The X-Files

Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 10, 1993 on FOX

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  • "Eve" is amazing!!! The exact reason I watch this series (litterally concidering it was the first episode I saw and the episode that got me utterly hooked on the X Files)

    "Eve" is nothing short of a masterpiece. An amazing episode with great suspence and some of the greatest writings of the series. The Eves are probably my favorite (or among my favorite) 'Monsters of the Week'. The episode was exciting from beginning to end and Eves 6, 9, and 10 were terribly gruesome and had great performances given by their actors. I can still recall my suprise when Cindy answered the door to ehr house and I saw that she looked identical to Tina. Plus the girl's kidnappings were corregraphed in an excellent way that kept me at the edge of my seat. All in all, "Eve" was a great installment.