and after the first visit with one of the Eve girls Mulder and Scully fail to pick up on the fact that without evidence of any sort of criminal in either entry, the girls are the only reasonable people to be considered as having access to both the dead men, but who wants to believe little girls could commit such a terrible crime?

    Finally, in the middle of season one, "The X-Files" begins to show real promise.
  • Double trouble

    This is probably one of Season One’s most consistently entertaining episodes. If you didn’t know “The X Files” and wanted to watch an episode that encapsulated what the programme is all about, then “Eve” is as good a choice as any.

    In what transpires to be a highly convoluted story, but one that is actually very well constructed, our intrepid agents find themselves exposed to an experiment gone very wrong with the repercussions being perpetuated by one of the guinea pigs. Mulder rather typically sees it as a UFO related crime but Scully’s more rational explanation – 2 serial killers working in tandem – actually proves to be the correct assumption. But does she get credit for it from her partner? Interestingly, this aspect of Mulder’s character (he indeed does appropriate her theory at a later stage) doesn’t seem to bother Scully in the slightest. She is more concerned with solving the crime. Credit is not an issue for her.

    The concept behind this episode is a delicious one, that of 2 young girls being unspeakably evil and playing at murder. The psychic link between the 2 is probably the hardest thing to buy about this story, but the 2 actresses playing Tina and Cindy strike just the right note. You do truly believe that they are little monsters. And the accompanying backstory of the Litchfield Experiment and invitro fertilisation adds substance to the story (interestingly as an aside, the Litchfield Experiment – an attempt to breed some supersoldiers through cloning – is revisited in Seasons 8 and 9’s mythology).

    And there are some nice trademark flashes of repartee going on here, mainly from Mulder. Scully, it must be said, is rather dour and serious in the first part of the episode. The writers haven’t really dealt her much in the humour stakes apart from that lovely moment when Mulder hustles her out of his room (“Mulder, have you got a girl coming over?”).

    We should also note the empathetic nature of the agents in dealing with traumatised victims. Scully, as expected, in her first meeting with Tina, sits beside her on the bed and expresses real kindness that the girl responds to. But so does Mulder, coming down to her level. Both agents modulate their voices too. Everyone’s always very quick to point out how good Scully is with children, while overlooking the fact that Mulder is too. It just so happens that the child in question here is an evil, invidious creature.
  • boy oh boy they can act!!!

    it was kinda creepy when i relized that they were made. anyways thoses girls did an excellent job acting! they seemed so evil!!! lol! they look very smart and they certainly r in eve! from the beginning, it chilled me cuze u see a man sitting on a swing and he's all grey and he has no blood left!! i liked this one very much!
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